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It was clear that the cosy world of television drama would never be the same again.


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ER Season 3

In the emergency room of County General Hospital the difference between life and death rests on the split-second decisions of its dedicated physicians and medical personnel. These healers deal with AIDS, a brutal attack and the departure of a beloved colleague. Laura Innes joins the cast.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Dr. Carter, I Presume

    Jeanie discovers she is HIV positive but refuses to disclose her status to the hospital. Her former lover, Dr. Peter Benton, tests negative. Having recently graduated from medical school, Carter now works as a surgical intern under Benton. Another intern, Dr. Dennis Gant, befriends Carter. Hathaway sees her former lover, Shep, with his new girlfriend.

  2. 02 - Let The Games Begin

    While undergoing aggressive treatment for HIV, Jeanie gets dismissed from a bloody trauma by Benton. Greene and Lewis' mutual attraction increases. County General gets a new Chief of Staff, Dr. Donald Anspaugh. Hathaway has money woes.

  3. 03 - Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    Carter has a problem with Anspaugh when Carter pretends that his patient's condition is worse than it is so he can operate. Noticing Jeanie's behavior during a bloody trauma, Weaver realizes that Jeanie is HIV-positive. Mark wonders about his relationship with Susan when she asks him to go on vacation with her in Hawaii. Anspaugh's strict rules annoy everyone.

  4. 04 - Last Call

    Ross' personal life results in tragedy. Hathaway considers enrolling in medical school. Carter annoys Benton by impressing Dr. Keaton. Carter botches Benton's lecture when he loses part of Benton's presentation. Benton visits his former lover at her restaurant.

  5. 05 - Ghosts

    On a stormy Halloween, Hathaway and Ross ride in a health mobile dispensing free medical care in poor neighborhoods. Greene and Lewis enjoy the ER Halloween party together. Hathaway enrolls in a pre-medical school physics class. Jeanie clashes with Doyle.

  6. 06 - Fear Of Flying

    Lewis confronts her fear of flying to travel in a rescue helicopter with Greene and assist a family of accident victims. Jeanie and Doyle keep a dead man on ice for cryogenic storage. Benton makes a grave error in Dr. Keaton's absence. Hathaway clashes with an incompetent temporary nurse from another department.

  7. 07 - No Brain, No Gain

    Benton keeps vigil on a critically ill baby whose condition is the result of Benton's surgical error. Greene worries that Lewis is dating Morgenstern, but Lewis confides that Morgenstern is helping her transfer to a hospital in Arizona so she can be near her niece. Anspaugh compliments Carter after Carter discovers an overlooked medical problem on another intern's patient. Carter and Keaton begin a clandestine relationship. Ross seeks therapy for his sexual addiction.

  8. 08 - Union Station

    Nurse Lydia Wright and police officer Al Grabarsky get married. Jeanie's husband finally signs the divorce papers. After complaining about nursing assignments, Carol gets appointed to serve on a hospital committtee. Following Ross' advice, Greene declares his love to Susan before she boards the train to Phoenix.

  9. 09 - Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies

    Greene snoops into Jeanie's confidential files and learns her secret after he discovers that Al is HIV-positive. Keaton implies to Carter that their relationship is strictly for fun, and she will soon leave for Pakistan to teach. Carter and Keaton spend quality time together as they go off in search of a Christmas tree. Hathaway scores well on her pre-med school physics midterm.

  10. 10 - Homeless For The Holidays

    Jeanie finally divulges her HIV status to her co-workers. Ross befriends Charlie, a homeless 14-year-old girl. He brings her to Hathaway's house where her family is celebrating a Ukranian Christmas. Hathaway agrees to let Charlie spend the night. Keaton refuses to recommed Benton for the next pediatric surgery rotation because of his remote manner. After inviting Gant to attend a family holiday party with him, Carter reneges to be with Keaton. Gant is depressed because his girlfriend ended their relationship.

  11. 11 - Night Shift

    Gant feels intense pressure from Benton who Gant feels is too tough on him. Carter ignores Gant because he's tired of listening to his constant complaints. Greene and Nurse Chuny flirt with each other and then consummate their attraction. Charlie returns to the ER after being raped and beaten. Benton, Carter and Doyle work on a victim who either tripped or jumped in front of an oncoming subway. Later, they realize the victim is Gant who doesn't survive his injuries.

  12. 12 - Post Mortem

    Carter feels sorrow and guilt about Gant's death even though the police rule it an accident. Carter rebukes Benton for his seeming lack of concern. Ross refuses to be Charlie's guardian. Greene overzealously courts Marquez. Jeanie begins to date a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases. Hathaway feels responsible for a patient's death.

  13. 13 - Fortune's Fools

    Carol admits to a newspaper reporter that she made a fatal mistake and, consequently, the hospital suspends her. Benton learns that Carla, his girlfriend, is pregnant. Weaver and Greene take on a group of prospective students. Carter decides to transfer to Hick's team to the chagrin of Peter Benton. Before Greene gets the chance to end his relationship with Marquez, she amicably ends it first.

  14. 14 - Whose Appy Now?

    Jeanie and Fischer's relationship continues to grow, and they share their first kiss. Ross treats a 17-year-old patient with cystic fibrosis who wants to die but is too young to sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. Carter enjoys the task of removing Benton's appendix. Greene schedules too many dates on the same night. Nurse Haleh Adams unsuccessfully takes over the suspended Hathaway's duties.

  15. 15 - The Long Way Around

    Although she is suspended from work, Hathaway experiences a busy day when she and a store full of customers are taken hostage. While hostage, Hathaway uses her medical skills and crude implements from the store to help the victims.

  16. 16 - Faith

    Hathaway gets reinstated. She leaves work early to take the medical school admissions test. Carter disagrees with Anspaugh's diagnosis and is proven correct, impressing Anspaugh. Benton reassures Carla he wants to be a supportive father, but she believes he's too self absorbed and wants nothing from him. Fischer takes Jeanie on a picnic in very cold weather.

  17. 17 - Tribes

    Jeanie treats a pregnant Carla who is experiencing premature labor as the result of a car accident. Jeanie discovers that Benton is the father. Greene treats a 17-year-old white gunshot victim before treating a black gunshot victim who is the same age. The black victim later dies, and his furious brother, Kenny, accuses Greene of rascism. Greene cares for his daughter while Jennifer goes out of town.

  18. 18 - You Bet Your Life

    Greene competes with Weaver for a teaching position. Carter undermines Anspaugh's judgment by asking Hicks to perform delicate surgery on a patient Anspaugh refuses to operate on. When the deception is exposed, Carter gets placed on probation. Benton lies to get Carla's confidential files and finds out that she has gestational diabetes. After treating a woman who dies of AIDS, Jeanie finds comfort with her ex-husband, Al.

  19. 19 - Calling Dr. Hathaway

    Hathaway finds out that she had a high score on her medical-school admissions test; however, she realizes she loves being a nurse and really does not want a career change. Carter fails to report a serious mistake made by another intern, fearing that Anspaugh wouldn't believe him. Carter confesses his attraction to Doyle, who is a lesbian. Benton uncharacteristically takes a day off work to care for Carla. Pomerantz and Greene take their daughters bowling.

  20. 20 - Random Acts

    Greene is severely beaten by an unknown assailant in a hospital bathroom. Jeanie and Al rekindle their relationship. Ross transfers his obsession with sex to golf. Carla develops complications in her pregnancy. A new emergency pediatrics intern, Anna Del Amico, joins the staff.

  21. 21 - Make A Wish

    A battered and bruised Greene returns to work. Carla delivers her baby two months prematurely and in critical condition. Carter begins to think that maybe he does not want to be a surgeon after all - he feels better utilized in the ER. Al and Jeanie are a happy couple. And Ross gives Hathaway a surprise birthday party-at her house.

  22. 22 - One More For The Road

    Unable to sleep, Greene destroys the hospital lounge, throwing furniture and other items around. He refuses to acknowledge that he has a problem and buys a gun. Later, he points the weapon at some teenage thugs who try to rob him. Dr. Anspaugh is infuriated when he learns that Carter wants to practice ER medicine and plans to leave the surgical residency program. Charlie returns to the ER with a multiple drug overdose. Ross and Hathaway share a kiss.