Flight Of The Conchords Season 2

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Flight Of The Conchords Season 2

In their second season, the band finds success, sort of. Impoverished as usual, Bret and Jemain continue to struggle financially and romantically. Between 'finding a girlfriend'' or 'the attempt to get a girlfriend', the boys continue on their path as New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo accappella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - A Good Opportunity

    Murray and the guys become sell-outs. For a few days, anyway.

  2. 02 - New Cup

    Bret becomes a prostitute to pay off his reckless cup purchase.

  3. 03 - The Tough Brets

    Bret starts a gang for his own protection.

  4. 04 - Murray Takes it to the Next Level

    The guys become friends with Murray (for a while).

  5. 05 - Unnatural Love

    Jemaine's Australian girlfriend ruins his life.

  6. 06 - Love is a Weapon of Choice

    Bret and Jemaine fall in love with the same girl.

  7. 07 - Prime Minister

    Bret and Jemaine meet the prime minister of New Zealand.

  8. 08 - New Zealand Town

    Bret and Jemaine become addicted to hair gel.

  9. 09 - Wingmen

    Bret and Jemaine stage a mugging to impress a lady.

  10. 10 - Evicted

    Bret and Jemaine get evicted and stage a musical to pay off their landlord.