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In Treatment Season 2

Set within the highly charged confines of individual psychotherapy sessions, In Treatment centers around Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne) who recently divorced his wife Kate and has moved from Maryland to a brownstone in Brooklyn, New York. Rebuilding his practice while wrestling with some of the demons he left behind – including a lawsuit filed by the father of Alex, a patient who died last year – Paul takes on several new patients and commutes to Maryland every Friday to continue his own sessions with Dr. Gina Toll (Dianne Wiest).

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Week 1: Mia

    A surprise subpoena brings Paul back into the life of a former patient and current malpractice lawyer named Mia.

  2. 02 - Week 1: April

    Paul is alarmed to learn that his new patient April, an architecture student, harbors a life-threatening secret she refuses to share with her parents.

  3. 03 - Week 1: Oliver

    A conflicted sixth grader named Oliver is brought to Paul by his parents Bess and Luke, who are getting a divorce.

  4. 04 - Week 1: Walter

    A high-powered CEO with anxiety issues turns to Paul for therapy at the encouragement of his wife.

  5. 05 - Week 1: Gina

    Paul resumes his Friday sessions with Gina, who agrees to give a deposition in the lawsuit against him while also helping him through the new changes in his life.

  6. 06 - Week 2: Mia

    In her first session, Mia admits to wanting to impress Paul by flaunting her job and relationship with a married co-worker.

  7. 07 - Week 2: April

    April details her detachment from a former boyfriend and his current partner, both of whom are concerned about her current illness.

  8. 08 - Week 2: Oliver

    Fearing his behaviour has led to his parents’ estrangement, Oliver outlines the difficulty he’s having living between two homes.

  9. 09 - Week 2: Walter

    Paul links Walter’s panic attacks to a childhood tragedy.

  10. 10 - Week 2: Gina

    Paul looks to fill in memory gaps about his mother’s attempted suicide by reconnecting with a childhood crush.

  11. 11 - Week 3: Mia

    Laura’s deposition in the Alex Prince case spills into Paul’s session with Mia.

  12. 12 - Week 3: April

    April’s memories of a childhood near-tragedy underscore her lifelong independence issues.

  13. 13 - Week 3: Oliver

    Bess and Luke disagree over whether Oliver’s weeklong stay at his father’s was a success.
  14. 14 - Week 3: Walter

    In the midst of a corporate crisis, Walter recounts an emotional attempt to rescue and protect his daughter.

  15. 15 - Week 3: Gina

    Gina explores Paul’s resentment over having to take care of his ailing father.

  16. 16 - Week 4: Mia

    Paul exposes the emotional insecurity that may have led to Mia’s recent unruly weekend.

  17. 17 - Week 4: April

    Paul crosses a professional boundary after analyzing April’s anxieties involving her brother and mother.

  18. 18 - Week 4: Oliver

    Despite Bess’s assurances, Paul worries that Oliver’s recent exemplary behavior is merely an illusion.

  19. 19 - Week 4: Walter

    Walter confronts his feelings of duty and loss in the wake of a professional “perfect storm.”

  20. 20 - Week 4: Gina

    Gina encourages Paul to reconnect with his father before it is too late.

  21. 21 - Week 5: Mia

    Paul and Mia examine issues of life, death, loneliness and last chances.

  22. 22 - Week 5: April

    April’s revelation about her best friend Leah triggers a discussion with Paul about reliance – and April’s unwillingness to lean on those closest to her.

  23. 23 - Week 5: Oliver

    Oliver’s recent deteriorating behaviour at home and school vexes his father, who’s dealing with personal issues of his own.

  24. 24 - Week 5: Walter

    Paul concludes that Walter’s recent actions make him a risk to himself.

  25. 25 - Week 5: Gina

    Gina tries to get Paul to address unanswered questions about his father; Alex Sr. drops a bombshell.

  26. 26 - Week 6: Mia

    A recent setback allows Paul to help Mia re-examine her contentious relationship with her mother.

  27. 27 - Week 6: April

    Accused of betrayal, Paul defends his actions while addressing April’s deep-rooted insecurities.

  28. 28 - Week 6: Oliver

    Ignoring Paul’s and Oliver’s objections, Luke and Bess come up with a plan that will alter their family structure and dynamics.

  29. 29 - Week 6: Walter

    Paul tries to get Walter to embrace his vulnerable side.

  30. 30 - Week 6: Gina

    Gina bristles over a frustrated Paul’s accusation that she’s not involved with her patients.

  31. 31 - Week 7: Mia

    After failing to lure Paul into a trap, Mia ends up making a life-changing decision.

  32. 32 - Week 7: April

    April shares some news with Paul that sets the stage for a dialogue about facing her anger, and her future.

  33. 33 - Week 7: Oliver

    Bess and Luke find closure after a tough week; Paul tries to allay Oliver’s fears.

  34. 34 - Week 7: Walter

    Paul maps out a plan to rescue Walter from his old self.

  35. 35 - Week 7: Gina

    Paul and Gina reach a crossroad in their relationship.