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  • Desperate times call for desperate measures and Ray Drecker's situation couldn't be much tougher. The former high school sports legend turned middle-aged high school basketball coach is divorced and struggling to provide for his kids when his already run-down house catches fire. Looking to take on a second job, Ray decides to exploit his best asset in a last-ditch attempt to change his fortunes.

  • When we last checked in with Sookie Stackhouse, the mystery surrounding a Bon Temps serial killer had finally been solved, to the town’s infinite relief. Sookie is thrilled that her vampire soul-mate, Bill Compton, has escaped with his life (or is it death?) after coming to her daylight defence.

    On other fronts, Sookie’s pal Tara Thornton sets down new roots with an affluent benefactor, Maryann Forrester; Sam Merlotte resolves to get in shape-shift shape after a forest foray; roguish brother Jason finds new purpose with an anti-vampire sect; and detective Andy Bellefleur licks his wounds after being proven wrong about Jason’s guilt. But just as things are settling down, some deadly new twists threaten to ratchet up the saga of Sookie Stackhouse to bloody new heights!

  • Based on the best-selling, real life diaries of an upmarket escort, Secret Diary of a Call Girl allows us a deeper look into the world of the glamorous and intelligent Belle. Belle is now a high-class independent escort.

    Unintentionally befriended by the bubbly but clingy Bambi, Belle finds herself an unwilling mentor to this wannabe call girl. And while her best friend Ben, the only person who knows about her secret life, seems to be settling down into the domestic bliss, Belle is throwing herself into her work. But then Belle meets Alex, the handsome doctor who she mistakes for a client in a hotel bar. Belle faces the most difficult question of all – Can you keep having sex for money if you’re falling in love? Will the girl who thinks she has it all ever really manage to have a relationship? Belle is about to find out...

  • True Blood chronicles the backwoods Louisiana town of Bon Temps... where vampires have emerged from the coffin, and no longer need humans for their fix.

    Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, Golden Globe® winner for True Blood, Academy Award® - winner for The Piano) works as a waitress at the rural bar Merlotte's. Though outwardly a typical young woman, she keeps a dangerous secret: she has the ability to hear the thoughts of others. Her situation is further complicated when the bar gets its first vampire patron - 173-year old Bill Compton (Steven Moyer, Quills) - and the two outsiders are immediately drawn to each other.

    Delivering the best of what audiences have come to expect from Creator and Executive Producer Alan Ball (writer of Oscar® - winning Best Picture American Beauty, creator of the Emmy® Award-winning HBO® series Six Feet Under), True Blood is a dark and sexy tale that boldly delves into the heart - and the neck - of the Deep South.

  • Sean and Christian, two plastic surgeons, close friends and business partners who own an overwhelmingly successful plastic surgery practice, attempt to bring inner peace and visceral contentment to their patients through external cosmetic procedures. 

    Although their clients aspire to cover up their pain, it is the surgeons who truly wear the masks of anguish and unhappiness, sadness and disillusionment. At midlife, the doctors question the prosperity that has brought them so much -- and has offered so little. Having relocated their business to Los Angeles, Sean and Christian struggle for success in a city where they are professionally unknown, and where residents yearn for fame.

  • Taken from the best-selling, real life diaries of an upmarket escort, this is an eye opening insight into the life of a London call-girl. Belle (Piper) is an educated, witty young woman who loves her job...even if she has to keep it secret from her friends and family. Jugging her two lives, and on some nights her clients, can make Belle’s life very complicated.

    If you’ve wondered what goes on behind a call girl’s closed door, here’s your chance; Belle is more than happy to let you watch... In each episode, Belle guides us through an aspect of the industry – with wit, expertise and ride she tells us how she got into it, why she likes it and exactly what it involves!

  • Larry David has got it all: a loving wife, good friends, and a successful career - what could possibly go wrong? Co-creator and executive producer of the long running hit series "Seinfeld", David tackles a new, but familiar, topic in his latest show - himself.

    Shot cinema-verité style and mostly improvised, each half-hour episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" proves how the seemingly trivial details of day-to-day life - a trip to the movies, a phone call, holding an elevator - can precipitate a "Murphy's Law" chain of misfortune to hilarious effect.

    Surrounded by an eclectic mix of real and fictional re-creations of his friends and enemies, prone to speaking the unspeakable and honest to the point of insensitivity, Larry David - like George Costanza in "Seinfeld" - is a walking victim of misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

  • For Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywoods fast lane can be an intoxicating ride. Now, after making financial sacrifices to become producers of 'Medellin', Eric and Vince approach the only director who can make the film on a shoestring budget, auteur Billy Walsh. But will Billy's on-set antics and artistic insecurities make them critical darlings, or will they be booed out of the theaters?

  • With the fall of Barksdale and the ascent of young Marlo Stanfield as West Baltimore's drug king, the detail continues to "follow the money" up the political ladder in the midst of a mayoral election that pits the black incumbent, Clarence Royce against an ambitious white councilman, Tommy Carcetti.

    The theme of urban education is explored through four new characters - Michael Lee, Namond Brice, Randy Wagstaff and "Dukie" Weems as they traverse adolescence in the stunted, drug-saturated streets of West Baltimore.

    The world that awaits these boys and the American commitment to equal opportunity are depicted brilliantly in the edgy, all-too-realistic Season 4 of The Wire.

  • This cultural phenomenon reveals the lives of Dr. Sean McNamara and Dr. Christian Troy, two plastic surgeons, best friends and business partners who run McNamara/Troy, a South Beach plastic surgery practice. The men share a love for the same woman, Julia McNamara, and they seek personal happiness and professional success in different ways. 

    The themes of youth, beauty and perfection found in "Nip/Tuck" are universal, considering how society views aging as a shameful curse, physical imperfections a grave embarrassment and Botox a vital necessity. The series has fueled the debate about cosmetic surgery, what it can and cannot bring to a patient's life, and our continued quest for true contentment.