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Dallas Season 13

Power, wealth, sex... and glorious extravagance. They all find a home in the sprawling saga of the Ewing clan in Dallas.

Revel in the saga that held the world in thrall for more than a decade. Led by the man everyone loves to hate, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the members of this family stop at nothing in their pursuit of power, wealth and revenge in a feud that started 40 years ago over an empire in oil and the love of a woman.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Phantom of the Oil Rig

    A raging J.R. Ewing is consumed with vengeance after Sue Ellen blackmails him with her threatening motion picture. Battered and bruised, Cliff Barnes resumes his quest for the evasive Afton Cooper while April, in the midst of fending off threatening phone calls, receives a surprising and unwelcome visitor. Two Hour Season Premiere

  2. 02 - The Leopard's Spots

    Tommy claims he's changed, while plotting revenge against Bobby; a gallery owner likes Cally's paintings; J.R. makes a risky deal behind Bobby's back; Cliff finally finds Afton; the mysterious key sends Miss Ellie and Clayton to New England; J.R. and Michelle meet

  3. 03 - Cry Me a River of Oil

    Having gone behind brother Bobby's back in stretching Ewing Oil's reserves too thin, J.R. frantically scrambles to secure enough oil to meet a potentially deadly deadline. Tommy continues his ruse of being rehabilitated while his counselor warns Carter McKay that his son could be dangerous.

  4. 04 - Ka-Booooom!

    Seeking revenge, Tommy McKay plants an explosive device in the unsuspecting Bobby's briefcase. At her sister April's expense, Michelle connives her way into Cliff's heart; Desperate to fulfill his secret oil contract, J.R. buys a battered and shabby tanker to transport the crude; Clayton and Ellie chase their mystery to the ramshackle town of Pride, Texas; Alex Barton sells one of Cally's paintings to an influential buyer; and Bobby sets Cliff straight as to who is in charge at Ewing Oil.

  5. 05 - Sunset, Sunrise

    Carter McKay and his son Tommy have a fatal confrontation and goldigging Michelle decides to play the "Cliff vs J.R." game. Meanwhile Alex arranges for Cally to paint in an artist's loft conveniently located a floor above his place, while J.R.'s ship of oil comes in and a mysterious intruder arrives to change his life forever.

  6. 06 - Pride and Prejudice

    Despite his arrogant attitude, new Dallasite James Richard Beaumont creates quite an impression with J.R. and other members of the Ewing clan. Sensing the resolution to the mysterious key is at hand in the town of Pride, Texas, Miss Ellie shocks Clayton with an astounding move. Meanwhile, Bobby and Christopher share a "man-to-man" discussion and both J.R. and Cally are dismayed at a shocking and somewhat unwelcome visitor.

  7. 07 - Fathers and Other Strangers

    Vanessa Beaumont travels to Dallas to retrieve her son James, who is deciding on whether or not to make Southfork his home. James, in an effort to immerse himself into the family, enjoys a day out in the fields with Bobby. Finally at the end of their enigmatic quest in Montana, Ellie and Clayton are amazed at what they discover.

  8. 08 - Black Tide

    In an emotional and volatile family gathering at the Oil Baron's club, J.R.'s delight at discovering that James is his son is short-lived upon the interruption of an even bigger bombshell.

  9. 09 - Daddy's Dearest

    In the aftermath of the oil tanker collision, Ewing Oil finds itself under fire from the press, environmental groups, and Cliff Barnes' investigative committee. Michelle, playing both sides of the fence, moves in with the high-riding Cliff while James, already savvy to his father's ways, does his best to coerce her into joining their side.

  10. 10 - Hell's Fury

    Cally's rosy world is shattered when she spies J.R. with a familiar other woman. Distraught over J.R.'s apparent infidelity, Cally runs to Alex for comfort. Meanwhile, following in his father's philandering footsteps, James lures Michelle onto their side and an old flame of Bobby's ignites a fire when she returns to his life.

  11. 11 - Cally on a Hot Tin Roof

    Cally unleashes the wrath of J.R. after she angrily confronts both him and Michelle about their supposed liason. Her confession about her night with Alex ignites a fury in J.R. that she has never witnessed before and she finds solace in an unlikely source - James. Meanwhile, McKay and Weststar manuever to make Ewing Oil look solely responsible for the oil spill.

  12. 12 - Sex, Lies, and Videotape

    April and Bobby's relationship ices over as his reunion with Kay heats up. Cally agrees with J.R. that they should put the past behind them - unaware of what J.R. has in store for Alex Barton. Meanwhile, McKay weaves a devious plot to further insure Cliff's loyalty to Weststar.

  13. 13 - A Tale of Two Cities

    An overly honorable James ends up the victim after he puts himself in the middle of a personal collision between Cally and the philandering J.R. Meanwhile, Bobby and April move closer to the altar and Michelle relates incriminating evidence against McKay to a surprised source.

  14. 14 - Judgment Day

    As the investigative committee convenes, the fate of Ewing Oil rests with a troubled, but ambitious Cliff Barnes. Sensing the demise of the Ewings, Carter McKay swoops in for the kill and offers to buy the beleaguered company. Meanwhile, J.R., remorseful about the potential end of the great Ewing Oil, grimly accepts responsibility for the disaster.

  15. 15 - Unchain My Heart

    Frustrated at just being the "man of the hour", Cliff is ripe pickings for high powered public relations expert Stephanie Rogers. The beautiful and calculating Ms. Rogers takes command of Cliff's futile political pursuits, unaware of the revenge that Carter McKay has vowed for Barnes. Meanwhile, J.R.'s lust of oil is rejuvenated when he sets his sights on striking crude in the supposedly dry town of Pride, TX.

  16. 16 - I Dream of Jeannie

    A mesmorized Bobby chases after the phantom woman that could be his beloved wife Pam. J.R. resorts to a bizarre technique to enlist the aid of legendary oil wildcatter Blackie Callahan in his quest for crude in Pride, TX. Cliff, despite being suspicious that J.R. is behind Stephanie, goes ahead with her plans to get him nominated to the independent oil regulatory commision.

  17. 17 - After Midnight

    Bobby finds himself becoming obsessed with Pam's look-a-like Jeanne O'Brien. April laments her break-up with Bobby while J.R. and Blackie receive the shock of their lives. Meanwhile, James dodges the lustful advances of a new business partner's precocious daughter and Michelle calls in her favor from Carter McKay.

  18. 18 - The Crucible

    Father and son come to blows when J.R. humiliates James by interceding on his behalf in a business deal. Cally and Lucy tangle with the Stevens sisters, April and Michelle and Bobby's soul searching about his relationship with Jeanne and April reaches a painful conclusion.

  19. 19 - Dear Hearts and Gentle People

    Cliff Barnes' star continues to rise in the political world - further raising the ire of J.R. Ewing. Immersed in crushing Cliff, J.R. attempts to woo the woman behind the man - Stephanie Rogers. Frustrated at her lack of attention from J.R., Cally grows closer to the accomodating James and April returns to her hometown to contemplate her future with - or without - Bobby.

  20. 20 - Paradise Lost

    J.R. devises an ingenius plan to rid Cally from his life. Cliff warns Stephanie to steer clear of the dangerous J.R. Ewing, unaware that she is intrigued and challenged by him. After another mysterious death occurs, Clayton and Ellie turn private eyes to solve the case of the Ward twins.

  21. 21 - Will Power

    J.R. is forced to resort to desperate measures when Cally vows to make their marriage work. Clayton and Ellie discover another murder - and the leading suspect is someone they know very well.

  22. 22 - The Smiling Cobra

    Cally and James pull closer together in an effort to fend of J.R.'s evil ways. Michelle vows to strike back at the person responsible for foiling her and April's plan for a single's club - unaware that the culprit is a formidable force.

  23. 23 - Jessica Redux

    J.R. is at his worst as he looks to destroy his wife, tear down Cliff Barnes' career, manipulate his son's future, and protect his mother Ellie. J.R. "accidentally" creates problems between James and Michelle and, after having read her diary, perplexes Stephanie with his intuitive advances. Meanwhile, Clayton attempts to visit Jessica in the sanitarium to understand her connection to Atticus Ward.

  24. 24 - Family Plot

    Cally and James are driven to vow revenge against the man they both vehemently hate - J.R. Ewing. Aware that it was his sister Jessica who was trying to murder him, Clayton is further floored when she reveals shocking news about Dusty. Meanwhile, a suspicious Stephanie confronts J.R. about his intimate knowledge of her and McKay attempts to woo Clayton Farlow on to the Weststar Oil team.

  25. 25 - The Southfork Wedding Jinx

    Another high-spirited and unpredictable Southfork wedding plays host to April and Bobby. Cally and James begin their plan of deception to destroy J.R. and Clayton decides to petition the court to assume custody of Jessica's Weststar stock - unaware that the cunning J.R. has set his sights on infiltrating the insane asylum that houses Jessica.

  26. 26 - Three, Three, Three pt. 1

    J.R., after having secretly committed himself to an insane asylum in an effort to coerce Jessica into signing over to him her shares of Weststar stock, discovers the path to her is littered with bizarre and dangerous patients. Meanwhile, James convinces Cally to consult with a powerful divorce attorney and Cliff volunteers to help the beautiful Liz Adams run her oil company provided she spends her free time with him.

  27. 27 - Three, Three, Three pt. 2

    J.R., sequestered in the insane asylum, overcomes having to fit in with the inmates and bedding down a notorious "Black Widow" to successfully coerce Jessica into signing over her Weststar shares to him - unaware that his vengeful wife Cally and his bitter son James are working toward controlling the key that will release him from the sanitarium. Meanwhile, Carter McKay secretly meets with Cliff's new love Liz Adams.