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It was clear that the cosy world of television drama would never be the same again.


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ER Season 2

This enthralling series explores the inner workings of a Chicago teaching hospital and the dedicated physicians and medical personnel who staff its overburdened emergency room. Gloria Reuben joins the cast.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Welcome Back Carter!

    As attending emergency room physician, Greene hires a new chief resident, Dr. Kerry Weaver. New medical students invade the ER. Carter returns to the ER with a new position. Benton and Jeanie become intimately involved.

  2. 02 - Summer Run

    Benton asks Jeanie to inform her husband about their love affair. Carter is attracted to a new med student, Harper. Carol rides with paramedics Raul and Shep for the day. Weaver antagonizes Lewis and Ross.

  3. 03 - Do One, Teach One, Kill One

    Lewis and Weaver continue to argue. Jeanie ends her relationship with Peter. Carol and Shep share their first kiss. Carter performs his first unsupervised surgery. Chloe disappears, leaving little Susie with Lewis. Wendy questions the ER staff for an article that she is writing about Dr. Greene.

  4. 04 - What Life?

    Carter is called on to replace Benton in surgery after Benton is injured in a parking lot fight. Greene supports the unpopular Weaver. Shep heroically saves a gunshot victim. Carter and Harper kiss.

  5. 05 - And Baby Makes Two

    Lewis agonizes over what to do about her baby niece. Benton treats a woman who is being abused by her policeman husband. Carter dazzles the staff. Greene and Ross argue about the young AIDS patient.

  6. 06 - Days Like This

    Ross acts erratically, threatening his professional future. Harper has sex with Ross, infuriating Carter. Hathaway buys a house. Jeanie transfers to the ER.

  7. 07 - Hell And High Water

    Ross accepts a new job in a private office. While driving home, he stops due to a flat tire. It is raining heavily. A panicked boy asks for Ross' help, and Ross finds another boy trapped in a storm drain. As the water continues to rise, Ross feverishly works to free the frightened boy.

  8. 08 - The Secret Sharer

    Ross' newfound celebrity causes him to make a career choice. Jeanie files for divorce from her husband. Ross' estranged father contacts him. Lewis desperately needs a caretaker for her niece. Carter and Harper renew their relationship. Carter impresses Vucelich.

  9. 09 - Home

    Mark becomes suspicious when his wife and daughter are in a car accident with Jennifer's male co-worker. Hathaway tries to help a schizophrenic architect. Carter and Benton find a strong supporter in Vucelich. Lewis chooses between a career-enhancing opportunity and caring for Susie.

  10. 10 - A Miracle Happens Here

    During the Christmas season, a patient who resembles Santa visits the ER with a hand injury from making toys. Greene becomes upset when Jennifer asks to take their daughter away for the holidays. Carter convinces an elderly gentleman to allow his wife to be part of Dr. Vucelich's study. Greene disagrees with the hospital lawyer on his wrongful death suit.

  11. 11 - Dead Of Winter

    Shep finds himself on Malik and Benton's bad side when he makes a racial remark. Al begs Jeanie to give him another chance. Mark is served with divorce papers. Carter is disappointed when Mrs. Rubadoux shows no signs of recovery.

  12. 12 - True Lies

    Greene and Rachel dislike the shared custody arrangement with Jennifer. Dr. Morganstern is brought into the ER. Ross' problems with his father become apparent at work. Benton is humiliated in the operating room.

  13. 13 - It's Not Easy Being Greene

    Jennifer sues Greene for full custody of Rachel. The hospital wants to settle the O'Brien malpractice case out of court. After reviewing the deceased patient's chart, Greene realizes he did make a mistake. Ross refers a depressed homosexual boy to the psychiatric department. Benton is disturbed by something he learns about Vucelich's study.

  14. 14 - The Right Thing

    Benton confronts Vucelich about inaccurate findings on Vucelich's study, and Vucelich removes Benton from his surgical team. The ER staff believes that Lewis and Greene are having an affair. Ross' father comes to visit. Carter apologizes to Ruby.

  15. 15 - Baby Shower

    When a sprinkler on the maternity floor malfunctions, eight women who are giving birth are transferred to the ER. Ross visits his estranged father. Benton tries to prove himself as a surgeon. Social workers visit Lewis' messy home.

  16. 16 - The Healers

    During an apartment fire, Shep and Raul, his partner, enter the burning building to save some children. Raul gets severely burned and dies at the ER. Lewis attends the final interview for adopting little Susie, then Chloe returns to Chicago. Ross' difficult relationship with his father worsens.

  17. 17 - The Match Game

    Resentment grows between Ross and Benton when Benton exposes one of Ross' major medical mistakes. Chloe claims that she's sober, but Lewis keeps her away from Susie. Carter gets accepted into the residency program but jeopardizes his career.

  18. 18 - A Shift In The Night

    Lewis fights Chloe for custody of little Susie. Greene manages the incredibly busy ER. He witnesses a terrible car accident and then works on the victims. He also solves a man's mysterious life-threatening reaction to alcohol. Carter is punished for consuming alcohol while on duty.

  19. 19 - Fire In The Belly

    Hathaway worries about Shep's increasingly violent behavior. Carter competes with a surgical resident in training when he learns that only the top students will make it to the second year. Benton feels the heat of his disagreement with Ross when certain surgeons begin to drop him from their procedures. Benton acts on Vucelich's fraudulent study. Greene finds romance. Lewis gets bad news about her child custody battle.

  20. 20 - Fevers Of Unknown Origin

    Doug has sex with his father's girlfriend. Greene and Jen discuss their divorce and have sex. Carter works with Ross. Chloe takes little Susie away, and Lewis contends with her loneliness by focusing intently on her job, which impresses Weaver. Benton is named resident of the year. Greene treats an ex-prostitute.

  21. 21 - Take These Broken Wings

    Hathaway testifies in an investigation of Shep's behavior. Jeanie's husband comes to the ER thinking that he may have the flu, but tests reveal that Al is HIV positive. Lewis finds it difficult to cope with the loss of little Susie and seeks the help of a therapist. After his father flees Chicago with Karen's money, Ross tries to help her. Police officer Al Grabarsky proposes to nurse Lydia Wright. Series star Anthony Edwards directed the episode.

  22. 22 - John Carter, M.D.

    Lewis refuses the job as chief resident for next year. Weaver is appointed attending physician. Hathaway quits her job and threatens to leave Shep if he refuses counseling. Jeanie decides to get tested for HIV and encourages Peter to do the same. Carter misses his graduation ceremony because he's comforting a young patient.