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Knots Landing

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Knots Landing Season 1

In a seaside suburban paradise, four married couples struggle with the conflicts and passions that buffet every marriage.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    Gary and Valene move into their new home with the help of his brother Bobby Ewing. Val thinks of her daughter, who lives in Dallas unaware that her parents have remarried.

  2. 02 - Community Spirit

    Gary opposes his brother J.R. in a fight to save the Knots Landing beach after Ewing Oil announces plans to drill offshore.

  3. 03 - Let Me Count The Ways

    Karen comes to the defense of her daughter's controversial high school teacher who is about to be fired for his unorthodox teaching methods. As a result, the two find themselves attracted to each other.

  4. 04 - The Lie

    Laura feigns rape to cover up an afternoon rendezvous from Richard.

  5. 05 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

    Val is not pleased when her mother arrives for a visit and Val is forced to confront unpleasant memories of her childhood.

  6. 06 - Home Is For Healing

    Lucy comes to live with her parents for the first time in her life, but the reunion is anything but happy.

  7. 07 - Land Of The Free

    A motorcycle gang terrorizes the residents of Knots Landing, and Sid is forced to take action when his daughter is abducted.

  8. 08 - Civil Wives

    Karen regrets her invitation to Sid's ex-wife when she flirts with Sid. Eric develops an interest in Ginger Ward.

  9. 10 - Small Surprises

    Karen learns that she is pregnant but has mixed feelings about it. Eric dates Ginger's sophisticated 14-year-old sister.

  10. 11 - Courageous Convictions

    Richard is in financial trouble and tries to borrow money from the neighbors. At the same time, Sid finds money missing from his dresser.

  11. 12 - Bottom Of The Bottle, Part 1

    Gary begins drinking again, refusing to admit he's an alcoholic. Ginger suspects Kenny of having an affair.

  12. 13 - Bottom Of The Bottle, Part 2

    Val gives Gary an ultimatum about his drinking, and Gary leaves. Ginger finds Kenny with Sylvie.