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Queer as Folk Season 5

They go to work, raise children, look forward to the weekend--and have a healthy interest in sex. A group of gay men and women unapologetically celebrates life in the realistic comedy-drama Queer As Folk.

This brave, funny and sometimes graphic portrayal of a world not usually seen on television provides an intimate look at five homosexual men: Brian (Gale Harold), a lusty advertising executive; Michael (Hal Sparks), a discount department store employee secretly in love with Brian; flamboyant window dresser Emmett (Peter Paige); Ted (Scott Lowell), a cyberporn-loving accountant; and Justin (Randy Harrison), a high school student obsessed with Brian. Rounding out the circle of friends are new mother Lindsay (Thea Gill) and her lover Melanie (Michelle Clunie). For support Michael can turn to his cheery waitress mom, Debbie (Sharon Gless). Relationships, careers, loves and ambitions unfold in a remarkable tapestry of everyday contemporary life set against the lively urban backdrop of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Based on the groundbreaking British series, this frank portrait shows that, despite their differences, all people share a common bond--their humanity--and that's what really counts.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - episode01

    Melanie (series star MICHELLE CLUNIE) and Lindsay's (series star THEA GILL) decision to keep their separation a secret from Michael (series star HAL SPARKS) and the rest of the gang explodes when they throw the lesbian couple a surprise 10th anniversary party. Lindsay finally admits the truth, infuriating Michael, who feels betrayed.

    Noise and cramped quarters at their apartment building trigger Ben's (series star ROBERT GANT) suggestion to Michael that they buy a house and move away with their ward, Hunter (recurring guest star HARRIS ALLAN), from Liberty Avenue's nonstop party atmosphere. Michael's stubborn refusal to even consider moving changes after Melanie and Lindsay's revelation.

    Ted (series star SCOTT LOWELL) informs boss Brian (series star GALE HAROLD) that Kinnetik has had a very profitable first year. Brian invests the profits in Babylon, buying the nightclub after its closure due to tax fraud committed by the previous owner.

    Debbie (series star SHARON GLESS) asks Detective Carl Horvath (recurring guest star PETER MacNEILL) to move into her house, he agrees. When Debbie and Carl walk in on Emmett in the middle of a sexual interlude, Emmett assumes that he will have to move out, despite Debbie's plea for him to stay. But when Carl asks Emmett to continue to live in the house, Emmett agrees.

    Meanwhile, Justin (series star RANDY HARRISON), who had stayed longer in Hollywood than originally expected, suddenly finds himself unemployed when the studio pulls the plug on the over-budget, over-schedule Rage: The Movie. And Ted, who had gleefully put on a lot of excess weight, experiences a horrifying reality check.

  2. 02 - episode02

    Michael hires a lawyer to fight for custody of baby Jenny Rebecca. Melanie and Lindsay are incensed, and so is Debbie when Michael harshly criticizes the idea of two single mothers raising his daughter. After all, Debbie was a single mother when she raised Michael. Debbie tells Melanie that a baby belongs with its mother, and Melanie takes this to mean that Debbie is on her side against Michael. But the only side Debbie is on, she clarifies, is her granddaughter's.

    Brian reopens Babylon...but with only a dozen patrons in attendance. Everyone else is at the new hot spot, Popperz, where it's Shots and Shorts night.

    Emmett plans the wedding of Don Magruder (recurring guest star JOHN KAPELOS), the producer of the Channel Five six o'clock news, and his twice-divorced finicky fiancée, Lila (KATHRYN GREENWOOD). Emmett's quick thinking and resourcefulness save the nuptials from catastrophe after the bride spills red wine on her eggshell silk blouse. Later, Magruder offers Emmett a job on the news team, doing a weekly segment as Channel Five's new "Queer Guy".

    Ted gets himself a makeover, with a new blond hairdo and a young-looking "street" wardrobe. But it's not enough. Still feeling fat and old, he makes an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

    Meanwhile, Justin returns to Pittsburgh from Hollywood. He and Brian have sex immediately, and Brian lets Justin move back into the loft.

  3. 03 - episode03

    Melanie tells Lindsay that it would be better if Lindsay were not part of Melanie's lawsuit against Michael for custody of Jenny Rebecca. Melanie tells Lindsay to trust her to honor the deal that they have to raise Gus and Jenny Rebecca together even though they are not all living in the same place. But when Lindsay confides in Brian that she fears being completely deprived of a role in raising Jenny Rebecca, Brian gives her the money to hire her own attorney.

    At a meeting to discuss custody, Lindsay's attorney characterizes Michael as unfit to be a parent because he lives with two HIV-positive men, including one who is a male prostitute; frequents gay sex clubs; and writes a violent, pornographic gay comic book. Michael's attorney reminds Lindsay that, since she is not a biological parent to Jenny Rebecca, she has no legal rights. Melanie and Michael both view Lindsay's move as a betrayal, and Michael is further incensed that Brian has financed it. But to avoid a long and costly court trial, the three parties must come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

    Ted finds a buyer for the failing Babylon, but the prospective purchaser plans to develop the property as a family-oriented mall. Brian refuses to walk away from his beloved Babylon or to contribute to the gentrification of Liberty Avenue. Recalling a trendy nightclub in Los Angeles, Justin gives Brian an idea about how to create an aura of uniqueness and exclusivity for Babylon. Brian pays some hot guys to stand in line behind velvet ropes in front of the club, and soon the line of would-be club goers stretches for blocks.

    Self-censoring his customary over-the-top flamboyance, Emmett flops in his debut as the Channel Five news team's "Queer Guy" because he's just not queer enough. On his second appearance, he avoids termination by pulling out all the stops and being himself. Emmett is a big hit, but his newfound celebrity is not enough to gain admission to Babylon.

    Horvath wants Debbie to quit working at the Liberty Diner after 25 years. Debbie interviews prospective replacements before finally hiring Loretta Pye (recurring guest star ROSIE O'DONNELL - "The Rosie O'Donnell Show"), a woman with a hard-luck story and no qualifications. The gang and other diner regulars give Debbie a going-away party on her emotional last day.

  4. 04 - episode04

    Michael, Melanie and Lindsay each receive one-third custody of Jenny Rebecca. Still bitter about having to share custody with Michael, Melanie blames Lindsay for the three-way parenting arrangement.

    Lindsay tells Justin that his work is good enough for the Emerging Artists Show that she is curating. Justin tells her that he hopes she and Melanie will get back together, because if they can't make it, what couple can?

    Bored at home, Debbie drops by the diner, only to become enraged that her replacement, Loretta Pye, has stolen her act, wisecracks and all. After learning that Loretta plans to leave town to escape her abusive husband (recurring guest star AIDAN DEVINE), Debbie urges her to stay and confront him once and for all. When Loretta's husband tries to drag her out of the diner, she stands her ground, with Debbie backing her up with a baseball bat. Loretta also confesses that she's a lesbian. Later, Debbie and Loretta have cocktails to celebrate the latter's independence, and Loretta romantically kisses Debbie.

    Hunter is a star swimmer on his high school team. He wins the 50-meter freestyle event at a meet, but hits his head, sustaining a concussion and a laceration. When blood trickles into the pool, the parents (recurring guest stars JONATHAN WHITTAKER and JACQUELINE PILLON) of Hunter's former girlfriend Callie (recurring guest star MEREDITH HENDERSON) create a minor panic when they yell to the other swimmers to evacuate the pool because Hunter has AIDS. When Hunter returns to school the next day, he is taunted by a group of male students, who threaten to beat him up until Hunter reminds them that they will have his blood on their hands if they proceed.

    Meanwhile, Brian promises to visit Michael and Ben's new house if Michael will visit the new and improved Babylon. Brian insults other dinner guests at Michael and Ben's, and Michael, having custody of Jenny Rebecca for the first time, fails to make an appearance at Babylon, thereby missing the Hard Heroes show that Brian had staged specifically for Michael. And, despite some last minute jitters, Ted, with support from Emmett, proceeds with his cosmetic surgery.

  5. 05 - episode05

    Emmett tells Debbie that the flowers and candy that Loretta brings her clearly indicate that she is in love with Debbie. Loretta misinterprets Debbie's suggestion that they go to a lesbian bar together. When Debbie finally tells Loretta that she cannot pursue a sexual relationship with her, Loretta resolves to leave Pittsburgh as the only way to cope with her fixation.

    Michael leaves Jenny Rebecca in the care of Justin and Daphne (recurring guest star MAKYLA SMITH) to attend a meeting with Ben at Hunter's high school with parents who are concerned about having an HIV-positive former prostitute among the students. When Jenny Rebecca develops a fever, Justin is unable to contact Michael by phone. He contacts Melanie and Lindsay, who rush to the local hospital emergency room. When Michael joins them, he tries to explain the situation, but an irate Melanie threatens to have Michael's custody rights revoked. The hostility of the argument between Michael and Melanie provides a moment of clarity for Lindsay, who decides that she no longer wants to participate in a custody-sharing plan that does not have the baby's interest as its primary focus. Michael ultimately realizes that he has been more concerned about his parental rights than about his infant daughter's needs.

    Meanwhile, the viciousness displayed by the parents of his classmates and his ongoing ostracizing at school momentarily lead Hunter back to the streets, but Ben and Michael will not allow him to simply give up on his education and his future.

    Brian can hardly believe his doctor's diagnosis of syphilis. When Brian begins to notify recent sex partners so that they can get tested, the shocking rapidity with which an epidemic can explode is revealed. Justin is bothered by Brian's cavalier attitude toward this bout with a sexually transmitted disease and unresponsive to sex when Brian's recovery period is over.

    Meanwhile, following his cosmetic surgery, Ted refuses to show his new face to the world. When Ted finally goes out in public, Michael, Ben and Brian rave about how much younger he looks, although privately they say they do not notice much of a change.

  6. 06 - episode06

    In Babylon's backroom, Brian pursues a hot blond, Brandon (recurring guest star RYAN SCOTT GREENE), who rejects his advances. Seeing the blond again in a restaurant, Brian follows him into the restroom, where Brian's heavy cruising earns only a disdainful look. At a sex party, a hot guy is about to service Brian when the blond appears, immediately stealing away Brian's would-be sex partner. Brian's confidence in himself as Pittsburgh's hottest gay man is shaken.

    In Justin and Michael's comic book, Rage and J.T. get married on the planet ""Massachupiter."" The issue is a huge success and sells out its initial run, generating orders for 300 more copies. Justin had hoped that life might imitate art for Brian and himself, but Michael warns him never to expect that from Brian.

    Ben discovers that Hunter has been lying about participating in the school's debate team when he goes to hear a debate and learns from Callie that Hunter has not been in school for a week. Ben and Michael angrily disagree over how to handle the situation. Hunter decides that he doesn't belong in school or with Ben and Michael, and so he leaves. Before he goes, Ben gives him some money. Hunter returns his house key to Ben. At the last minute, Michael also gives Hunter money.

    At the gym, Ted encounters Troy (recurring guest star LEE RUMOHR), a hot hunk who had pity sex with him at the 2002 Pride Celebration. But this time he finds Ted attractive and asks if he wants to get together. Ted sees an opportunity to avenge his past humiliation, but when the moment comes, Ted opts for more sex with Troy instead.

    At a department store publicity appearance, "Queer Guy" Emmett is surrounded by adoring fans, who find him "cute." Brian calls him a clown, another in a long line of non-threatening, non-sexual gay eunnuchs, because that's the only way mainstream society wants to see homosexuals. When Emmett tries to change this by talking about his briefs--and what's in them--during his "Queer Guy" TV spot, Magruder threatens to fire him if he ever does anything similar again.

    Meanwhile, after seeing five doctors to no avail, an ailing Debbie learns from Melanie what her problem is: BFM. She's bored out of her f***ing mind. After discussing the situation with Carl, Debbie returns to work at Liberty

  7. 07 - episode07

    With Hunter gone, Ben feels like a failure as a parent. Despite Michael's declaration that they did all they could to prevent the teen from leaving, Ben remains unconvinced, and he continues to worry about Hunter's whereabouts. Michael tries to rouse Ben to join him at a Gay and Lesbian Center meeting to organize a protest against Proposition 14, which would strip gays of existing legal rights for same-sex couples. At first Ben refuses to go, but then he surprises Michael by making an appearance.

    Struggling financially, Lindsay allows her mother, Nancy (recurring guest star PIXIE BIGELOW), to persuade her to give up the tiny one-bedroom apartment she has been living in with Gus and move into her parents' huge house. Lindsay is convinced that her mother has changed, but Melanie warns her that such total transformations simply do not happen. When Nancy invites a man to dinner as a potential suitor for her daughter, Lindsay must remind her thwarted mother that she is a lesbian. Lindsay tells Melanie that she was right, but Melanie graciously refuses to say, "I told you so". Instead, she invites Lindsay to stay the night.

    An obsessed Brian confronts Brandon, the new Adonis who threatens Brian's position as "hottest guy in Pittsburgh". Brian is so frustrated by the interloper that he bans him permanently from Babylon on dubious grounds. When Brandon asks what he can do to regain entry to the club, Brian issues a challenge: Whoever can have sex with the 10 hottest men first will win. If Brandon wins, he can come back to Babylon; if Brian wins, he can have Brandon sexually.

    Realizing that he and Brian will never be a couple like Ben and Michael, Justin finally leaves Brian and moves in temporarily with them. An inebriated Brian shows up late at Ben and Michael's house and angrily confronts Michael, deepening the existing rift between the two old friends. Justin decides that he needs his own space, and his real estate agent mother, Jennifer (recurring guest star SHERRY MILLER), helps him find a place in his price range--a one-room dump with a common bathroom.

    Lust compels Ted to keep having sex with Troy instead of getting his revenge for his past humiliation by Troy. But Emmett continues to prod Ted to get his payback. Brian thinks Ted is being foolish to give up the best sex of his life for some obscure principle. When Ted finally confronts him, Troy is hurt, admitting that he really likes Ted. And it's clear that the feeling is mutual.

  8. 08 - episode08

    Ben is furious when he learns that Michael gave away Hunter's bed to Justin. Prowling the streets at night looking for the teen, Ben learns from a young hustler that Hunter has left Pittsburgh for "someplace warm". Later, Hunter sends a brief email saying that he is okay.

    The Gay & Lesbian Center's campaign against the antigay Proposition 14 kicks into high gear on multiple fronts: telephone outreach, pamphlets and signs, as well as on-site protests. One protest occurs at Taylor Electronics, the company owned by Justin's father, Craig (recurring guest star JOHN FUREY), a major supporter of the politically conservative initiative. When Justin refuses to leave the premises, his father orders police to arrest him. Justin's mother bails him out of jail and, after learning that Craig told Justin that he was responsible for the breakdown of his parents' marriage, reassures her son that she and his father were already having problems before Justin announced his homosexuality.

    Emmett's stalker turns out to be football player Drew Boyd (recurring guest star MATT BATTAGLIA), who has been telephoning Emmett and hanging up due to his fears of wiretaps. He tells Emmett that a sex partner covertly filmed an encounter and is blackmailing the sports star. Drew had already paid $100,000 to the person, but then he wanted more. When Drew confessed all to his wife, she left him. Some of the revealing photos hit the tabloids, outing him as a gay man, and Drew plans to sue, claiming the photos are fakes. Emmett encourages him to come out of the closet once and for all, but Drew remains conflicted.

    Meanwhile, Michael goes to extremes - to Puerto Vallarta and back in one day! - to win the contest with Brandon. When he succeeds in besting Brandon, Brian does not claim his prize - sex with Brandon. Brian allows Brandon to return to Babylon as a patron.

    Melanie and Lindsay try an in-house separation. They share the same house, but not the same bed. Lindsay's hopes for reconciliation are dashed when she discovers Melanie kissing another woman on the doorstep to the house.

  9. 09 - episode09

    The gang continues to campaign against Proposition 14, going door-to-door to drum up support...with mixed results. When a brick shatters a front window of Michael's comic book store, Detective Horvath says there's no evidence of a hate crime. But Michael remains convinced that the vandalism was a direct response to the huge window display for the Rage and J.T. marriage issue of his and Justin's comic book. Fearful of more property destruction by homophobes, Michael removes an anti-Proposition 14 sign from the lawn in front of his and Ben's new house. Later, he puts it back, vowing not to give in to hate and fear.

    At the Emerging Artists Show that Lindsay has organized, a bitchy art critic from "Art Forum" compliments Justin on his work, but Justin is rude to him. Justin interrogates and insults the much younger man, Tuck (Tucker), who escorts Jennifer to the event. Brian tries to break the silence with Michael by apologizing, but Michael says that it's time to end their lifelong friendship once and for all since they no longer have anything in common. Lindsay is gracious when Melanie arrives at the event with her date.

    Lindsay and Melanie's in-house separation makes Lindsay miserable, but her suggestion that they sell the house and go their separate ways infuriates Melanie. A heated argument erupts - complete with smashing glassware - unleashing months of pent-up emotions. They wind up having rough, passionate sex together.

    Jennifer is angry about the questions that Justin asked Tuck at the art show. Justin feels that his mother should be dating someone closer to her own age. She reminds him about what she went through with him and Brian. She admits that it was hard for her to accept their relationship at first, but she came to realize that Justin loved Brian and that Brian was good to Justin - and that's all that counts. Now, she says, it's time for Justin to reciprocate.

    While being interviewed by the Channels 5 news team's sportscaster, Drew Boyd admits to being gay. The incredulous reporter, a former teammate, says he cannot imagine Drew kissing a man like the ""Queer Guy."" Drew states that Emmett has been very influential in helping him figuring out who he is as a man and a person. Drew kisses Emmett while still on the air, and as a result Drew is suspended from the team, and Emmett loses his job at the station.

    Meanwhile, Ted complains to Melanie that something is missing from his life despite the fact that he is having more sex than ever before. Melanie suggests that maybe he wants to settle down and find a husband as Michael has. Her suggestion that he find a nice Jewish guy sends Ted to a get-together for Jewish gays at Woody's, where he meets Adam Bernstein, a tall, attractive urologist. They get along well and arrange a first date. The date goes so well that the two are about to have sex until Adam discovers that Ted is not Jewish. Only interested in finding a Jewish husband, Adam leaves.

  10. 10 - episode10

    The brazenness of a small motorcade of Proposition 14 supporters on Liberty Avenue enrages Michael, Ben, Melanie, Debbie, Justin and Jennifer. The influence of the proponents of the antigay initiative causes a hotel to cancel the Gay & Lesbian Center's Stop Prop14 Benefit at the last minute. Unable to find an alternate venue, Ben and Michael realize that Babylon is their only option. When Michael finally works up the nerve to ask Brian to let the fund-raiser take place at the club, he is pleasantly surprised when Brian offers Babylon for free, rather than the $10,000 that the hotel was planning to charge. Brian plans to leave for Mardi Gras in Australia to avoid the benefit.

    While pundits on sports talk shows debate Drew Boyd's future as a football player, Brown Athletics informs Brian's agency that it wants the gay athlete replaced with a straight one in its advertising. Emmett later berates Brian for firing Drew without putting up any resistance with the client--a $20 million account for Kinnetik.

    Meanwhile, in his quest to find a husband, Ted meets Lewis, a homebody who fears crowds after being trampled at a Partridge Family concert in the '70s. Ted asks Lewis to be his date for the benefit, and Lewis, although initially hesitant, accepts Ted's offer. After Melanie suggests to Lindsay that their recent lovemaking episode was a mistake, Lindsay proceeds with plans to sell the house, enlisting Jennifer Taylor as their realtor.

    At the benefit, Emmett introduces CYNDI LAUPER (herself), who performs on a small stage. Debbie is not present because her replacement at the diner is late for work. Perpetually late Lindsay delays her and Melanie's arrival. Then, just before entering Babylon, Melanie returns to her car to retrieve her cell phone. These hitches save Debbie, Melanie and Lindsay from experiencing first-hand the horrible explosion that rocks the club before Cyndi Lauper finishes her song.

    On his way to the airport, Brian hears about the bombing over the radio. He immediately heads for the club. In the chaos outside, he finds survivor Jennifer, who implores him to find Justin. Brian finds Ted inside and asks if he has seen Justin; he hasn't. Brian looks up, sees Justin through the smoke, goes to him and embraces him.

    Everyone wonders where Michael is. When he is found, he his unconscious. At the hospital, a doctor says Michael has lost a lot of blood, and it is unclear whether he will survive.

    In the aftermath of the tragedy, Drew, who refused to attend the benefit, shows up at the club to comfort Emmett. Ted's date runs screaming from the site. Melanie and Lindsay return home to Gus and Jenny Rebecca, and Melanie invites Lindsay to share her bed.

    Brian tells Justin he loves him and how terrified he was when he heard the news about the explosion. Brian says, "I love you" again.

  11. 11 - episode11

    At Babylon in the aftermath of the deadly explosion, Ted tells Brian that the police have confirmed that a bomb caused the blast. Detective Horvath arrives and informs them that there are 4 fatalities and 67 wounded, 11 of them - including Michael - critically injured. Ted busies himself with getting insurance estimates and building inspection reports, never asking about Michael's condition nor visiting the hospital. He cannot face up to the tragedy because he feels responsible. Michael would not have been at the bar, where the bomb exploded, if Ted had not sent him for drinks. Finally, Ted goes to see Michael.

    Melanie and Lindsay reconcile, deciding that they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Planning to visit Michael in the hospital, they call their friend and frequent baby-sitter Dusty, only to learn, much to their horror, that she was one of those killed at Babylon. Melanie tells Lindsay that at Dusty's funeral she felt that she wasn't just saying good-bye to a friend but also to life as they knew it.

    The sound of an explosion on a television show unnerves Emmett in the hospital waiting room, and he goes home. He is so afraid to step out in public that he plans to avoid the candlelight vigil for the victims. Drew Boyd, who will be addressing the crowd at the memorial, is disgusted by Emmett's cowardly attitude. Horvath is sympathetic to Emmett, but reminds him, with an inspiring anecdote from his own life, that one must confront one's fears in life.

    Despite the uncertainty over Michael's prognosis, Ben teaches a class at the university, where his students are angry over the previous evening's act of terrorism. When Ben urges a calm, measured response to such hate crimes, his self-righteous students feel that violence should be met with violence. They accuse Ben of living in a bubble of middle-class security. When Ben reveals what happened to Michael, a hush falls over the class.

    Ben returns to the hospital, where Debbie has remained at her son's bedside, just as Michael regains consciousness, to the tearful delight of all. As Ben exits the room to get an exhausted Debbie some soup, he finds Hunter, who has returned from Florida to see how Michael is faring. Later, Hunter asks to move back in with Ben and Michael.

    Brian proposes marriage to Justin, who turns him down. Convinced Brian is just overreacting to the bombing, Justin tells him that when things return to normal, so will Brian. But a persistent Brian stuns Ted by selling Babylon; Brian also sells his Liberty Avenue loft, using Justin's mother, Jennifer, as the realtor. He tells Jennifer that Justin rebuffed his marriage proposal; Jennifer says she's sorry she won't get to be his mother-in-law.

    At the candlelight vigil, Drew delivers an emotional speech to the crowd. Debbie follows him, but her speech is interrupted by an antigay protester who proclaims that Michael and all gays like him should die and burn in hell. Enraged, Ben goes after the man and begins beating him. Pandemonium ensues. Even Emmett gets a few punches in. Horvath and Brian pull Ben off the helpless, bloodied protester, and Brian drives Ben away from the scene as police cars arrive.

    With the proceeds from both real estate sales, Brian buys a huge country manor in West Virginia for Justin and himself. Then he asks Justin once again to marry him. Realizing that Brian is serious about settling down and that he has changed his attitude toward monogamy, Justin agrees to marry Brian.

  12. 12 - episode12

    Everyone is stunned to receive an invitation to Brian and Michael's wedding, which Emmett is planning. Initially upset, Michael, changes his mind after Ben reveals that, in the emergency room after the bombing, Brian tried to donate blood to Michael, only to be rejected as a donor, as all gay men are. Michael visits Justin and Brian's new house to personally congratulate the couple and accept the invitation.

    Justin hand delivers an invitation to his mother, Jennifer. She is happy for her son, and the two reconcile, with Justin telling her to bring anyone she wants - meaning Tucker - as her escort. Lindsay tells Justin that, as a result of a highly complimentary article in Art Forum, there is great demand for Justin's work. She cannot comprehend Justin's indifference to the publicity, which most artists spend their entire lives trying to achieve. She urges him to make the most of this opportunity and move to New York, the center of the world art scene. But Justin has no intention of leaving Brian to go to New York.

    Melanie and Lindsay want to move to Canada because they feel that the United States is no longer a place where they feel safe, respected and free to live as gay people. They meet with Brian and Michael to obtain their blessing to take Gus and Jenny Rebecca out of the country. Michael tells the women to take Jenny Rebecca wherever they think she will be safe. Brian tells them that they are free to leave town, but Gus must stay. Melanie explodes with anger at Brian's sudden interest in being a father, but Brian informs her that he does not want to teach his son the lesson of not standing up to a bully.

    Later, in a quiet conversation alone with Lindsay, Brian confides that he wants another chance to be a father to Gus. He fears Gus will forget him if Melanie and Lindsay move to Toronto. Brian also says that he will miss his Lindsay. Lindsay reassures him that she will never let Gus forget Brian and that she will not disappear from his life. Lindsay shows Brian the Art Forum article, which Justin had not even mentioned to Brian.

    Debbie is a tough boss on Hunter, who has taken a dishwasher/janitor job at the diner. By driving him hard, she hopes to convince him to go back to school, where he'll earn a diploma and be qualified for something better than the demeaning work he's doing at the diner. But it is Drew Boyd, back playing football to rescue his losing team, who inspires Hunter to return to school when the teen sees the athlete publicly reprimand his teammates for their derisive homophobia.

    Ted meets someone - Tad (recurring guest star BEN BASS) - at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He tells the gang that he thinks Tad is Mr. Right and is excited for all of them to meet at the birthday bash he's throwing for himself next week at a fancy restaurant. As Ted's birthday present, Tad makes a reservation at a ski resort for an entire weekend, beginning the night of Ted's birthday celebration. When Ted points out the scheduling conflict, Tad tells Ted that he took the liberty of canceling Ted's restaurant reservation. Ted is somewhat taken aback, but gives in to Tad's enticing offer of the most romantic weekend of his life.

    Meanwhile, Emmett realizes that newly out-of-the closet Drew must be free to experience other men, and so they part as friends.

  13. 13 - episode13

    In the wake of the Babylon bombing, support for the antigay Proposition 14 has slipped in the polls. Seeking to capitalize on this, the Committee for Human Rights, which is fighting against the initiative, asks Michael, as a victim of the bombing, to be its spokesman. As a homeowner with a family, Michael presents a more acceptable image of gay people to the heterosexual mainstream than the drag queens and leather daddies it sees at the annual gay pride celebrations, according to Congresswoman Edelstein (recurring guest star EVE CRAWFORD). Michael agrees to represent the committee and is given a script to follow. But at the news conference, after the congresswoman banishes garishly dressed Debbie, Emmett and transsexual Kiki (recurring guest star GREG CAMPBELL) to the back of the hall so that they will not be seen on camera, Michael goes off script and delivers a moving speech about the importance of diversity.

    When Brian abstains from having sex with the sexy stripper at his stag party, Justin knows something is wrong. Later, Brian says he wants to cuddle, a term Justin has never heard him utter. Justin tells Brian that, as the wedding day, gets closer and closer, the Brian he knew gets further away. Realizing that Justin must go to New York to pursue his career as an artist, Brian tells him, "I don't want to live with someone who sacrificed their life and called it love". At the wedding rehearsal dinner, Brian and Justin announce that their wedding will not take place.

    As Melanie and Lindsay pack up their belongings, memories of their house - both happy and sad - overwhelm them, but ultimately, they say good-bye to the gang and head for Toronto with Gus and Jenny Rebecca.

    Ben and Michael ask Hunter to become their legally adopted son, and he accepts.

    When Ted's newfound love, Tad, turns out to be an overly possessive, jealous maniac, Ted breaks up with him. Ted and Emmett go to the ski resort where Ted was supposed to share a romantic weekend with Tad. There, Ted encounters former boyfriend Blake (recurring guest star DEAN ARMSTRONG), and Emmett is surprised to find Calvin Culpepper (guest star TATE TAYLOR), someone he had a crush on in high school. It turns out to be a romantic weekend after all.

    After Justin leaves for New York, Brian returns to the loft. Michael shows up there so that Brian will not be all alone. They talk about the old days and the first time they ever went to Babylon. Michael has come to a new appreciation of Babylon - what it meant to both of them, how it shaped who they are. He tells Brian: "Some things aren't meant to change".

    In the final scene, Babylon has been rebuilt. It's open for business and is packed with patrons, all dancing--with Brian at the center - to the "thumpa thumpa" rhythm that is the heartbeat of gay life.