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Nip/Tuck - Season 2 18


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Nip/Tuck Season 2

Set in sexy South Beach, Miami, "Nip/Tuck" cuts beneath the surface of the superficial world of plastic surgery, revealing the complexities and fragile nature of patients trying to mask their psychological flaws through cosmetic enhancement. Self-confident plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Troy (series star Julian McMahon) enjoys all the perks of the successful and growing practice that he has shared with his best friend, Dr. Sean McNamara (series star Dylan Walsh), since they graduated from medical school. Dr. Liz Cruz (series star Roma Maffia) serves as the anaesthesiologist. 

Although Christian sometimes still uses wealth and women to satisfy his evolving needs, years of selling a phony image have taken a more significant toll on Sean, threatening to ruin his relationship with his wife, Julia (series star Joely Richardson), and children, 17-year-old Matt (series star John Hensley) and 8-year-old Annie (recurring guest star Kelsey Lynn Batelaan). Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - Drama Series. Golden Globe Nominations for: Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama (Julian McMahon) Best Actress in a Television Series - Drama (Joely Richardson).

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Erica Noughton

    Set in sexy South Beach, Miami, "Nip/Tuck" cuts beneath the surface of the superficial world of plastic surgery, revealing the complexities and fragile nature of patients trying to mask their psychological flaws through cosmetic enhancement. Self-confident plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Troy (series star JULIAN McMAHON) enjoys all the perks of the successful and growing practice that he has shared with his best friend, Dr. Sean McNamara (series star DYLAN WALSH), since they graduated from medical school. Dr. Liz Cruz (series star ROMA MAFFIA) serves as the anesthesiologist. Although Christian sometimes still uses wealth and women to satisfy his evolving needs, years of selling a phony image have taken a more significant toll on Sean, threatening to ruin his relationship with his wife, Julia (series star JOELY RICHARDSON), and children, 17-year-old Matt (series star JOHN HENSLEY) and 8-year-old Annie (recurring guest star KELSEY LYNN BATELAAN).

    As Sean reluctantly celebrates his 40th birthday, Christian urges him to take advantage of some of the youth-preserving treatments available at the clinic. But Sean vows to grow old naturally. Much more upsetting, however, are the occasional muscle spasms that Sean experiences during delicate surgery, prompting him to visit a neurologist. Meanwhile, after uncharacteristically failing to pick up a sexy young date at the bar, Christian realizes to his discomfort that there is not much he can do to forestall the aging process. Although he is not the father, Christian agrees to help raise the baby of his former sexual partner, Gina Russo (recurring guest star JESSALYN GILSIG), causing him to reevaluate his priorities. And both men must cope with the ramifications of a surprise visit from Julia's narcissistic mother, Erica Noughton (recurring guest star Academy Award winner VANESSA REDGRAVE, real-life mother of series star JOELY RICHARDSON), who demands plastic surgery for a younger appearance.

    Also, the doctors perform facial reconstruction on a young woman who tells them she accidentally shot herself while drunk. But after Sean gets her to admit the shocking truth, the patient takes drastic measures.

  2. 02 - Christian Troy

    Sean suffers uncontrollable spasms in his hands. After he nicks a patient's major neck artery during a routine cyst lancing, Sean stops performing surgeries. He becomes even more depressed and anxious when Christian, whose nose has been broken by a woman during sex, asks another plastic surgeon to reset it. Christian is deeply insulted when the attractive female surgeon not only rebuffs his sexual advances but also advises him to get some cosmetic work done on the rest of his aging body. Sean's temper finally gets the better of him when someone blocks his car into a parking space. But Julia, with the advice of her abrasive therapist mother, Erica Noughton (recurring guest star Academy Award winner VANESSA REDGRAVE, real-life mother of series star JOELY RICHARDSON), helps Sean realize that she will love him even if he cannot be a surgeon anymore. And after botching an attempt to operate on himself in a mirror, Christian bolsters Sean's confidence by confessing that he only trusts Sean to do the job correctly.

    Meanwhile, Matt's past comes back to haunt him when the girl he injured in a hit-and-run accident last year while driving his friend Henry Shapiro (recurring guest star ANDREW LEEDS) is raped by the normally subdued Henry. Although the girl had survived the car accident and had even forgiven Matt, the boys were able to keep their involvement in the incident a secret from everyone. But Henry, under extreme pressure to be the ""perfect"" kid for his parents and teachers, became uncontrollably attracted to her and admits raping her. He tells the police about Matt's history with the girl, hoping to receive a more lenient punishment. Before Matt gives a sworn deposition, Sean and Julia assure him that they are on his side no matter what the truth is. But Matt makes a shocking decision.

  3. 03 - Manya Mabika

    Christian and Sean agree to rehabilitate a stalwart, optimistic Somali woman, Manya Mabika (AISHA TYLER - "Friends," "Talk Soup," pilot "My Life, Incorporated"), who was genitally mutilated as a girl in her home country. After they surgically rebuild her clitoris, Manya asks the perfectly willing Christian to help her have an orgasm, but even he cannot succeed, causing the doctors to worry that the operation was a failure. However, with some kind words and encouragement from Liz, Manya discovers for herself that she can experience sexual pleasure. Sean and Christian also perform a body hair graft onto a white man who is outraged to learn that the hair came from a black person.

    Meanwhile, Julia admits to Sean that he no longer pleases her in bed. After meeting with a "life coach," Ava Moore (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN - "X-Men" movies), Julia realizes that her visiting mother, domineering Erica Noughton (recurring guest star Academy Award winner VANESSA REDGRAVE, real-life mother of series star JOELY RICHARDSON), is making her very tense. Following an unproductive argument about long-festering issues, she orders her mother to leave, which allows Julia to relax and enjoy sex with Sean--she finds it helpful as well to fantasize about Christian making love to her.

    Also, Christian feels fulfilled by being a "father" and contemplates demanding legal custody of Gina's (recurring guest star JESSALYN GILSIG) baby son. He asks a conflicted Julia to help him raise the boy.

  4. 04 - Mrs. Grubman

    Sean and Julia are shocked to discover that 8-year-old Annie (recurring guest star KELSEY LYNN BATELAAN) is entering puberty already. While struggling with their own issues regarding aging, they try to help their daughter understand what's happening to her. Julia serves the family a healthy but bizarre meal that is supposed to improve their mental health, but Matt refuses to eat it and upsets Annie by making cruel comments about her menstruation. Later, Sean and Julia fear that Annie has food poisoning when they must rush her to the emergency room with a dangerously high fever, dehydration and numbness. But the real problem with Annie is much more scary for them to cope with. Also, Julia introduces her new friend, "life coach" Ava Moore (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN - "X-Men" movies), to Matt, hoping that she will help him cope with his tumultuous emotions.

    Meanwhile, Christian reels from meeting the biological father of Gina's baby, a dignified, married and much older black man, James Sutherland (GEORG STANFORD BROWN), who had a one-night stand with Gina. She had tracked him down to help defend against Christian's attempt to gain custody of the infant, but James realizes that Gina's sexual addiction and other problems make her an unfit mother and promises to help Christian instead. At the same time, Christian must make a deal with his former girlfriend and patient, aspiring model Kimber Henry (recurring guest star KELLY CARLSON), to keep her from damaging his case against Gina. However, nothing can prepare Christian for James' next change of heart.

    Also, when chronic cosmetic surgery patient Mrs. Hedda Grubman (recurring guest star RUTH WILLIAMSON) returns with another frivolous demand, Sean and Christian finally refuse to do anything further to her. But they take pity when she tells them that her daughter has recently been diagnosed with cancer and confesses her own debilitating need to appear young and strong in order to support her daughter. After reluctantly agreeing to perform one last surgery, the doctors experience major problems with Mrs. Grubman's overtaxed body, and the aftermath leads to a lot of soul searching for all involved.

  5. 05 - Joel Gideon

    While driving home, Sean is broadsided by another car and rushed to the hospital. He was saved from major injury by his vehicle's safety devices, but his view of life has changed. Inspired by a patient, Joel Gideon (DOUG SAVANT), who suffered severe frostbite trying to conquer Mount Everest, Sean plans a shark-diving trip with Matt. Sean intends to prove to Matt--and himself--that he is not a wimp, but when a tragedy occurs on the boat before they can even get into the water, Sean ends up impressing Matt for much more important reasons.

    Meanwhile, Christian is overwhelmed by the prospect of losing Gina's son to the boy's biological father, James Sutherland (recurring guest star GEORG STANFORD BROWN), who is now demanding custody. Christian teams up with Gina and faces off with James and his inflexible wife through a mediator, with the very real possibility that a negative decision could devastate Christian emotionally. He must also deal with an astounding revelation from Julia.

  6. 06 - Bobbi Broderick

    While Julia enjoys socializing with "life coach" Ava Moore (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN - "X-Men" movies), Matt also makes progress working through his feelings with the alluring Ava--especially when she removes her blouse as part of a trust exercise. But when Matt is later arrested for public lewdness outside Ava's bedroom window, Christian confronts Ava about what she's putting Matt through--and Ava deduces a startling secret about Christian, Julia and Matt. Also, Matt finally confesses his hit-and-run incident to Ava.

    Meanwhile, an unlikely alliance forms between middle-aged anesthesiologist Liz, a lesbian longing to get pregnant but unable to find a suitable sperm donor, and unfulfilled Christian, who deeply misses being a father. Sean feels guilty after an eager older patient, Bobbi Broderick (recurring guest star JILL CLAYBURGH - "An Unmarried Woman," "Starting Over"), who didn't fully comprehend the ramifications of liposuction overreacts to the ugly immediate aftermath. And the doctors create new lips for a beautiful burn victim in her 50s whose very traditional Sicilian husband would be shocked to learn what part of her body the donor tissue came from.

  7. 07 - Naomi Gaines

    Disgruntled former McNamara/Troy patient Bobbi Broderick (recurring guest star JILL CLAYBURGH - "An Unmarried Woman," "Starting Over") stalks the doctors, threatens to sue them, drives away customers and tries to persuade an investigative reporter to do an exposé on what she perceives as their malpractice. At the same time, Sean and Christian are moved by the plight of a budding model whose face has been brutally disfigured by a serial rapist. They call her in and repair her face at no charge. Guiltily and reluctantly going along with a plan initiated by Christian, Sean also convinces the victim to allow the surgery to be recorded by the news crew to deflect Bobbi's slanderous efforts. But when Bobbi arrives during the taping of a post-operation interview, the situation comes to a surprising climax.

    Meanwhile, Matt's "life coach," Ava (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN - "X-Men" movies), continues having passionate sex with the vulnerable 17-year-old, who must also cope with Ava's neurotic, bitter son of the same age. But even Matt becomes concerned with Ava's manipulative behavior when Ava and her son come over for dinner in an attempt to reassure a suspicious Julia that their relationship is strictly mentor/protégé, and the evening turns into a major disaster. Ava's final act is to reveal to Matt the astonishing secret that could destroy the McNamara family forever.

    Also, dismayed by the impersonal atmosphere of a fertilization clinic, Liz asks Christian to inseminate her in a friendlier environment.

  8. 08 - Agatha Ripp

    When a homeless prostitute, Agatha Ripp (SARAH PAULSON - "Jack & Jill"), arrives at McNamara/Troy, the doctors fear she simply wants pro bono surgery for scars on her wrists. But she tells Christian and Sean that she is being deified by a devout parish of Christians because her injuries resemble the stigmata, the wounds Jesus Christ suffered on the cross. She asks them to reveal to everyone that she caused the injuries herself and is not a spiritual leader. But when a manipulative priest and a sympathetic nun try to take Agatha away--and more wounds appear--Sean and Christian, both nonbelievers, become caught up in a predicament that changes the way they think about faith. Also, while coping with the questions raised by Agatha's situation, Sean experiences a powerful personal crisis as well.

    Meanwhile, after Liz reveals that she is pregnant from Christian's sperm donation, Christian tries to become more involved in her decisions about the unborn child than she is comfortable with. When problems with the pregnancy occur, Liz chooses her course of action on her own.

  9. 09 - Rose and Raven Rosenberg

    Sean's life is in ruins after learning that Christian is Matt's biological father due to a premarital tryst with Julia. He ejects Julia from their house and demands the dissolution of his partnership with Christian. But the two devastated men must first make a business trip to a New York university to separate adult conjoined twins, Rose and Raven Rosenberg (played by real-life conjoined twins REBA and LORI SCHAPPELL) in a historic operation. Since the surgery is being performed pro bono, there are no fancy accommodations, and the doctors are forced to share a dormitory room like they did in college, spurring much cathartic reflection on their relationship. After the shocking outcome of the grueling surgery and the other events of the trip, they make a difficult decision on the future of McNamara/Troy.

  10. 10 - Kimber Henry

    Having tenuously reconciled and agreed to continue their partnership, Sean and Christian consult with an exuberant newspaper journalist, Ike Connors (J.K. SIMMONS - "Oz," "Spider-Man" movies), who wants breast implants for himself. After painfully watching his loving wife, Amy (JESSICA STEEN), suffer through breast cancer, a mastectomy and subsequent implant surgery, Ike wants to experience the trauma for himself and live with breasts for a year, during which he will write a book about it, the proceeds of which he will donate to a cancer care center.

    Both doctors initially refuse the job on ethical grounds, but Liz persuades them that it is better to help someone who seeks enlightenment instead of a simple ego boost, like most of their patients do. After giving Ike some fairly large breasts, the doctors are stunned by Amy's unexpected reaction. When Ike later angrily demands that his implants be removed, the doctors are surprised, but again it is Liz who understands what's really going on.

    Meanwhile, Christian's former girlfriend, Kimber Henry (recurring guest star KELLY CARLSON), returns. She has gotten involved in the pornography business and convinces Sean to help mold parts of a sex doll in her image. While working together, lonely and disillusioned Sean forms an unlikely bond with Kimber, who has developed strength and self-determination since leaving Christian. And Julia, also devastated by the breakup of her and Sean's marriage, makes an ill-advised attempt to find her own release.

  11. 11 - Natasha Charles

    While the doctors work with an expert ocularist to create and implant artificial eyes for a beautiful blind woman, Natasha Charles (recurring guest star REBECCA GAYHEART), Christian finds himself drawn to Natasha's direct and disarming sensuality. When Natasha makes a date with a man she corresponded with via the Internet, Christian worries that she will fall prey to selfish males like himself--but as his attraction to her grows, Christian discovers that not being able to use his good looks to get what he wants puts him in a vulnerable position.

    Meanwhile, Sean continues to date model-perfect Kimber Henry (recurring guest star KELLY CARLSON) and harshly spurns any conciliatory gesture made by Julia. With resentful Matt now living with sexy, manipulative Ava (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN), and Annie (recurring guest star KELSEY LYNN BATELAAN) staying in Sean's house, Julia feels her life spiraling out of control, and a return visit from her emotionally withdrawn mother, Erica (recurring guest star VANESSA REDGRAVE), doesn't help. Before leaving town to focus on her career again, Erica guiltily tries to persuade Sean and Christian to stage an intervention to prevent Julia from self-destructing--but Julia makes a life-altering decision that results in potentially dire consequences.

    Also, Sean overrides Christian's concerns and agrees to perform a breast reduction on a shy 13-year-old girl. However, when he learns the real motivations of the teen's mother, Sean regrets taking the case.

  12. 12 - Julia McNamara

    After taking too many painkillers and drinking alcohol, Julia has fallen through a glass door, severely damaging her face. At first, Sean refuses to operate on her, still bitter that she recently went to a rival plastic surgeon and got breast implants. But knowing that he is the most skilled doctor in town and finally allowing himself a modicum of sympathy for his emotionally disintegrating wife, Sean relents. He and Christian repair Julia's facial injuries and, as she requests, remove the breast implants.

    While under anesthesia, Julia dreams that irritating but uncompromising life coach Ava (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN) is showing her an alternate universe in which Julia did not leave Christian after their one night of lovemaking during college. Instead of choosing Sean, sacrificing her medical career for children and living with crushing regret, the alternate Julia has married Christian and partnered with him in a very successful surgical practice. On the surface, she has everything she ever wanted.

    As Julia observes the disconcerting path she could have taken in life and the effect it would have had on those around her--including Matt, Liz, Erica (recurring guest star VANESSA REDGRAVE), Kimber (recurring guest star KELLY CARLSON) and, most importantly, Sean and Christian--she makes astonishing discoveries about herself and her inevitable destiny. And at the end of the vision, she must make an agonizing choice on her real-life future.

  13. 13 - Oona Wentworth

    When a poor Latina woman arrives in Sean and Christian's office with horrible blisters on her forehead, the doctors learn that their old associate, Merrill Bobolit (recurring guest star JOEY SLOTNICK), is performing cheap, illegal cosmetic surgery on poverty-stricken people. Feeling guilty because he had reported Bobolit's past indiscretions, which led to Bobolit losing his license, Christian tracks him down and finds the drug-addled surgeon operating out of the back room of a dingy nail salon. As Christian sponsors Bobolit in a 12-step program, the two colleagues bond. But when Christian misses a meeting with Bobolit because of a surgery, the desperate man has a relapse, with terrible consequences for one of Bobolit's misguided patients--and for Christian.

    Meanwhile, Matt is now attending high school with Adrian (recurring guest star SETH GABEL), the sociopathic son of Matt's lover, life coach Ava Moore (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN). When Adrian gets into trouble for selling his mother's drugs in school, Matt is implicated as well. Manipulative Ava convinces Matt to ask Christian to attend the resulting parent-teacher conference instead of Sean, and she preys upon the insecurities of Matt's middle-aged teacher to arrange a trade of free eye rejuvenation in exchange for leniency for the boys. However, the second time Adrian causes problems, Sean finds out and, confronting Ava, angrily sets strict boundaries for Matt--with an unexpected outcome.

  14. 14 - Trudy Nye

    Sean and Christian reluctantly accept the case of Trudy Nye (LISA WALTZ), who wants her nose fixed. Years ago, her abusive husband broke it--on the same day he killed their young son in anger. Now he is getting out of prison early. They believe Trudy's contention that she wants to put her past behind her and forget the pain of her marriage. But when naïve Trudy comes back--accompanied by her husband, who swears he is repentant--and he asks for cosmetic surgery for himself, the doctors must make a hard decision.

    Meanwhile, Christian's relationship with blind Natasha (recurring guest star REBECCA GAYHEART), is going well, but Christian's self-destructive nature threatens to overwhelm even positive-thinking Natasha. Sean's ongoing affair with Kimber (recurring guest star KELLY CARLSON) deteriorates as she becomes possessive and needy, and it doesn't help Sean to see how happy and healthy Julia seems with her new beau, a New Age tennis teacher named Kevin Hotchkiss (recurring guest star D.W. MOFFETT - "Traffic"). And shocking revelations about Ava (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN) and her son, Adrian (recurring guest star SETH GABEL), prompt Julia and Sean to team up against her once again and attempt to win Matt back from her powerful influence.

  15. 15 - Sean McNamara

    Sean has been operating pro bono on victims of The Carver, a serial rapist who chooses good-looking people and carves their faces as a message to society about beauty and conformity. After repairing the face of a male model, The Carver's latest victim, Sean attracts the attention of the newswoman who publicized the recent ordeal of Naomi Gaines (episode #177607). But Sean's television exposure has terrible consequences.

    Meanwhile, already reassessing the choices he's made, Christian receives horrifying news that affects him both personally and professionally. And Ava's son has disappeared with her anti-anxiety medication. Still in love with Ava, Matt is drawn even deeper into her disturbing world.

    Recurring guest star BRUNO CAMPOS appears as Dr. Quentin Costa.

  16. 16 - Joan Rivers

    Celebrity JOAN RIVERS (herself), who is famous for having undergone many cosmetic surgeries, consults with the doctors. However, what Joan requests astonishes even Sean and Christian.

    Meanwhile, Sean, Christian and Julia learn the shocking truth about Ava (recurring guest star FAMKE JANSSEN)--and it's enough to destroy her life and devastate Matt forever. And Sean makes an agonizing decision on how to deal with The Carver.

    ALEC BALDWIN ("The Cooler") guest stars as Dr. Mercer Moore.