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  • The vile and powerful Aggregor has the Map of Infi nity! With the aid of Azmuth and Paradox, Ben, Kevin, and Gwen must now stop him from getting the limitless power of Alien X. 

    But the quest to save the universe from Aggregor’s diabolical plan comes at a very dear cost for the team, and Ben and Gwen meet their most deadly, most unexpected foe yet!

  • Aggregor has absorbed the five aliens’ powers and is putting his evil plan into action. Now Ben, Kevin and Gwen must stop the newly-transformed and extremely dangerous menace from attaining the Map of Infinity. 

    The team travel to a water planet, an artificial puzzle-planetoid, and to a hostile magical dimension. Can former foes become allies in the quest to stop Aggregor?!

  • Now that Aggregor’s diabolical plans for the five aliens has been exposed, Ben, Kevin, and Gwen must try to prevent him from recapturing his five alien prisoners. 

    In an intense battle with one of the Andromeda Five, Ben is merged and must become his own self again before Aggregor puts his plan into action!

  • In this brand new series, Ben’s secret identity is revealed to the world and now he’s a megastar. But fame brings trouble when his old enemies team up to attack his family and he must master his new ultimate powers to smack down a video game robot. 

    Then, the action really heats up when Ben is called to help fi ve new aliens who have escaped their captor Aggregor. As Aggregor’s ultimate plan is revealed, Ben realises it’s too late to stop him!

  • Ben is up to some serious monkey business when he pulls a fast one on the prince of the Arachnachimps. Just as he cleans up that mess, the action explodes into an all-out War of the Worlds! 

    Ben sets a Highbreed attack into motion and is forced to confront the Supreme Highbreed on his own turf.  But when the Omnitrix Master Control resets, Ben is left with a big surprise on his hands!

  • Hold on tight as Ben, Gwen, and Kevin take off on a new series of adventures!  Saving mankind can be tough, especially when you’re grounded! 

    Ben’s on house arrest after he gets busted by his parents for turning into Swampfire, Kevin is captured by the DNAliens, and Ben teams up with Grandpa Max to battle an old enemy in the Null Void! It’s more danger than they bargained for and the stakes are high, as the crew fights for the fate of the planet!

  • Average ten year old Ben Tennyson’s dull summer road trip with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen is anything but dull when Ben discovers a watch-like device called the Omnitrix.  

    When the Omnitrix attaches itself to Ben’s wrist, he discovers that it allows him to become any one of ten aliens. Now Ben must learn how to control the Omnitrix, master each alien’s unique powers, and work as a team with Gwen and Grandpa Max in order to save the Earth from a legion of villains – most especially the evil Vilgax — who seeks the Omnitrix for his own diabolical intentions.

  • Adventure so massive it can’t be contained in a single episode! In The Secret of the Omnitrix,  when Ben accidentally sets the Omnitrix to detonate, a typical day turns into a race across the galaxy to locate Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix.  

    Can Azmuth make repairs before the Omnitrix wipes out the entire solar system?! In Perfect Day, Ben finds out he has been placed in a dream world by Enoch and the Forever Knights who are after the Omnitrix. Finally, Ben finds a new alien, Ditto, that can create multiples of itself. It appears to be all fun as the arguments amongst the Dittos drive Gwen crazy — can the Dittos agree and fight together to defeat Dr. Animo’s army of replicant Stinkflies (Divided We Stand)?

  • The summer road trip brings Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max to Florida, where they come in contact with the Fountain of Youth. Max turns into a kid, and Ben into a toddler, and Gwen having to deal with them both (Don’t Drink the Water)! In Big Fat Alien Wedding, Ben and Gwen must accompany Max to a wedding. 

    But with the bride’s parents being aliens, and the groom’s family being ex-Plumbers — there will be some MAJOR arguments! The Rust Bucket is hijacked by some highway pirates, and Ben and Gwen must get Max’s beloved vehicle back (Ben 4 Good Buddy). Ben thinks he has broken Gwen’s computer, and tries to win enough money to replace it by entering a wrestling competition — as Four Arms (Ready to Rumble).