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Eastbound & Down Season 1

Arrogant, washed-up big league pitcher Kenny Powers thought he'd scored a shot at a comeback in the majors, but the offer turned out to be bogus. Now, having left his North Carolina life behind, he's making a fresh start in a small Mexican town, where he can both nurse his wounds and bless the locals with his awesomeness.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Chapter 1

    Burned out and broke, former big-league pitcher Kenny Powers returns home to North Carolina to teach PE at the local middle school he once attended.

  2. 02 - Chapter 2

    To avoid selling his beloved jet ski, Kenny looks to score some extra cash by pitching himself as spokesman for a local luxury-car dealership. Tagain.

  3. 03 - Chapter 3

    Kenny enlists the fawning Stevie to be his personal assistant, ordering him to scope out a high-school pitching phenom viewed as Kenny’s big-league competition.

  4. 04 - Chapter 4

    Kenny looks to rekindle an old flame at a barbecue hosted by April and Cutler.

  5. 05 - Chapter 5

    Convinced he’s lost his stuff, Kenny decides to give up his comeback dreams and move on as a working stiff.

  6. 06 - Chapter 6

    Kenny says goodbye to his life as a schoolteacher – and bids farewell to Dustin and his family – after scoring a big-league job offer in Miami.