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  • Volume 5: With 12 totally terrific cartoons on tap you can feed your need for speed – and animated insanity - as our combative, competitive and comedic cat and mouse crank things up in classic battle form!  

    Volume 6: When Tom and Jerry scrap, chase and collide, they cover quite a bit of the World, witness a lot of history and play lots of stupid games, as these 15 amazing crazy cartoons prove!

  • Volume 3: You cat-and-mouse fans! This choice selection is comin’ at ya with 12 more crazy cartoons. Tom and Jerry just can’t help plunging into one crazy situation after another! 

    Volume 4: Cartoon capers full of furflying, fun-packing chases and calamities. Tom and Jerry are still ever-determined to beat each other to the punch…no matter what it takes!

  • Volume 1: Who says you can’t teach a cat new tricks? Not Jerry! Witness these fur-ociously funny 12 cartoon shorts as Tom and Jerry scratch and claw their way to new heights of madcap mouse-cat mayhem!

    Volume 2: 15 Fabulous cartoons of the cat-and-mouse team’s greatest adventures. Look out for ghastly ghosts and menacing mummies... Feline fur’s gonna fly - and there will be loads of fun for everyone!

  • Not only was Yogi Bear (introduced on The Huckleberry Hound Show) “smarter than the average bear,” his popularity got him – along with sidekick Boo Boo – his own series, seen here in its fully restored and remastered 33-episode entirety. 

    Beloved for his Robin Hood-like antics and endlessly inventive schemes to swipe “pic-a-nic” baskets, Yogi is arguably the first outlaw cartoon hero. Although a comic straight man, Park Ranger Smith, with tireless yet futile attempts to enforce Jellystone’s “Do Not Feed the Bears!” rule, undoubtedly deserved more credit. Fans will also recall series co-stars Snagglepuss the lion (“Exit, stage right!”) and Yakky Doodle, the devilishly “innocent” quackster with the famed lament “I wost my mommy!”

  • The prehistoric and prehysterically funny legacy grows larger on DVD with this fabulous 32-episode 5-disc set of Season Two! 

    A perfect alchemy of adult humour, outlandish plots and childish pranks, The Flintstones offered cartoon characters that over time appear even more human and multidimensional than many of their live-action TV situation comedy counterparts. But the biggest ongoing series treat — the one that hooks each new generation — is the sight of dinosaurs performing as “modern” appliances — from lawnmowers to airplanes to vacuum cleaners to garbage disposals. This Deluxe Set is full of such visual delights and classic episodes. Now, thanks to the modern-day advent of DVD, the memories are forever etched in stone!

  • From the moment they arrived on the scene, The Flintstones lived up to the words of their immortal theme song: a modern stone age family that is a page right out of history. The lovable temperament of Fred Flintstone… the delicious digs of wife Wilma… the hilarious jabs of neighbour Barney Rubble. 

    They’re all present and (pre)hysterically accounted for in this 5-disc set of the 28 episodes of the entire (pre)historic first season that will make fans shout “Yabba dabba doo! ”

  • Far out, man! It's the swinging '60s, and the action at the psychedelic hangout, the Banana Pad, is slipping into high gear.  The Banana Splits, four rock musicians named Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky, play their instruments, tell jokes, and slapstick the day away. Splitting up the Split's video antics are 2 cartoons and a live-action series full of action and adventure.

  • In this frisky debut volume of adventures from their cool new series, Scooby-Doo goes from RAGS TO RICHES when Shaggy inherits a fortune from his Uncle Albert, a genius inventor now in hiding to escape the evil schemes of Dr. Phibes. Home in Shagleford Manor with bumbling butler Robie the robot, they must fend off the schemes of Phibes’ bumbling spies.