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  • Adventure so massive it can’t be contained in a single episode! In The Secret of the Omnitrix,  when Ben accidentally sets the Omnitrix to detonate, a typical day turns into a race across the galaxy to locate Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix.  

    Can Azmuth make repairs before the Omnitrix wipes out the entire solar system?! In Perfect Day, Ben finds out he has been placed in a dream world by Enoch and the Forever Knights who are after the Omnitrix. Finally, Ben finds a new alien, Ditto, that can create multiples of itself. It appears to be all fun as the arguments amongst the Dittos drive Gwen crazy — can the Dittos agree and fight together to defeat Dr. Animo’s army of replicant Stinkflies (Divided We Stand)?

  • The summer road trip brings Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max to Florida, where they come in contact with the Fountain of Youth. Max turns into a kid, and Ben into a toddler, and Gwen having to deal with them both (Don’t Drink the Water)! In Big Fat Alien Wedding, Ben and Gwen must accompany Max to a wedding. 

    But with the bride’s parents being aliens, and the groom’s family being ex-Plumbers — there will be some MAJOR arguments! The Rust Bucket is hijacked by some highway pirates, and Ben and Gwen must get Max’s beloved vehicle back (Ben 4 Good Buddy). Ben thinks he has broken Gwen’s computer, and tries to win enough money to replace it by entering a wrestling competition — as Four Arms (Ready to Rumble).

  • The adventure returns to the future, as Ben 10,000 must team up with his son Ken and Devlin (Kevin 11’s son) to defeat Kevin 11, who has returned from the Null Void (Ken 10).

     Summer is over and Ben must return to school. But Ben can’t tell anyone about his alien powers, until Vilgax returns to claim the Omnitrix. Now Ben must tell his classmates and his parents, and save his school (Goodbye and Good Riddance). Finally, in “Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10”, Ben must battle the Forever King and ten of Ben’s most notorious enemies. Ben Gwen, Max and Cooper must prevent the Forever King from obtaining a mega-powerful energy source. This is one awesome battle as Ben 10 fights the Negative Ten!

  • Ben’s control of the Omnitrix is getting better - and just in time — as he must out - think the  mischievous Megawhatts (Tourist Trap), battle Vilgax’s mechadroids (The Alliance), and face the psychic clown Zombozo (The Last Laugh). And in “Kevin 11”, Ben makes friends with Kevin – a loner mutant that can absorb any form of energy. 

    But Ben soon learns that Kevin’s intentions are not towards their friendship, but rather to absorb Ben’s powers and become a powerful enemy of Ben’s - Kevin 11.

  • Teamwork and selflessness are key if Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max are to keep the Earth and the Omnitrix safe. When one of Hexlord’s mystic charms is found by Gwen, she must decide between her new-found lucky powers or defeating the sorcerer (Lucky Girl). 

    Things go a bit haywire as Ben is stuck as Grey Matter and is kidnapped by a sci-fi geek (“A Small Problem”) and even more haywire when Ben catches a common cold — but the side effects on his alien transformations are anything but common (Side Effects). Finally, Vilgax is back and decides to take his quest for the Omnitrix into his own hands (Secrets)!

  • Max’s past as a former Plumber — a secret organization that protects the Earth from evil aliens —
    emerges as an ex-Plumber tries to steal the Null Void Projector and imprison Ben, Gwen and Max in another dimension (Truth). 

    Ben discovers the powers of a new alien, Cannonbolt, and is able to destroy a giant planet-draining alien (Big Tick). Kevin 11 is back for revenge and he is committing crimes in the form of Ben’s aliens (Framed). But Ben must soon learn how to work WITH his enemy Kevin if they are both to survive an alien gladiator battle (Grudge Match). Finally, what’s this? Gwen with the Omnitrix and its powers? Can Ben learn to be a team player and NOT be hero?!

  • Being just a hero sometimes just isn’t enough - and Ben decides to join a trio of super heroes. But Ben soon realizes that he works best with Gwen and Grandpa Max (The Galactic Enforcers). Ben discovers the powers of a new hero, Wildvine, as he battles a colony of alien mushrooms (Camp Fear). 

    When an all-powerful weapon is found in a Mayan Temple, Ben, Gwen and Max must battle the Forever Knights and to keep it out of villains’ hands (The Ultimate Weapon). Finally, in They Lurk Below, Max’s old friend has created an underwater resort, but used a strange alien energy orb. And now the aliens want the orb back!

  • Hex, Dr. Animo, Kevin 11 and Vilgax all return with revenge on their minds. Hex seeks to destroy Lucky Girl Gwen in Tough Luck. Dr. Animo has plans to use part of the Omnitrix to mutate the entire world (Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray). And Kevin 11 teams up with Vilgax with only one goal - to destroy Ben (“Back with a Vengeance”). 

    Worst of all, Ghostfreak escapes from the Omnitrix and becomes a full fledged being on his own. But to continue to survive, he must merge with Ben’s DNA. Will Ben figure out a way to stop the creature before Ben becomes part of Ghostfreak.

  • The Rust Bucket is causing problems! When it breaks down outside the largest mall in the United States, Ben volunteers for a hypnotist’s corny mall act. But it turns out that the hypnosis is real — and is causing Ben to turn into his aliens to help the evil hypnotist (Midnight Madness). 

    Later, the air conditioning of the Rust Bucket breaks down, stranding Ben, Gwen and Max in a Christmas theme park under a timestopping spell (Merry Christmas). In Ben 10,000 Ben meets his older self and each learn a valuable lesson from the other. Charmcaster tries to switch bodies with Ben to obtain the Omnitrix, but things don’t go as she plans (A Change of Face). Finally, Ben is wounded by a werewolf-like alien, and gains control of a new hero — Benwolf!

  • Ben and Gwen are zapped into a Sumo Slammers video game. At first they think the goal is to win over each other — only to find out that they must actually work together to defeat the game’s cyber-über villain in order to return to the real world (Game Over). 

    Chicago is in the middle of a long drought, so a deranged weatherman programs a robot “weather assistant” to create rain. But the robot creates a trio of weather monsters (Monster Weather)! In Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventure, it appears that Ben’s aliens have been ripped off to create a lame cartoon. Finally, an evil alien mummy challenges Ben and Gwen in a battle to obtain a rare and dangerous element (Under Wraps).