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Murder in the First

Murder in the First - Season 2

Murder in the First

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Fridays at 10pm on Fox


Murder in the First Season 2

San Francisco homicide investigators Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) return for a second season in this powerful crime drama co-created by Emmy® winner Steven Bochco (NYPD Blue) and Eric Lodal. Go deep inside another complex homicide investigation as Murder in the First follows a single murder case across an entire season. Ranking as one of basic cable's top 10 summer series in its debut season, the Bay Area police drama switches up the ensemble cast with the addition of Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui, Justified's A.J. Buckley and more.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Twenty-Fifteen

    In the season two premiere, SFPD inspectors Terry English (TAYE DIGGS) and Hildy Mulligan (KATHLEEN ROBERTSON) investigate a series of murders that could rip the city apart.

  2. 02 - Schizofrenzy

    Tensions mount as the manhunt for the missing shooter proves to be more difficult than expected. Terry is promoted, which comes with more responsibilities than he anticipated.

  3. 03 - Blue on Blue

    As the city reels from the school bus tragedy, Terry receives new evidence about the recent death of a cop, leading him to believe it may have been of a more insidious design.

  4. 04 - My Sugar Walls

    When new evidence suggests an inspector was murdered, Terry fears it may be connected to someone within the Hall of Justice. Acclaimed attorney Jamie Nelson joins the defense team.

  5. 05 - The McCormack Mulligan

    While the pressure mounts on Terry and Hildy to discover who's behind the cop-killings, an anonymous tip gives Raffi a potential connection for her case against Suger (MO McRAE).

  6. 06 - Oh, Mexico

    While Terry & Hildy investigate people in the department, Jamie digs into Dustin's past to understand him and Suger makes a shocking discovery when someone close to him disappears.
  7. 07 - State of the Union

    As an angry Suger prepares for war, the truth about Navarro leads Terry and Hildy to Mexico. Meanwhile Raffi's investigation into Suger takes an unexpected turn.
  8. 08 - Out of the Shadows

    As Dustin Maker's trial begins with opening statements, Junior reveals new details which might finally give Hildy & Terry an upper hand in their investigation.
  9. 09 - Bruja Blanca

    While Suger contemplates the future of Potrero, the stress of the trial takes a dramatic toll on Jamie's personal life. And Raffi's loyalty comes into question.
  10. 10 - Nothing But the Truth

    As Jamie deals with the fallout of her tirade, witnesses take the stand against Dustin. And Hildy goes up against The Union when threats are made against her family.
  11. 11 - Down Time

    Terry and Hildy take a high-ranking officer into custody, while Suger faces a new and unexpected threat. And Molk (RAPHAEL SBARGE) uncovers info on a potential prostitution ring.
  12. 12 - Number Thirty-Nine

    In the season finale, Terry & Hildy close in on a murder suspect, while Fatty B lobbies to take Potrero in a new direction. And Dustin Maker's trial reaches a climactic verdict.