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Eastbound & Down Season 2

Kenny Powers was once on top of the baseball world. Now, spurned by the big leagues and humiliated in his own hometown, he's heading south of the border to lick his wounds and plot a comeback that might just land him back in the spotlight. In the wake of a bogus pitching offer, Kenny takes up residence in a small Mexican town and prepares to fashion a comeback scenario that involves a local baseball team and its filthy-rich owner.

Episode guide

  1. 07 - Chapter 7

    After settling a score with the baseball exec who screwed him, Kenny Powers heads to Mexico to start a new life.

  2. 08 - Chapter 8

    New boss Sebastian preps Kenny for his return to baseball.

  3. 09 - Chapter 9

    Kenny resorts to form on the diamond, and scores points with Vida.

  4. 10 - Chapter 10

    Kenny learns he has competition for the affections of Vida.

  5. 11 - Chapter 11

    Kenny considers a new full-time life working in Mexico.

  6. 12 - Chapter 12

    Kenny gets back to basics.

  7. 13 - Chapter 13

    Kenny confronts his future.