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  • The galaxy’s ultimate crime-fighting strike squad, Justice League, continues its ongoing battle against enemies on the Earth and beyond! In Paradise Lost, sorcerer Felix Faust turns Wonder Woman’s Amazon sisters to statues of stone! 

    Then, Superman is captured by the warlord Mongul and plunged into a gladiator-style fight to the finish on an alien planet. Now, only Green Lantern and Hawkgirl can save their caped friend from the battle zone known as War World.

  • The mightiest crime-fighting team in the universe once again combines their awesome powers to defeat the forces of evil. In In Blackest Night, Superman and the League fight to solve a deadly mystery when robotic Manhunters put the Green Lantern on trial for destroying an entire planet! 

    Then, when undersea treachery threatens to drown planet Earth, only an unlikely alliance between Aquaman and the Justice League can thwart the plans of The Enemy Below.

  • The greatest Superheroes of all time team up to battel for truth, justice and freedom in the first Justice League movie. Secret Origins. Martian Manhunter comes to Earth to warn of an impending alien invasion. 

    With the help of Superman and Batman, he enlists the world's greatest heroes including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl to fend off the unstoppable invading armada.