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Hung Season 3

An emotional and provocative series, 'In Treatment' brings dynamic focus to a staple of modern society - the psychotherapy session. Adapted from a popular Israeli series, the show follows psychoanalyst Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne, who won a Golden Globe® for his role) through his week, capturing sessions with his patients. 

In season two, Paul has moved his practice to Brooklyn, following his divorce from his wife Kate. Rebuilding his practice while wrestling with some of the demons he left behind - including a lawsuit filed by the father of Alex, a patient who died last year - Paul commutes back to Maryland every Friday to see his children and to continue his own sessions with Dr. Gina Toll (Emmy® & Oscar® winner Dianne Wiest).

Episode guide

  1. 01 - "Don't Give Up on Detroit" or "Hung Like a Horse"

    Ray and Tanya must convince a bank officer and her friend that their “Wellness Center for Women,” idea is financially sound. Lenore discovers a new prospect to rival Ray.

  2. 02 - Take the Cake" or "Are You Packing?"

    After Ray’s client is stolen by Jason, Tanya decides to handle the competition herself. Lenore learns a shocking secret about Jason. Jessica tries her hand at independence, Charlie asks Tanya for a jailhouse favor, and Ray meets a client who likes to dress up as a cop.

  3. 03 - "Mister Drecker" or "Ease Up on the Whup-Ass"

    fears he blew his cover when he mistakes a former student for a client. Tanya finds herself in charge of a felon. Jess is hired to work in the office of Dr. Matt Kopylov, the husband of Ronnie’s mistress. Lenore brokers a deal with Sandee.

  4. 04 - "F**k Me, Mr. Drecker" or "Let's Not Go to Jail"

    Ray and Tanya conspire to get rid of an explosive client. Charlie advises Tanya to keep Lydia happy. Lenore manages Sandee’s rising demands, and Matt and Jessica bond.

  5. 05 - "We're Golden" or "Crooks and Big Beaver"

    After Ray tells Lydia he’s leaving the business, she takes Ray and Tanya on a ride they will never forget. Darby threatens to leave home, and Lenore confronts Jason about missing a date with a client.

  6. 06 - Money on the Floor

    When his shoebox of cash goes missing, Ray goes after the prime suspect: Lenore. His investigation lands him a brand new client named Kyla. Meanwhile, Sandee offers Tanya the opportunity to expand her business.

  7. 07 - What's Going on Downstairs? or Don't Eat Prince Eric!

    After spending the night with Kyla, Ray finds out she may not be the woman he thinks she is. Jason’s introduction to the Wellness Center brings out Ray’s competitive side. Charlie helps Tanya confront Sandee and Jason about Ray’s missing money.

  8. 08 - I, Sandee or This Sex. Which Is. Not One

    Tanya finds out Charlie has skipped bail, and asks his baby mama, Missy, to help track him down. Lenore declares war on Tanya and the Wellness Center. Sandee advises Jason on how to take Ray’s spot. Ray has a crisis about his ability to please women – especially Jessica.

  9. 09 - A Monkey Named Simian or Frances Is Not a Fan

    Tanya finds out she’s not invited to Frances and Mike’s wedding. After breaking Jason’s nose, Ray steals back his clients. Tanya bonds with Charlie’s sons, who’ve been left in her care.

  10. 10 - The Whole Beefalo

    With the fate of the Wellness Center hanging in the balance, Ray and Tanya must find Charlie and recover their forty grand. Matt accuses Jess of urine tampering and Lenore's endgame blows up in her face.