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Queer as Folk - Season 2 18

Queer as Folk

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Queer as Folk Season 2

Based on the groundbreaking British series, this brave, funny and sometimes graphic portrayal of a world not usually seen on television provides an intimate look at a group of gay men and women unapologetically celebrating life. Relationships, careers, loves and ambitions unfold in a remarkable tapestry of everyday contemporary life set against the lively urban backdrop of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Episode #201

    Still hospitalized as a result of the violent assault following his high school prom, Justin (RANDY HARRISON) undergoes physical therapy to regain motor skills. Justin remains unaware that Brian (GALE HAROLD) visits the hospital every night, but Justin's mother, Jennifer (SHERRY MILLER), knows. After her son's release from the hospital, Jennifer tells Brian to stay away from Justin. While making a toast at her sister's wedding, Lindsay (THEA GILL) asks Melanie (MICHELLE CLUNIE) to marry her. Supposedly back in Pittsburgh for a visit, Michael (HAL SPARKS) reveals that he and David have ended their relationship. Chris Hobbs (ALEC McCLURE), Justin's attacker, receives a suspended sentence, infuriating Michael's mom, Debbie (SHARON GLESS), and prompting Brian to seek revenge with a prank that leaves the trial judge glued to a toilet seat. SCOTT LOWELL stars as Ted, and PETER PAIGE stars as Emmett.

  2. 19 - Episode #219