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Hung - Season 1 18


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Hung Season 1

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Ray Drecker's situation couldn't be much tougher. The former high school sports legend turned middle-aged high school basketball coach is divorced and struggling to provide for his kids when his already run-down house catches fire. Looking to take on a second job, Ray decides to exploit his best asset in a last-ditch attempt to change his fortunes.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    A divorced high-school basketball coach (Thomas Jane) looks to change his fortunes by cashing in on his “winning tool.”

  2. 02 - Great Sausage or Can I Call You Dick

    Tanya maps out a strategy for Ray to attract a higher level of clientele.

  3. 03 - Strange Friends or the Truth Is, You're Sexy

    Ray and Tanya reach a professional crossroads after Lenore’s “test drive.”

  4. 04 - The Pickle Jar

    Ray debates whether to follow through on Tanya’s leads and Damon overreacts while defending Darby’s honor.

  5. 05 - Do It, Monkey!

    Ray is challenged by a client’s bizarre fantasies, Jessica frets about finances and Tanya goes on a pity date with Floyd.

  6. 06 - Doris is Dead or Are We Rich Or Are We Poor

    Tanya chastises Jemma for setting up “dates” directly with Ray and Jessica confronts Ronnie about money.

  7. 07 - The Rita Flower or The Indelible Stench

    Ray confronts his growing feelings for Jemma, Tanya meets a hipster and Jessica invites Ray to a family dinner.

  8. 08 - Thith Ith a Prothetic

    Ray turns to Tanya for relationship advise, and attends a family barbeque at his ex’s.

  9. 09 - This is America or Fifty Bucks

    Ray is disconcerted to learn that Damon is exploring a homosexual relationship with his friend Powell. Meanwhile, he continues to feel mounting financial pressures, but Tanya is struggling to find clients who can afford his fees. After feedback from Horny Patty that Ray is like cocaine (expensive and addictive) and she needs crack (same high, half the price), Tanya urges Ray to consider discounting his services.

    Darby tries to suss out Damon's and Powell's relationship status as they navigate a climbing wall. Jessica cheers them on from below and apologises again to Ronnie, insisting she doesn't care about his money. Wanting everything to go back to normal, Ron insists she go shopping at the sale he spotted at her favorite store.

    Lenore calls Tanya for lunch and lets her have it for using her name to solicit Patty as a client. Lenore books a session with Ray - cash up front - and has him meet her after hours at the store where she "works." Before getting down to business, she gets him to try on a designer suit and gives him a lesson on branding, explaining that he shouldn't be lowering his price in this economy, he should be raising it. During sex, when she asks him to "diversify" he demands a surcharge. As she coaches him through the session, she begs him to team up with her: He's a major league guy playing on a minor league team.

    Lenore spots Jessica at the sale and seduces her into abandoning the sale rack, explaining that as a life stylist she gets a fifteen percent discount. Ronnie is furious when he discovers Lenore and Jessica unpacking all of her purchases, and Lenore coaches an upset Jessica to remember: She has the power.

    Meanwhile Tanya continues to strike out finding new clients who can afford Ray but when she raises it with Ray, he relays Lenore's advice. Not trusting Lenore, Tanya orders Ray to stop talking to her. When assistant coach Mike worries their jobs are in jeopardy, a cocky Ray insists they're safe: Everyone loves sports.

  10. 10 - A Dick and a Fream or Fight the Honey

    Tanya comes to Ray in the middle of the night for help when her apartment is infested with flies, concerned the universe is trying to tell her she's "dead meat" -- first Pierce disappears to Cuba, and now she's concerned Ray is going to disappear on her too. Ray assures her he's not going anywhere. However, when he meets Lenore for lunch and she points out the rich clientele she can line up for him, he suggests a partnership with Tanya. Lenore insists he has to choose just one pimp.

    At school, Ray confronts Principal Rhonda about the rumored lay-offs and is stunned to learn that he is on the list of people being let go -- pending next year's budget. Lenore and Jessica get Thai massages and Jessica confides that she feels powerless. Lenore convinces her that hiring a sex "therapist" is the only way to avoid another divorce. Meanwhile, Ronnie flirts with a patient and former high school classmate who has him look at a provocatively located mole.

    At the movies, Damon breaks it off with Powell who storms out of the theater leaving Damon to seek comfort from Darby. When Ray is unable to dump Tanya, he demands Lenore do things his way. Lenore breaks the news to Tanya that Ray wants them to form a three-way partnership for Happiness Consultants. An enraged Tanya refuses but Lenore says she has no choice: Share Ray, or no Ray.

    Mrs. Koontz stops by to refill her honey jar (from the honeycombs Ray has discovered in the walls of his house) and when Tanya interrupts Ray and Mrs. K screwing, she accuses him of already working with Lenore. She collapses in despair and Ray takes her for lunch. He explains he's being laid off and Tanya tries to convince him they can make the business work without Lenore, but Ray holds firm on needing a professional on board.

    At an upscale hotel bar, Lenore fills Ray in on his next client and when he spots her in the lobby, he realizes it's Jessica. He calls his ex-wife on her cell on his way up to her hotel room, saying he's just calling to tell her the truth: that he thinks they're both pretty good parents. Spotting her reflection in the hotel room mirror, Jessica sadly tells him she has to go. As they hang up, Ray turns away from her door and heads home. Meanwhile, Tanya, reading 'Women Who Run With the Wolves,' swats a fly. Dead.