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It was clear that the cosy world of television drama would never be the same again.


This riveting dramatic series portrays the dedication and passion of emergency-room doctors and medical staff in a Chicago teaching hospital.

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ER Season 4

This riveting dramatic series portrays the dedication and passion of emergency-room doctors and medical staff in a Chicago teaching hospital. Developments in the healers' lives include a new baby, an engagement and an emotional visit home. Alex Kingston and Maria Bello join the cast.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Ambush

    Weaver informs Carter that since he switched from surgical residency to ER, he'll have to repeat his intern year. Hathaway and Ross continue their secret love affair. The hospital becomes part of a television documentary showing a typical day in the ER. Chief of Emergency Services, Dr. Morganstern suffers a heart attack. Elizabeth Corday, a trauma specialist from Britain, joins the staff.

  2. 02 - Something New

    Suffering emotionally from his recent beating, Greene misdiagnoses cases. The family of Kenny Law sues Greene for medical malpractice. Hathaway and Greene interview unacceptable candidates for the desk clerk position. Later, Greene hires one of them Cynthia Hooper (MARISKA HARGITAY) much to Hathaway's chagrin. Morgenstern delegates his authority to Weaver during his absence. Carter meets his new medical student George Henry (CHAD LOWE) who is incompetent. Carla and Benton name their son Reese.

  3. 03 - Friendly Fire

    A job-related injury cause Jeanie's ex-husband to admit his HIV status to one of his co-workers. With Morgenstern unable to work because of his recent heart attack, Anspaugh officially appoints Weaver as the temporary replacement. She then totally abuses her authority. Carter accuses Doyle, a lesbian, of favoring Del Amico and giving her better assignments. Carter and Del Amico have their first date-at a Laundromat. Jerry has an accident in the ER with a grenade launcher.

  4. 04 - When The Bough Breaks

    A crack-addicted woman delivers a stillborn baby, and she didn't even know she was pregnant. Greene never tested her during a previous visit for stomach pains. Benton and Carla bring their baby home to Carla's. Greene is denied the opportunity to spend time with his daughter because his ex-wife thinks that he has been behaving oddly. Dismissed from a job site, Al believes it is due to his HIV. Carter learns how disappointed Benton is because Carter changed his surgical residency back to emergency medicine. Weaver gives Ross an ultimatum concerning his job.

  5. 05 - Good Touch, Bad Touch

    Hathaway proposes the idea of opening a family clinic that provides follow-up services. Weaver supports it. Carter suggests Hathaway speak to his grandmother about funding. Edson takes credit for a diagnosis made by Carter. Greene gives his deposition for the Kenny Law lawsuit. Benton is ill prepared for surgery because he's busy staying up nights with his baby.

  6. 06 - Ground Zero

    Anspaugh tries to pursuade Benton to join Dr. "Rocket" Romano's surgical team. Corday is already on it. The hospital settles the Kenny Law lawsuit. Greene kisses Cynthia, and, later, Cynthia goes home with him. Ross finds out that his father died in a car crash in California, and professes his love to Hathaway. Weaver attends a synposium hosted by a cost-cutting organization. The speaker flirts with her. Using her newly learned streamling knowledge, Weaver terminates Jeanie . Al asks Jeanie to move with him to Atlanta because he can no longer find employment in Chicago.

  7. 07 - Fathers And Sons

    Greene accompanies Ross to California to help Ross identify his father's body and retrieve his effects. The death of Ross' father prompts Greene to visit his parents in San Diego, whom he hasn't seen in years. Unresovled issues between Greene and his father resurface. Hathaway makes a surprise visit to comfort Ross.

  8. 08 - Freak Show

    When Jeanie discovers that Weaver gave herself a huge salary increase, she accuses Weaver of wrongful termination due to HIV status. Carter's former medical student must repeat his clerkship under Carter. Romano asks Benton to join his surgical team. Benton operates on a patient with reversed internal organs. Cynthia continues to make mistakes as desk clerk. County General enters a contract with a company that provides extra personnel.

  9. 09 - Obstruction Of Justice

    After obtaining help from a gay and lesbian defense group, Jeanie is reinstated. Al moves to Atlanta wihout her. Greene's daughter and Cynthia get acquainted, but Cynthia tries too hard to be Rachel's friend. Carter gets arrested for refusing to help a cop subdue a woman whom Carter believes is a victim of spousal abuse. Del Amico posts Carter's bail.

  10. 10 - Do You See What I See?

    A blind man believes that Dr. Benton has healed him and begins telling everyone that Benton is a miracle worker. Soon the ER is inundated with people who believe in Benton's "healing" powers. Weaver shares a romantic tryst with West. Cynthia's eerie behavior leads Mark to search into her past. Cynthia confesses that she has a 5-year-old son. Carter is shocked to discover that his cousin is using heroin. Millicent Carter bestows another generous monetary gift on Hathaway's clinic. Corday's comatose patient awakens. Ross proposes to Hathaway. A rape victim inspires Greene to apologize to Chris Law.

  11. 11 - Think Warm Thoughts

    Corday infuriated Romano when she gets a physician from another hospital to consult on one of her patients. Dr. Anspaugh's son is admitted for abdominal pains. Jeanie has a calming effect on the boy. Another elderly rape victim is treated in the ER. Hathaway's mother worries that Ross will make Hathaway unhappy again. Greene does not approve of the budget-cutting methods used by Synergix, the company hired to streamline costs in the ER. Weaver continues her affair with West.

  12. 12 - Sharp Relief

    Ross plans to surprise Hathaway with a secret, romantic wedding, Oblivious, she accompanies paramedics on a rescue. When she comforts one of the paramedics, she kisses him and feels conflicted. Weaver's interest in Dr. West wanes when she discovers that Synergix has been closing trauma centers that it has acquired. Jeanie tells Scott Anspaugh that his cancer has returned. Benton and Corday spend time together after a stressful day at work. Carter and Del Amico try to help Carter's cousin, Chase, withdraw from drugs.

  13. 13 - Carter's Choice

    Benton and Corday go on a date to play darts. Carter must make a tough decision when he works to save the life of a serial rapist. Hathaway helps Weaver deliver a mentally challenged couple's baby, that might be taken away by relatives. Ross feels humiliated when he sees Hathaway comfort Powell. Cynthia wants to move into Greene's apartment, but he nixes the idea.

  14. 14 - Family Practice

    Greene returns to San Diego to help care for his mother who fell off a ladder and injured her knee. Cynthia impulsively follows him out west. While in the naval hospital, Greene's mother exhibits strange behavior. He discovers that his mother regularly seeks professional help for depression from a psychiatrist. She also suffers from dementia. His father, a retired naval captain, is unaware. Later, his father suffers respiratory distress and receives emergency treatment. Another emergency forces the two Greene men to admire each other's resolve. Greene's mother untactfully makes Greene realize his relationship with Cynthia is mainly a sexual one.

  15. 15 - Exodus

    An explosion at a chemical warehouse sends a number of workers to the ER, putting everyone in danger when they unknowingly track benzine on the floors. The ER is evacuated by Carter after Weaver is affected by the poison. The hazardous materials team reports to the hospital. Hathaway and Ross get stuck inside an elevator with a young girl in renal failure who needs dialysis. They fervently work to keep her alive. Corday risks her life to rescue a man trapped beneath a building. MICKEY ROONEY guest stars.

  16. 16 - My Brother's Keeper

    Jeanie assists Scott during his final round of chemotherapy. Greene locates Cynthia. This is the first he has seen of her since the San Diego trip. They amicably terminate their relationship. Romano gives Corday an unjust and unfavorable 6-month review. Benton takes Corday to a museum where the couple unexpectedly encounter Benton's sister, Jackie. Carter's cousin, Chase, is rushed to the ER with a heroin overdose. Carter will not give up and finally revives him. But the effects of the overdose might render Chase in a vegetative state.

  17. 17 - A Bloody Mess

    A painful bone-marrow test reveals that Scott's cancer has returned. Hathaway solicits the staff to get tested as possible bone-marrow transplants. Carter visits Chase at the neurology center where Chase remains unable to speak. A husband accuses Del Amico of placing his unborn child's life before his wife's-unaware that his wife ordered the doctor to do so. Benton, Corday and Reese are in a minor car accident. Benton admits to Corday that he has problems with dating a white woman.

  18. 18 - Gut Reaction

    Morgenstern's odd behavior comes to a climax when he is unable to complete an operation. Benton pushes him out of the way and takes over, but the patient dies anyway. Ross expresses a desire to become a pediatric attending physician. Bone marrow tests for Scott Anspaugh come back negative, but Del Amico matches an out-of-state patient. Carter performs the painful procedure on her. Jeanie realizes that Scott is terminal. Carter's grandmother takes away his trust fund, leaving him penniless. Greene oversees the committee for the annual ER banquet. Despite many mishaps during the event, everyone has a great time.

  19. 19 - Shades Of Gray

    The ER treats victims from the bombing of a family planning, prenatal care and abortion clinic. Carter takes care of an elderly patient who he believes is a victim of neglect. The hospital suspends Benton after he admits he pushed Morgenstern out of the way during the surgery that led to Dr. Swanson's death. Morgenstern shows the tape of the botched laparoscopy to Weaver-a tape he had been hiding-and resigns. The tape reveals that Dr. Swanson died due to Morgenstern's error. Benton, who is reinstated, shares a passionate kiss with Corday. Anspaugh requests that Jeanie sing at his dead son's funeral.

  20. 20 - Of Past Regret And Future Fear

    Benton and Corday continue a secret relationship. Benton attends his son's baptism. Carla's new boyfriend, Roger, is also there. Meanwhile, Romano asks Corday for a date, but she refuses. At Carter's insistence, Millicent Carter eventually agrees to leave Chase in the neurology institute. She offers to reinstate Carter's trust fund, but Carter declines because he wants to be self-sufficient. Since Chase will never fully recover and take over the Carter business, Millicent pleads with Carter to give up medicine and help the family. He refuses. Ross treats a 6-month-old baby, Josh, who is experiencing methadone withdrawal. His mother, a heroin addict, keeps the baby addicted so she can use his drugs.

  21. 21 - Suffer The Little Children

    Jeanie fears she might be getting ill, but tests prove she's fine. A televangelist suffering from a kidney ailment wants to broadcast live from the ER-to raise money. Romano is annoyed by Benton and Corday's romance. Ross, with Hathaway's help, secretly tries to detox a heroin-addicted infant instead of giving him back to his addicted mother. Del Amico rekindles a romance with her former boyfriend from Philadelphia, who is a physician.

  22. 22 - A Hole In The Heart

    Corday is shocked to discover that Romano refuses to sponsor her for another year. Greene and Weaver are forced to take disciplinary action against Ross for his unethical treatment of Josh McLean; however, the rapid detox treatment proves a success. Reese's day-care worker thinks Reese might have a hearing problem. Weaver resigns as acting chief of emergency medicine. To Hathaway's chagrin, a psychiatric resident interviews and releases a 40-year-old man brought to the ER with superficial lacerations on his wrist. Later, the bloodied patient returns to the ER, and Hathaway discovers the man's wife and two children shot but all still alive. The entire ER crew works feverishly to save the family.