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Nikita Season 4

Nikita Season 4

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Nikita Season 4

Season four is the exciting conclusion of the sexy, gripping espionage drama Nikita. Framed for assassinating the U.S. President at the end of last season, the rogue Nikita (international action star Maggie Q) now finds herself alone and on the run, a wanted woman. In trying to clear her name, Nikita is unexpectedly reunited with her old team: Michael (Shane West), her ex-fiancé and the man who trained her; former protégé Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca); anarchist hacker and tech specialist Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford); and ex-CIA analyst Ryan (Noah Bean). 

Now, Nikita and her allies must get past their emotional wounds to take down their nemesis, Amanda (Melinda Clarke), discovering in the process a larger conspiracy - one that could lead to global catastrophe. The wild card on the table is Sam (Devon Sawa), the Division agent formerly known as Owen. Now that Sam has regained his memories, he is once again a cold-hearted mercenary. How will Nikita play out?

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Wanted

    In the season opener, Nikita finds herself alone and on the run, framed for assassinating the President. Following a lead that could clear her name, she's reunited with her team.

  2. 02 - Dead or Alive

    Ryan realises Amanda is making doubles of VIPs. One is the director of the FBI, but Nikita doesn't know how to kill him without exposing herself. Alex holds Sam at gunpoint.

  3. 03 - Set-Up

    The CIA captures Alex and questions her about Nikita. Ryan becomes suspicious of Birkhoff's odd behavior and tells Nikita and Michael his thoughts. Judd Nelson guest stars.

  4. 04 - Pay-Off

    The Shop offers Nikita and her team freedom. Sam contemplates an opportunity to recoup his losses. Michael comes face to face with an old adversary, Ramon (Simon Kassianides).
  5. 05 - Bubble

    Just as Nikita is finally starting to see an end to the long war with the Shop, Ryan confesses a secret that could unravel it all. Sam is jumped and Alex must step in to save him.

  6. 06 - Cancelled

    In the series finale, a frustrated Nikita takes Alex on the road to exact revenge and, ultimately, makes a shocking decision.