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Hong Kong Phooey
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Hong Kong Phooey The Complete Series

Just who is “America’s secret weapon against crime?” As his catchy theme informs, he’s a “number one super guy, quicker than the human eye!” 

Disguised as a mildmannered police station janitor, Penrod transforms into the powerful pooch who the girls love to smooch by leaping into the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet – and emerging as Hong Kong Phooey in a bright red karate outfit! He gets most of his criminal tips from Rosemary, the miniskirted dispatcher with a New York accent straight out of a ’40s screwball comedy. And starting with his very first episode (Car Thieves), he uses his Phooeymobile – and Kung Phoo dumb luck – to dog, collar and put his famous Hong Kong Phooey karate chop on crooks. With all 31 series episodes in this cool 2-disc set, it would be a crime not to take it home!