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Hart of Dixie Season 1

Rachel Bilson (The O.C.) leads a stellar ensemble cast in this fish-out-of water comedic drama about small-town living, big-city attitudes and complicated love triangles.

Hart of Dixie follows the story of New York surgeon Dr. Zoe Hart (Bilson) who unexpectedly finds herself a general practitioner in tiny BlueBell, Alabama - a place where she will learn to be a better doctor, a better person and maybe even fall in love.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    Everything had been going according to plan for fast-talking New Yorker Zoe Hart (series star RACHEL BILSON). Beautiful, privileged and talented, she was on her way to becoming a heart surgeon, just like her father. But when she's told she doesn't have the requisite bedside manner to get an important fellowship she was counting on getting -- that she doesn't have the heart to be a heart surgeon -- Zoe's devastated. Desperate, she decides to finally accept the offer of a kindly stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes (guest star NICHOLAS PRYOR -- Beverly Hills, 90210), whom she met at her medical school graduation, and who had proposed she join his small medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama.

    When Zoe arrives in quaint, picturesque Bluebell, she is instantly befriended by a handsome lawyer -- and the town's golden boy -- George Tucker (series star SCOTT PORTER). George is excited to discover that Zoe is from New York, where he lived for several years before returning to his hometown. Zoe is encouraged after meeting this true southern gentleman, but her mood quickly turns dark when she arrives at the doctor's office to discover that Dr. Wilkes has passed away -- and that he has inexplicably left his practice to her.

    Complicating matters further, Zoe finds that the practice is shared with the other local doctor, Brick Breeland (recurring guest star TIM MATHESON -- Burn Notice, The West Wing), an imposing figure who isn't pleased to share the practice with anyone, let alone an outsider from New York City. Equally displeased by Zoe's presence is Brick's daughter, Lemon (series star JAIME KING), a sweet southern belle whose disposition turns sour when it comes to Zoe. Lemon relishes her position as part of one of Bluebell's most prominent families -- and, most off-putting for Zoe, as George Tucker's fiancée.

    Zoe finds a place to live in a guest house on the property of Bluebell's mayor, Lavon Hayes (series star CRESS WILLIAMS). Lavon is a former NFL star who takes a liking to Zoe and quickly becomes her confidante. Zoe's new neighbors include local bad-boy Wade Kinsella (series star WILSON BETHEL), a mischievous charmer who sets off sparks with Zoe. Dr. Zoe Hart just might find she belongs more in this town than she ever could have imagined.

  2. 02 - Parades & Pariahs

    Hoping it might help the residents of BlueBell accept her as one of their own, Zoe Hart agrees to join Mayor Lavon Hayes on his float during the Founder's Day parade, but, unfortunately, accidentally "crashing the float" doesn't exactly help Zoe win over Lemon Breeland and the residents of BlueBell. To make matters worse, the town's golden boy, George Tucker, informs Zoe that contractually she needs to bring in 30 percent of the business or Dr. Brick Breeland (recurring guest star TIM MATHESON) will have the option to buy out her half of the medical practice.

  3. 03 - Gumbo & Glory

    Zoe is determined to win BlueBell's gumbo contest and prove to everyone that she is a part of the community and hopefully land some patients. Lavon develops a crush on Brick (recurring guest star TIM MATHESON) and Zoe's new receptionist, Didi (recurring guest star NADINE VELAZQUEZ -My Name Is Earl), but things get a little messy after Lemon catches wind of the news. Zoe and Brick find themselves having to work together to perform a life-saving surgery.

  4. 04 - In Havoc & In Heat

    As BlueBell is hit by an intense heat wave, Zoe discovers that the hot weather makes everyone act differently and with a lot less inhibition. In fact, it takes all of Zoe's strength to ignore her heat-induced attraction to Wade until it gets the best of her. Meanwhile, Lemon prepares for the arrival of George's family,determined to win them over, but her emotions get the best of her when Lavon shows up to the same restaurant with his date, Didi (recurring guest star NADINE VELAZQUEZ).

  5. 05 - Faith & Infidelity

    Zoe discovers something shocking about the local minister (guest star PETER MacKENZIE -- It's Complicated, The Mentalist) and his wife (guest star KERRY O'MALLEY -- Brotherhood), causing quite a stir amongst the residents of BlueBell. Lemon is determined to find the funds to renovate the town's historic bridge that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, but first she is put in the extremely awkward position of having to convince Lavon to choose her proposal over so many other worthwhile submissions.

  6. 06 - The Undead and The Unsaid

    Driving home late one night from a house call, Zoe accidentally hits a man but can't find any signs of him when she gets out of her car. Later, she sees the man's photo hanging in the Rammer Jammer, and George has to break the news to her that the man in the picture died over a year ago. Meanwhile, Lemon and George are ready to buy their dream home until Lavon steps in and refuses to authorise the purchase because it is one of Bluebell's historic properties. Zoe's mom (recurring guest star JOBETH WILLIAMS - The Big Year, Private Practice, Frasier) shows up in BlueBell hoping to reconcile with her daughter after keeping the identity of Zoe's real father a secret Zoe's entire life.

  7. 07 - The Crush & the Crossbow

    When Nascar's BRIAN VICKERS (appearing as himself) has to drop out of hosting BlueBell Junior League's annual turtle race, Lemon is reluctantly convinced that the mayor is the perfect replacement as her co-host. Meanwhile, Zoe is asked out on a date by a handsome local veterinarian, Dr. Judson Lyons (guest star WES BROWN -True Blood), and Wade has an unexpected visitor who stirs up all kinds of trouble for him.

  8. 08 - Homecoming & Coming Home

    Noticing that Zoe is feeling homesick, Lavon suggests that she host his annual pre-game Homecoming party to help her feel more connected to BlueBell. Zoe jumps at the opportunity and decides to enlist the help of her friend Gigi (guest star MEGAN STEVENSON -Californication) from New York, but, as it turns out, New York and BlueBell have very different ideas of what makes a good party. Meanwhile, George and Wade hatch a plan to get even with their high school nemesis, Jimmy (guest star SEAN CARRIGAN -The Event); when Lemon catches wind of their scheme she wants in on the action, too.

  9. 09 - The Pirate and The Practice

    While the residents of BlueBell prepare for their annual Planksgiving celebration, Zoe anxiously counts the days until her return home to New York for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, getting out of town may be a bit trickier than Zoe anticipated due to the fact that she has to meet her 30 percent quota of patients by midnight or lose her share of the practice to Brick (recurring guest star TIM MATHESON). Meanwhile, Lavon encourages Wade to be honest about his feelings for Zoe, and George's father (guest star ERIC PIERPOINT - Parks and Recreation) offers him an opportunity to join his law firm in Montgomery, which isn't exactly music to Lemon's ears.

  10. 10 - Hairdos & Holidays

    Zoe encourages Rose (recurring guest star McKALEY MILLER) to enter the annual Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant even though Lemon's younger sister, Magnolia Breeland (recurring guest star CLAUDIA LEE), is a shoo-in to win. Of course, with Zoe coaching Rose and Lemon coaching Magnolia, rivalry takes on a whole new meaning. Meanwhile, George and Wade go on a road trip to pick up a Christmas tree for BlueBell's town square. Also, in flashbacks, we learn some of the history of Lemon's relationship with her mother, as well as the details of when Lemon and Lavon first realised they had a connection.

  11. 11 - Hell's Belles

    When Zoe goes in search of some family history in BlueBell, she discovers that she is a legacy to the BlueBell Belles. Of course, once Lemon catches wind of the news, she makes it her sole mission in life to make sure Zoe doesn't become an official Belle and puts her through a humiliating initiation. With the help of Wade, Lavon attempts to jump back into the dating scene, but he finds it difficult because Didi (recurring guest star NADINE VELAZQUEZ) is telling everyone that he's in love with her. Meanwhile, George devises a plan to stop a huge chain store from building near BlueBell, which could only drive business away from the town.

  12. 12 - Mistresses & Misunderstandings

    Zoe is so uncharacteristically happy as of late that it causes her friends to speculate as to the possible reason behind her new attitude. Turns out that Zoe is hiding her new friendship with AnnaBeth (recurring guest star KAITLYN BLACK - Raising Hope), who doesn't want Lemon to find out since Zoe is Lemon's sworn enemy. Lemon campaigns to become the Belles' new Memory Matron, but she has to overcome a few obstacles to secure the honored position.

  13. 13 - Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms

    Zoe decides that it's too soon in her relationship with Judson (recurring guest star WES BROWN) to go to the annual Sweetie Pie Dance, so she makes plans to have a sleepover with Rose (recurring guest star McKALEY MILLER), whose parents are going out of town. George misplaces the save-the-date notices for his upcoming wedding which causes major trouble with Lemon. Meanwhile, Lemon wants her father (recurring guest star TIM MATHESON) to finally move on from her mother leaving him, so she secretly gets him a date for the dance.

  14. 14 - Aliens & Aliases

    Wade somehow convinces Lemon to dress up as Joelle (recurring guest star COURTNEY PARKS) as part of a scheme to convince Joelle's ex-boyfriend (guest star TED WELCH) that he didn't actually see Wade and Joelle together. Lavon asks Zoe to help him figure out why Didi (recurring guest star NADINE VELAZQUEZ) has been avoiding him, but once Zoe uncovers the shocking reason, she isn't quite sure what to do with the information. Meanwhile, George comes to Zoe for advice in determining whether there is a medical explanation for the behaviour of one of his clients.

  15. 15 - Snowflakes & Soulmates

    Zoe Hart is thrilled to see snow in BlueBell, but the rest of the town is superstitious that it will bring bad luck. When Lavon's parents (guest stars ERNIE HUDSON -Oz, Ghostbusters, The Secret Life of the American Teenager - and VALARIE PETTIFORD - Jumping the Broom, Half & Half) visit BlueBell, Lavon thinks it's the perfect opportunity to introduce them to Didi (recurring guest star NADINE VELAZQUEZ), but the introduction doesn't exactly go according to plan. Meanwhile, Lemon and George make a big decision about their future.

  16. 16 - Tributes & Triangles

    Much to Brick's disappointment, George is named BlueBell's Man of the Year. As the town's mayor, Lavon is expected to host a cocktail party in George's honour, but, given Lavon's history with Lemon, this is a difficult situation for him, for obvious reasons. Fortunately for Lavon, Zoe agrees to step in and help him with the party, but things take a turn for the disastrous when Zoe has to improvise a speech at the gathering. Meanwhile, Magnolia (recurring guest star CLAUDIA LEE) begs Wade to write a song and perform it with her at the party.

  17. 17 - Heart to Hart

    Zoe has conflicted feelings about seeing her estranged father, world-renowned surgeon Ethan Hart (recurring guest star GARY COLE - The Good Wife, Entourage), who has agreed to travel to BlueBell to perform surgery on George's father (recurring guest star ERIC PIERPOINT - Parks & Recreation) as a favour to Zoe. Fearful of losing George, Lemon decides she must befriend Zoe in order to prevent her from telling George about Lemon's affair with Lavon. Meanwhile, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Rammer Jammer, the owner (guest star JOHN MARSHALL JONES - The Troop) hosts a signature cocktail contest between Wade and Shelley (recurring guest star DEBORAH S. CRAIG).

  18. 18 - Bachelorettes & Bullets

    Zoe makes a romantic connection with one of her patients, Jesse (guest star JUSTIN HARTLEY), and accepts his invitation to lunch. Lemon agrees to let Magnolia (recurring guest star CLAUDIA LEE) plan her bachelorette party as long as she follows Lemon's strict instructions, but Magnolia has some more "interesting" plans in store for her big sister. Wade plans a hunting trip for George's bachelor party.

  19. 19 - Destiny & Denial

    After a wild night of partying, Wade wakes up with a massive hangover, an uninvited houseguest and no memory of what happened the night before. Meanwhile, George takes an unplanned roadtrip to New Orleans, and Lemon finally confesses her troubles to her father, Brick. In the episode, SCOTTY McCREERY (American Idol) performs "The Trouble with Girls" and series star Scott Porter, who plays George, performs "Jambalaya."

  20. 20 - The Race & The Relationship

    Wade signs up for the BlueBell Battle in hopes of winning the five-thousand-dollar prize, but when he can't find someone to be his race partner, he must swallow his pride and ask Zoe. Meanwhile, Rose (recurring guest star McKALEY MILLER) is jumping for joy when Frederick Dean (recurring guest star DREW KOLES) finally asks her out on a date, and George and Lemon meet with Reverend Mayfair (recurring guest star PETER MACKENZIE) to discuss their relationship issues.

  21. 21 - Disaster Drills & Departures

    Zoe blames herself when one of her friends faces a health crisis and she didn't notice the symptoms. With much encouragement from Lavon, Wade explores the idea of opening his own bar in BlueBell. Meanwhile, Lemon plans a romantic night for George, hoping to get their relationship back on track. Recurring guest star GARY COLE appears as Zoe's father, Ethan Hart.

  22. 22 - The Big Day

    In the season finale, with an impending storm about to hit BlueBell, George and Lemon prepare for their wedding day. Meanwhile, taking shelter from the storm, Zoe finds herself stranded in a barn with Wade.