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In Treatment Season 1 - Awards

  • 2009 - Golden Globe: Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama
  • 2008 - Primetime Emmy: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
  • 2008 - Primetime Emmy: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

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In Treatment Season 1

An emotional and provocative series, 'In Treatment' brings dynamic focus to a staple of modern society - the psychotherapy session. Adapted from a popular Israeli series, the show follows psychoanalyst Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne, who won a Golden Globe® for his role) through his week, capturing sessions with his patients. In season two, Paul has moved his practice to Brooklyn, following his divorce from his wife Kate. Rebuilding his practice while wrestling with some of the demons he left behind - including a lawsuit filed by the father of Alex, a patient who died last year - Paul commutes back to Maryland every Friday to see his children and to continue his own sessions with Dr. Gina Toll (Emmy® & Oscar® winner Dianne Wiest).

His new clients include Mia, April, Oliver (and sometimes his divorcing parents) and Walter. Stepping inside the tangled mind of a man who counsels others for a living, 'In Treatment' renders an intricate portrayal of the experts we rely on for perspective.

Executive-produced by Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg, Warren Leight, Hagai Levi, Paris Barclay and Rodrigo Garcia and co-executive producer Noa Tishby, In Treatment stars Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, Vanity Fair) as Paul, Hope Davis (Golden Globe nominee for American Splendor) as Mia, Alison Pill (Milk, Tony® nominee for The Lieutenant of Inishmore) as April, Aaron Shaw (Lincoln Heights) as Oliver, John Mahoney (Emmy® nominee for 'Frasier') as Walter, Dianne Wiest (Oscar® winner for Hannah and Her Sisters, Bullets over Broadway and Emmy® winner for her role as Gina last season on In Treatment) as Dr. Gina Toll and Michelle Forbes (Kalifornia, Battlestar Galactica: Razor) as Paul's wife Kate. Oliver's parents are played by Russell Hornsby as Luke and Sherri Saum as Bess.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Week 1: Laura

    A young, attractive anesthesiologist named Laura arrives crying. After her boyfriend Andrew gave her an ultimatum to either get married or break up, she went out for a drink and met a random man in a bar. She feels horrible after having a sexual encounter with the stranger in a public bathroom, but she says the guilt stems from her feelings about Paul. "You've become the center of my life," she tells the therapist, but he responds that he's not an option.

  2. 02 - Week 1 Alex

    Alex, an intense Navy pilot, puts Paul's credentials to the test, while recounting the unfortunate events in Iraq that drove him to therapy: He killed 16 boys flying a bombing mission on the outskirts of Baghdad. He insists he doesn’t have a guilty conscience, explaining that his whole life he has been pushed to excel by his father - and as a member of the military elite. 

    When Paul tries to delve into the father-son issues, Alex resists. Alex relays that he had a heart attack and technically died while running a marathon shortly after the bombing mission; Paul suggests he may have pushed himself so hard physically as a way to atone. Once again Alex denies Paul’s suggestion and asks Paul to weigh in on whether his desire to make a return visit to the bombing site is a good idea but Paul refuses to take responsibility for Alex’s decision.

  3. 03 - Week 1: Sophie

    Sophie, a precocious young gymnast, seeks Paul's professional opinion for an insurance report following her recent suspicious accident. The Olympic hopeful explains she was sent to Paul by her lawyer because the insurance company suspects that she may have purposely ridden her bike into the car. While Sophie explains she only needs to see Paul to get the report, she admits that her mother fears Sophie tried to kill herself. Sophie insists she wouldn't hurt herself just before the Nationals. She tells Paul that her father and Si, her coach, are the only people who care about her.

  4. 04 - Week 1: Jake & Amy

    As the session begins, Paul and an agitated Jake wait for Amy to arrive. Pacing the office in his muddy boots, Jake makes a series of angry phone calls in search of Amy - including a conversation with their son, Lenny, who apparently is binging on Fritos much to Jake’s disgust. Eventually, Amy breezes in, apologizing for being late, but wearing a newly-bought and expensive-looking business outfit, raising Jake’s suspicions as to where she’s been. At first, Amy claims to have come from a meeting at a café with her boss, but with some pointed prodding from Jake, admits she’s been to their OB doctor to take the next steps for an abortion. Despite spending five years in fertility treatment, Amy does not want to have this baby.

    After Paul suggests their real problem lies with their inability to accept each other, Jake aggressively forces Paul to blurt out that he thinks they should have an abortion. Trying to reclaim a more neutral stance, Paul insists that he can only help them to come to a correct decision for themselves. After they leave, Paul places a call to his former supervisor Dr. Gina Taub.

  5. 05 - Week 1: Paul & Gina

    When Paul arrives at Gina's after a long period of no contact, she offers him a drink - and then tells him that he's sitting in her chair. He explains that he's having problems with his patients and runs through his outburst with Jake and Laura's feelings toward him. He quotes one of Gina's old lessons that therapists need an audience to see how cleverly they deal with their patients, but Gina corrects him, saying she meant therapists require criticism. She recalls that he was very angry the last time he visited her - he even skipped an important funeral, and she asks what role he's assigned her: friend, colleague, therapist? Paul explains that he's arguing with Kate and often doesn't know where she is. Gina alludes that his failing marriage may have to do with the erotic transference he's experiencing with Laura. He accuses her of affixing her own agenda and preconceived notions to his problems, and when she asks him what's bugging him so much, he replies, "You are."

  6. 06 - Week 2: Laura

    Paul, trying to unclog the toilet in his office, argues with his wife, Kate, before Laura arrives. Once their session begins, however, he’s a bit shocked to find out that she plans to marry Andrew. She picks up on Paul’s “killjoy” attitude and tells him she only agreed to marry Andrew because the therapist declined her advances. Paul tries to analyze himself out of the uncomfortable situation, asking questions about a family Laura lived with as a teenager, but she comes back harder, asking, “Do you want me?” On his heels, Paul tells her no.

  7. 07 - Week 2: Alex

    Alex reports to a concerned Paul about his stoic return to the site of his botched air strike and insists he no longer has the capacity to feel guilt. But as Paul probes, Alex tells of a local Iraqi man he is certain knew Alex was responsible for the bombing deaths because he gave him the same all-knowing look his father gives him‚ but he still refuses to discuss his father when Paul probes. Alex brings up problems with his wife Michaela and Paul suggests that the things that are bothering Alex about his wife are actually reflections of things within Alex that he doesn't want to face. Alex says his session with Paul has clinched his decision to leave his wife, and Paul insists that Alex has to stop ascribing his decisions to Paul: He knew he wanted to go back to Iraq and leave his wife before he ever came to therapy.

  8. 08 - Week 2: Sophie

    A sopping wet Sophie arrives for her session, and Paul asks his wife help her change out of her wet clothes. When Sophie gets mad that Paul hasn't written his evaluation yet, he counters: "Why haven't you written yours?" She explains she can't write with two broken arms and she got into a fight with her mother and Si was too busy to help her. They discuss how Sophie used to babysit Si's daughter, and it becomes apparent that she is perhaps too close to her coach. Paul catches her off guard when he tells her that he suspects someone in her life has broken the rules, which is why he got his wife to help her change - so that he wouldn't break the rules as well. He felt she was testing him.

  9. 09 - Week 2: Jake & Amy

    At ease and seemingly happy with each other for the first time in weeks, both Jake and Amy arrive having softened their positions. Amy thinks she might want the baby after all, while Jake allows that fighting over the pregnancy isn’t worth the cost. Amy’s sudden discomfort cuts the session short as it becomes apparent she’s had a miscarriage. Enlisting Kate’s help to remove the blood stain from the couch, Paul’s revelation that’s he’s been to see Gina, incites Kate to confront Paul’s detachment from her and their children, Max and Rosie. Then putting their marriage on even more tenuous ground, Kate spins Paul into a rage when she tells him she’s been unfaithful.

  10. 10 - Week 2: Paul & Gina

    Paul tells Gina that his wife has been seeing another man. Kate unleashed all the details on him and placed their future in his hands. Gina points out that Kate and Laura have both given him an ultimatum: That he face his feelings. Paul then brings up Charlie, a patient who Gina shared romantic history with, disappointing Paul with her lack of professionalism. He’s also angry that Gina made a crack about his father marrying a patient. “I’m not my father,” he says, adding that he told Laura that absolutely nothing would happen between the two of them. Still, Gina suggests she and Paul discuss transferring Laura to a different therapist, which he refuses outright.

  11. 11 - Week 3: Laura

    Laura arrives late, and as Paul pours her a glass of water, he asks whether she thinks their sessions are helping her. Was her tardiness a subconscious expression of how she views therapy? Angry, she can’t believe that he’d kick her out for being a few minutes late and then calls him out for using the situation to dodge discussing her attraction to him. He tells her that they can’t work together because she’s breached the boundaries too often, but she puts forward another reason for the tension: He loves her, too. When Laura leaves, she runs into Alex outside - he’s accidentally shown up on the wrong day - and he offers her a ride home.

  12. 13 - Week 3: Sophie

    Sophie brings Paul a going-away present, believing he only needed three sessions to do his evaluation. She explores what would be involved in therapy for someone her age, and Paul explains that they’d take it at her own pace. Paul probes the circumstances surrounding the breakup of Sophie's parents. Sophie explains that her dad wanted Sophie to live with him and his new wife when he moved to New York, but the new wife said no and he eventually left her. Paul also takes interest in the relationship Sophie has with her coach, and Sophie reveals that she and Si slept together once. But Si told her it would ruin their careers if it got out, and they had to stop. Paul determines that was the night of Sophie’s accident, and she demands to know what he’s going to write in his report, insisting she doesn’t remember what happened. He won’t reply, saying there’s a difference between not being careful because she felt vulnerable and trying to commit suicide.

  13. 14 - Week 3: Jake & Amy

    Returning to therapy after her miscarriage, Paul questions if a relieved and flirtatious Amy isn’t avoiding the pain of her loss. When Jake arrives clearly embittered by what’s happened, Paul offers that Jake might have felt more in control with Amy pregnant. The session comes to another abrupt ending when Jake accuses Amy of being on the prowl, driving her to admit she’s glad that she’s not having his baby. Suggesting they might be better off with a divorce lawyer, Jake leaves too. After a moment of quiet, Kate comes in to inform Paul that she’s going to Rome with her lover.

  14. 15 - Week 3: Paul & Gina

    Paul tells Gina that his wife has been seeing another man. Kate unleashed all the details on him and placed their future in his hands. Gina points out that Kate and Laura have both given him an ultimatum: That he face his feelings. Paul then brings up Charlie, a patient who Gina shared romantic history with, disappointing Paul with her lack of professionalism. He’s also angry that Gina made a crack about his father marrying a patient. “I’m not my father,” he says, adding that he told Laura that absolutely nothing would happen between the two of them. Still, Gina suggests she and Paul discuss transferring Laura to a different therapist, which he refuses outright.

  15. 16 - Week 4: Laura

    Laura shares the story of her encounter with Alex, explaining the cautious, hesitant sex they had "like in high school." Paul doesn't appreciate her sleeping with one of his patients and thinks she's trying to get back at him for rejecting her. But she's already made her feelings perfectly clear, she says, "I don't need another man to get my message across." She goes on to say that she's broken up with Andrew and then gets irritated with Paul for sympathizing with him. Fed up, she asks the therapist whether there is intimacy in their relationship or not. He agrees there is. When Laura leaves to meet Alex outside "and kisses him deeply" Paul watches from the window, meeting her gaze.

  16. 17 - Week 4: Alex

    Alex shows up at his next session with an expensive espresso machine for Paul, insisting he wants to be able to have a decent cup of coffee during his sessions and Paul is annoyed by the presumptive gift. Alex suggests the real reason Paul is angry at him is because he met one of his other patients - Laura - which is news to Paul. Alex announces he left his wife after their last session, but hasn’t told the kids yet. Alex is certain his son Roy will understand. As he talks about his extended family, Paul draws the conclusion that the women in Alex’s family are “wholesome” and the men are "dirty." Alex agrees with this assessment of his father, who was having affairs all through his marriage to his mother. As Paul continues to try and draw parallels between Alex and his father, Alex continues to resist. When Laura calls Alex’s cell phone at the end of the session, he taunts Paul, asking if he should “go for her.“

  17. 18 - Week 4: Sophie

    Sophie shows up at her session with her casts off, dressed from a night out partying. Exhausted, Sophie finds herself detailing the events that lead up to her accident. She talks about her mother and being anorexic when she was younger, starving herself to stay thin as a gymnast. Acting out how she returned to the gym, Paul gets nervous when she uses the back of his sofa as a balance beam. Sophie says the guy who was plying her with Tequila at the party last night told her she had sex like someone who’s been sexually abused. Upset, she recalls the night of the accident and admits she wanted the car to hit her. She goes to Paul’s bathroom, and finding prescription sleeping pills, she swallows a handful. Paul, sensing something is wrong, catches Sophie as she collapses in his office while trying to leave.

  18. 19 - Week 4: Jake & Amy

    Therapy begins with the news that Jake didn’t come home the night of their last session. And, had Amy not come home as she had threatened to do, Lenny would’ve been left alone all night. Unrepentant, Jake states she was bound to come home because she never keeps her word anyway. This, despite Paul’s efforts to examine what lies behind their anger, launches them into a circular argument of Jake calling Amy a liar and Amy dismissing Jake’s suspicions of her interest in her boss, Ben. As the argument escalates Amy becomes violent. Slapping his face and kicking at him, she tells Jake that if he weren’t a quitter she’d still be interest in him like she is in Ben. When Jake reveals he’s just recorded this last fight with his phone, Amy storms out calling him a psychopath. Jake then tells Paul he records their fights in an attempt to understand what’s happening to their relationship.

  19. 20 - Week 4: Paul & Gina

    Gina asks whether they should talk about Paul’s last session, and he tells her that it wasn’t the first time he's left her office disappointed and angry. He explains how jealous he feels when Laura describes her sexual relationship with Alex, and he starts searching for an excuse that would allow him to be with her. "Teachers marry students," he says, "Is it so wrong?" He says Charlie used to call him after leaving Gina's sessions, searching for a loophole that would allow him to sleep with her. Paul suggests that he could see Laura after some sort of "cooling-off" period, but Gina says it's essential that he obey the rules. She warns that Laura will be shocked and upset if he accepts her advances - and rightly so. Paul tells Gina how hard it is to be with Laura and not share his feelings, even though she's begging him to. "I love her," he tells Gina.

  20. 21 - Week 5: Laura

    Paul admits his feelings to Laura: He misses her often and cares very deeply for her. She replies, “So what now?” But Paul doesn’t have an answer for her. The whole situation is starting to feel weird to Laura, and she suspects that he’s testing her in some way. She tells Paul the story of a friend of her father’s - an older man named David - who she had sex with when she was younger. She starts to cry, and when Paul comforts her, she tries to kiss him. He backs away, but before Laura leaves, she tells him, "There's something going on between us. Something more. You're just too afraid." On her way out, she walks past Kate, who looks at her suspiciously.

  21. 22 - Week 5: Alex

    Alex announces he broke up with Laura, having realized she was just using him. He provokes Paul with his suspicion that there is something going on between Laura and Paul. Alex pushes Paul to admit what he really thinks of him - that he’s a murderer - but Paul refuses to judge him. When Alex taunts Paul with knowledge of his private life - that he knows Paul’s wife is having an affair and Paul has feelings for Laura - Paul explodes and attacks Alex physically. Disturbed, he cancels his other sessions, just as his wife enters to announce her affair is completely over.

  22. 23 - Week 5: Sophie

    Sophie's mother Olivia joins her daughter's therapy session, and as mother and daughter get into an argument in front of Paul about whether or not Sophie can return to training, he witnesses the young girl's hostility first hand. Olivia decides to wait in the car, and Paul confronts Sophie, saying he believes she took the pills in her last session to test him, and he passed - but what if she tests someone else, who doesn’t know it’s a test? Sophie claims it wouldn’t matter because she’d be dead. When he quizzes her on what dying means to her, Sophie admits it’s a way to escape her mother. Paul lays down the law on Sophie continuing treatment: She cannot threaten suicide. Sophie eventually agrees. When Olivia returns to pay Paul, Sophie announces she’s returning to training, and if her mother refuses she’ll leave home. Olivia, angered, tells Paul that Sophie is threatening to go live with her father, but he’s been out of touch, living in Miami, and doesn't even know about his daughter’s accident. Sophie taunts her mother saying if she wants to have sex with Si in her hospital room she will, and Paul confronts her on why she didn’t tell him about her father and whether she’s still having relations with Si.

  23. 24 - Week 5: Jake & Amy

    The previous week's chaos gives way to a critical decision by Amy - and an emotional admission from Jake.

    A disgusted Amy tells Paul that they’ve separated because after making love, Jake threatened to kill her if she leaves him. Jake retorts being disgusted by Amy and her mother forcing junk food down the throat of their overweight child. Amy insists Lenny will grow out of it as she did. With that new revelation Paul wonders if Jake’s insecurities and underachieving actually enable Amy to avoid the negative feelings she has for herself. Amy emphatically refuses to consider that possibility, stating she wants a divorce from Jake and his threats, suspicions, recordings and stakeouts. Even, as a sobbing Jake begs for her not to leave him, she remains unmoved.

  24. 25 - Week 5: Paul & Gina

    Paul and Kate both arrive for couples therapy, and Gina says it's unusual to have ongoing sessions with Paul and now see both of them. Kate explains that it's hard to be married to a therapist because she doesn't want constant sharing and analysis - just support. When they first started seeing each other, she was shocked how seriously he took her. Then she realized the intensity was all about his own ego. She says she started sleeping with Edward because he made her feel wanted; Paul responds by telling Kate about his feelings for Laura. She’s shocked, and Gina reminds Paul that he knows exactly how she's feeling. "You've both been pulling away from the relationship," Gina tells them. "How did the marriage end up feeling this empty?"

  25. 26 - Week 6: Laura

    Paul brushes his teeth and fusses with his hair while he waits for Laura to arrive. He wants to discuss creating a timeline to end her therapy, but she says there’s no need. Today will be her last day. She doesn’t think that all the digging through her past is worthwhile anyway. "What good does it do me today to know how much I suffered then? I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself," she says. She tells Paul that she saw David again after their encounter - in fact, she seduced him - and Paul doesn’t approve. He’s breaking the rules by judging her, but he’s disgusted. Before leaving, Laura says she ended her relationship with Alex and then hugs Paul. "Every minute here is tearing me apart,” she says.

  26. 27 - Week 6: Alex

    Alex returns to therapy and Paul apologizes for crossing a boundary. Alex theorizes that everyone is afraid of him because they see him as a murderer and Paul suggests that’s actually how Alex sees himself - which may be why he pushed Paul to such an extreme place, so he would punish him the way he believes he should be. Alex recounts a dream in which he’s in Baghdad in a traffic jam and sees an enemy plane overhead being followed by an American jet which doesn’t fire on the enemy; Alex is furious at the American pilot for being cowardly. He insists Paul wants to say the dream is homosexual dream (“I’m tailing him, I see a fire come out his back burner…”). When Paul questions on him what he means by calling someone “gay,” Alex says: someone who talks about their feelings all the time. Alex tells a story of getting beat up as a kid and his father slapping him for it and taking him to a gym to teach him how to fight back. Alex says he was fine with it, explaining you have to master fear, but he collapses with emotion as he talks about controlling his fear as a way to control his life. Alex once again says he doesn’t think he can continue therapy. At the end of his session, he announces that he got called by his commander about returning to active duty and Paul tells him he doesn’t think he’s ready.

  27. 28 - Week 6: Sophie

    Sophie's "gusto" for a pizza she’s eating evaporates after Paul comments on it. She tells him about a girlfriend of her father’s who accused her of being anorexic, and Paul presses her on how she feels about being thin. Sophie admits she likes the feeling of being able to disappear. Paul continues to delve into her feelings about her father, and she throws a tantrum, believing Paul is implying she was sexually abused. Paul insists that’s not what he was driving at, but tells her he believes she has repressed anger for her father and assures her she is safe to let that out with him.

  28. 29 - Week 6: Jake & Amy

    Amy considers rejecting "the new and improved Jake" with a destructive alternative, eliciting a warning from Paul.

    Jake’s not coming, a Amy announces, adding that they are seemingly in love again. She finds Jake’s new sensitivity a turnoff, claiming their angry sex was what held them together. She then tells Paul, Ben is picking her up after the session and that having sex with him tonight is inevitable. The conversation then turns to her feelings of abandonment after her father died when she was 13. As she reminisces about her father’s kindness, Paul wonders if her anger at Jake’s tenderness isn’t really about her fear of being abandoned by her father’s sudden passing. Paul questions the implied logic of her actions, that by sleeping with Ben, she will bring back the angry, controlling Jake thus eliminating the tenderness that seems so threatening. Finally, he reminds her that she can still choose not to sleep with Ben.

  29. 30 - Week 6: Paul & Gina

    Kate met Laura when she came over to talk to Paul after her father was hospitalized and says the young woman has a spoiled look. "A woman like that has always been Paul's fantasy," Kate says. "He wanted the trophy wife and got stuck with the homemaker." Paul says he needed Kate’s strength, but she replies that they don't need each other anymore. Gina theorizes that Paul is attracted to Laura's dependency on him, but then he balks at the idea that there has to be some sort of pathology surrounding his feelings. Gina suggests that Kate contributed to the problem as well, but then Paul picks up on Gina's leading his wife’s answers, trying to dictate how Kate should feel in order to close the book on their problems quickly. "Game, set, match to you, Gina," he says. Kate stands up to leave, telling them both that she can't stand to be caught in the middle of their history.

  30. 31 - Week 7: Family

    Laura’s absence gives Paul a chance to catch with his daughter Rosie, who complains that her brother Ian is being an "animal." Paul reads a text message that she’s sending to her 18-year-old boyfriend, puzzling over the abbreviations she uses. They talk about Kate's affair, and Rosie becomes distraught, demanding know how hard Paul's trying to work things out. Later, Paul talks to Ian about what's going on with Kate, but he deflects the blame from her, saying he met someone who he's not sleeping with. Ian asks him, "What do you want?" But Paul doesn’t have an answer.

  31. 32 - Week 7: Alex

    Alex insists he's ready to return to active duty and Paul challenges him suggesting his guilt is still a problem. Alex tells about his son Roy’s party where he played chess with his son. When Roy suddenly said he didn’t want to play anymore and retreated to his room, Alex went after him but his father intercepted him and said the reason Roy quit was because he didn’t want to beat his father in front of everyone - and attacks Alex for becoming soft. The experience made Alex realize he needed to return to his marriage and to the military for the structure they offer. When Paul urges him to stay in therapy and deal with his issues before returning to duty, Alex challenges him: “Are you telling me not to fly?” But Paul won’t tell him what to do.

  32. 33 - Week 7: Sophie

    her have a unique and close relationship. When she tells Paul how she used to see her father havin

  33. 34 - Week 7: Jake & Amy

    Jake claims things have been going well. But as the conversation continues it’s clear Jake resents working so hard to keep the peace and Amy isn’t any happier. As Amy tells the story of her father’s death, she refuses Jake’s empathy saying he doesn’t know her at all, that she’s done really terrible things - that she’s slept with Ben. Despite his worst fears coming true, Jake is surprised by his lack of anger and jealously. In fact, he’s proud to be acting like a gentleman. Paul suggests that Amy provokes Jake’s anger because she doesn’t trust his tenderness. As the session concludes, Jake puts his love for her in the past tense, while Amy questions whether Jake will ever forgive her.

  34. 35 - Week 7: Paul & Gina

    Kate and Paul discuss how much the children know about their failing marriage, and Kate attacks him for not trying broach the topic together with their kids. Paul accuses Kate of being an impatient mother, and she fires back that he barely knows his own children. Gina shifts the focus back to their relationship with each other, and Kate admits that her affair is linked to long-standing feelings that being mother and wife came before being herself. Paul says he understands, and he's upset that he never knew she felt that way. Kate suggests that maybe they should separate, but Gina doesn’t think they’re quite to that stage yet.

  35. 36 - Week 8: Laura

    Paul attends Alex’s funeral, where he meets Roy, the dead soldier’s son. The boy feels like he’s supposed to stay strong, like his father taught him, but Paul explains that sometimes being strong means telling people how you really feel. The therapist sees Laura, who feels guilty being there with Alex’s wife and family, and when the pair leave, Alex’s father mistake them for husband and wife. Later, Paul explains that people used to assume that his stepmother was his sister because she was 26 years younger than his father, a heart surgeon who Paul wanted to be nothing like.

  36. 37 - Week 8: Alex

    Alex’s father pays a visit to Paul looking for some answers after Alex is killed during a flight training exercise. He asks for a description of his son - not a diagnosis - and Paul says he thought Alex was struggling to find answers. Alex’s father reveals there’s a rumor going around that his son committed suicide; there’s an ejection seat and Alex didn’t jump. Paul asks if he thinks Alex’s therapy played a role in his death and the father accuses Paul of making Alex “look inside.” When the father breaks down over his guilt for pushing his son so hard Paul tries to assuage his grief and guilt, insisting Alex’s death was not his fault.

  37. 38 - Week 8: Sophie

    Sophie arrives at her session upset because she’s been trying to talk to her mother all week and has been unable to say anything to her. Also her father’s suddenly been calling every day, and she hasn’t called him back. Paul urges her to go easy on herself. She’s taking on two very difficult changes at once: trying to talk to her mother and avoiding her father. He points out these two things could lead to two scary things: her telling her mother about her father’s secrets and telling her father she’s angry. Paul reminds her of how she told him that her father left his second wife because she didn’t want Sophie to live with them - but only after two more years. Sophie breaks down, admitting she feels guilty for her parents' problems but Paul urges her to stop blaming herself. She finally lets out some of her anger towards her father and when her mother picks her up at the end of their session, Sophie asks a surprised and pleased Olivia if they can stop for coffee instead of going shopping.

  38. 39 - Week 8: Jake & Amy

    Jake arrives for the session alone and tells Paul he’s done with Amy, but still he worries that she’ll “pull him back in.” He also explains the troubled relationship he’s had with his father, an academic who seems incapable of understanding his son. Paul notices some similarities in how Jake views both Amy and his father, but Jake doesn’t want to get into that - he’s more concerned about losing his son in a custody battle. Paul suggests that his patient could learn a lot from more therapy, but Jake has had enough. He’s learned his lessons from his father, he says, and he’s not going to screw up his own son.

  39. 40 - Week 8: Paul & Gina

    Gina asks Paul how he feels about their sessions with Kate. He thinks some connections were made, but he's not sure what will come of it. He tells her that he thinks Alex killed himself because he couldn't live with going from being a winner to being a murderer. Paul blames himself for his patient’s death - pointing out that the pilot asked him specifically whether he should fly - but Gina says no patient can ask a therapist to take a life into his hands. It was Alex's decision. Paul worries that he's not able to help any of his patients - and even the successes he has had, like with Sophie, resulted more from instincts than therapeutic process. When Gina questions whether he feels this way about all his patients or just specific ones, Paul assumes she's talking about Laura. "For two months, you've been saying, 'Laura, Laura, Laura,'" Gina replies. "You're fighting yourself." Maybe love can spark in a therapist's office, she supposes, and suggests that he go to Laura and find out.

  40. 41 - Week 9: Sophie

    Sophie’s father surprises her by showing up at her session, fearing Paul is brain-washing her against him. He joins Sophie in her session, and Sophie confronts him about not seeing her for nearly three years when he moved to New York with his second wife. He insists he left his wife for Sophie. But Sophie calls him on it and demands he leave, telling him Paul knows her more than her own father does and accusing him of choosing another woman over her. After she sends her father away, Sophie tells Paul she’s going away to train in Denver - she wants to take care of herself for awhile without her mother, or Paul. She leaves her session to catch up with her father, and Paul embraces her, urging her to take care of herself.

  41. 42 - Week 9: Jake & Amy

    Jake and Amy announce that they’re getting a divorce. Though Amy sees their time spent in therapy as a failure, Jake says he’s beginning to understand why their “dynamic” isn’t working. Amy explains that Jake blames her for her post-partum depression, but he disagrees … He was angry at her for never being happy, even after he rescued her from her previous relationship. The one thing they can agree on is that they’re worried about their son, but when Amy starts to mourn the loss of their family, Jake remains impassive. She accuses him of not caring, but he counters that he’s "just done with this room.”

  42. 43 - Week 9: Paul & Gina

    After telling Kate where he’s going, Paul visits Laura. He tells his former patient that he loves her and starts to explain everything. Laura doesn't want to talk, though, and they go to the bedroom. Before anything can happen, Paul has a panic attack. He goes to see Gina, who tells him that he was restrained by the best part of himself. He prevented himself from doing something he knew he'd regret. Paul tells Gina that Laura understands that she's been using sexual relationships to free herself from emotional entanglements, and Gina replies, "Her therapy has been a success." Still, Paul worries that he's just passed up on the last love of his life and wonders what he's supposed to do next. Gina asks, "Would you like to talk about that?"