Entourage Season 7

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Entourage Season 7

As Vince shoots an action movie directed by Nick Cassavetes, he is asked to perform a dangerous driving stunt. Eric and Ari intervene as they do not want him to perform the stunt, but Vince does it anyway; as a result, he crashes the car into the set, but emerges feeling emboldened and invincible. The incident also pushes Vince to seek out new thrills, including sky-diving, purchasing a Harley-Davidson, popping Vicodin pills, and striking a relationship with porn star Sasha Grey.

Vince is then introduced to a new project, Air-Walker, by Eric's associate Scott Lavin (Scott Caan), creating a hostile relationship with Eric; they eventually bury the hatchet and temporarily work together to help further Vince's career. This friendship eventually ends once Eric realises Scott supplied Vince with cocaine at a party. When Vince discovers that Sasha is seriously considering a role in an upcoming porn film, he tries to land her a role in Air-Walker instead. He succeeds, but Sasha sees this as a way for Vince to control her life.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Stunted

    The director of Vince’s latest action film talks his star into doing his own driving stunt, agitating both Eric and Ari. Turtle’s attraction to an underperforming employee named Alex threatens to damage his fledgling car-service business.

  2. 02 - Buzzed

    Vince takes on a look to match his new outlook, Ari makes a bold NFL pitch, Turtle regrets an accusation, Eric agrees to help Drama find a project.

  3. 03 - Dramedy

    Vince bonds with a new BFF, Ari balks at a promotion, Drama assesses his sitcom potential and Turtle weighs a new business proposal.

  4. 04 - Tequila Sunrise

    Turtle considers a south-of-the-border pitch, Drama meets his competitive match and Eric and Scott vie for Vince’s attention.

  5. 05 - Bottoms Up

    Vince meets porn star Sasha Grey, Ari frets that Lizzie is stealing his clients, Turtle asks Vince for an endorsement and Drama worries about his new show.

  6. 06 - Hair

    Ari readies himself for a legal battle; Vince puts his next big-budget movie in jeopardy; Billy Walsh returns with a new image and new idea.

  7. 07 - Tequila and Coke

    Vince parties too hard before an important meeting, Ari helps Lizzie find a job in exchange for damaging audiotapes.

  8. 08 - Sniff Sniff Gang Bang

    Ari’s bad press leads him to make over his image and Eric and Ari worry that Vince’s life is spiraling out of control.

  9. 09 - Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

    Vince tries to land Sasha a part on his new movie, Ari deals with bad news and Eric tries to get Drama on board with a new show.

  10. 10 - Lose Yourself

    The guys attempt an intervention for Vince, Ari plans a surprise party for Mrs. Ari and Eric considers Scott’s business proposal.