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Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol 1

The vaults are open and gold spills out: 56 top Warner Bros. animated shorts are now rounded up on DVD for the first time ever. Barely contained in 4 solidly-packed discs, they’ve been restored and remastered to their original, anvil-dropping, laughter-inducing glory! 

It’s a one-of-a-kind celebration of the golden age of Warner Bros. animation. One disc focuses on carrot-crunching icon Bugs Bunny, another on the anarchic Daffy Duck and eternal straight man Porky Pig, and the other two showcase the rest of the Looney Tunes gang. Extensively entertaining and encyclopedic extras will make eyes pop and jaws drop – just like being inside your own Warner Bros. cartoon. What’s up doesn’t get any better than this, Doc!