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Dallas Season 11

Power, wealth, sex... and glorious extravagance. They all find a home in the sprawling saga of the Ewing clan in Dallas.

Revel in the saga that held the world in thrall for more than a decade. Led by the man everyone loves to hate, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the members of this family stop at nothing in their pursuit of power, wealth and revenge in a feud that started 40 years ago over an empire in oil and the love of a woman.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - After the Fall: Ewing Rise

    The Ewings are thrust into a state of tragic despair while awaiting the fate of Pamela after her car accident. Bobby's dreams of happiness are shattered with Pam's accident. J.R. runs into unexpected obstacles in his quest to recapture his power in the oil industry. Meanwhile, Cliff, distraught at the possibility of losing his last family member, befriends an aging drunk who's strangely reminiscent of his father, Digger Barnes.

  2. 02 - After the Fall: Digger Redux

    Miss Ellie worries about Clayton's acitivities while Sue Ellen meets Nicholas Pearce, a dashing investment banker who seeks to help her build up her lingerie business. Meanwhile, J.R. obtains the will for Pamela in case she doesn't make it.

  3. 03 - The Son Also Rises

    A veiled figure, who invades Pam's hospital room, sends shock waves through the Ewing household. A confused and angry Christopher vanishes from Southfork, sending the ranch into further turmoil. J.R. receives some fascinating information from his private detective, and he meets a potentially advantageous business partner in Casey Denault.

  4. 04 - Gone with the Wind

    Bobby makes a startling discovery when he enters Pam's hospital room. Things are moving along smoothly for J.R., after he promotes Casey Denault into underhanded action, and Sue Ellen embarks on a business trip to Los Angeles with the suave Nicholas Pearce. Clayton berates his doctor for revealing his hidden medical secret to Miss Ellie and Cliff vainly searches for Dandy after kicking him out of his life.

  5. 05 - The Lady Vanishes

    Bobby and Cliff and the rest of the Ewings desperately search for Pam, fearful that the mystery figure may be involved in her disappearance. Bobby and Cliff make an odd pair as they scour Texas to unravel the mystery surrounding Pam. J.R. welcomes an intriguing lady from his past, as well as good news from Casey.

  6. 06 - Tough Love

    J.R. and Ray have to stop a frustrated and furious Bobby from destroying a bar full of cowboys while on a rampage. In the midst of having to restore order to his and Christopher's life, Bobby has an icy meeting after he bumps into a beautiful and mysterious woman. J.R. pulls one of his classic double crosses on a dear old friend and Dandy's tale of oil rich land piques a despondent Cliff's interest.

  7. 07 - Last Tango in Dallas

    Pam unloads another devastating bombshell on Bobby. J.R. receives valuable inside information regarding Weststar that he may be able to put to good use while Bobby learns of additional news regarding Pam while he and Christopher befriend an attractive young woman. At the annual Oil Baron's Ball, Jenna ponders a serious question from Ray, and J.R. finally meets the handsome Mr. Pearce.

  8. 08 - Mummy's Revenge

    The families of Southfork anxiously await news from the hospital concerning Clayton. J.R. tries to comfort a scared and nervous Miss Ellie as Clayton undergoes surgery. Determined to succeed on her own, Sue Ellen rejects April as a business partner, while Lisa Alden continues to pursue her friendship with Bobby and Christopher.

  9. 09 - Hustling

    Bobby comes to a weighty resolution concerning his beloved Pam. Christopher's reaction to the bad news from Pam provides Bobby with the impetus for his decision. While Sue Ellen is having her problems with Nicholas Pearce, J.R. conveniently bumps into Kimberly Cryder, the wife of his nemesis, Wilson Cryder. Casey secretly entertains potential members of a future cartel and Jenna finally reaches a decision about Ray's proposal.

  10. 10 - Bedtime Stories

    Ray and Jenna reveal their good news to Bobby and the rest of the Ewings. Despite their budding relationship, Bobby severs ties with Lisa Alden in the interest of Christopher, but takes the initiative with another woman from his past. In spite of his renewed happiness with Sue Ellen, J.R. begins to woo the formidable Kimberly Cryder in his quest to conquer Weststar.

  11. 11 - Lovers and Other Liars

    Frustrated and furious at Cliff for shutting down his oil rig, Dandy takes control with a shotgun. J.R., with the unwitting help of April Stevens, continues to pursue Weststar, as well as Kimberly Cryder. Sue Ellen seeks more than business advice from Nicholas Pearce after learning about her husband's philandering.

  12. 12 - Brothers and Sons

    With Bobby as best man, Ray and Jenna finally exchange wedding vows. The wedding day finds Christopher struggling with the discovery of the identity of Lucas's father, while Jenna pines over past feelings for Bobby. As J.R. continues to stray from the straight and narrow, Sue Ellen's respect and admiration for Nicholas Pearce grows. Lisa takes an important step in securing her relationship with Christopher, one that may destroy Bobby.

  13. 13 - Brother, Can You Spare a Child?

    Bobby prepares to fight the lawsuit Lisa has against him while Sue Ellen has dinner with the Cryders. Meanwhile, Casey makes plans to work against J.R. and Charlie is caught with her boyfriend.

  14. 14 - Daddy's Little Darlin'

    Bobby prepares for a brutal court fight to retain custody of Christopher. J.R., who learns of Casey's disloyalty, plans to teach the upstart a lesson while he continues to badger Kimberly to set up a meeting between him and her powerful father. Cliff is unable to persuade an old farmer to give the right way for his gas pipeline.

  15. 15 - It's Me Again

    After an ultimatum from Dr. Styles, J.R. demands a show of faith from Kimberly concerning their relationship. With hopes of furthering their budding relationship, April demonstrates concern for Bobby by allowing him to be with Christopher instead of her. Jenna reveals some deeply hidden feelings to a surprised Bobby.

  16. 16 - Marriage on the Rocks

    J.R. and Sue Ellen's marriage takes a turn for the worse after Kimberly leaves her spouse and demands that J.R. follow suit. J.R. has his turn to demonstrate his allegiance to Kimberly Cryder, while Sue Ellen decides to mix business with pleasure in her relationship with Nicholas Pearce. Bobby accosts Lisa, who is still unwilling to give up her fight for Christopher.

  17. 17 - Anniversary Waltz

    An angry Bobby vows vengeance upon the culprit he suspects is behind Lisa's custody battle. J.R. continues to fit the correct pieces into his puzzle for winning control of Weststar Oil in order to regain Ewing Oil, but some surprising competition may upset his plans. April ignores the warnings from her private investigator regarding his findings on Nicholas Pearce.

  18. 18 - Brotherly Love

    Bobby plots his own secret quest to regain the name of Ewing Oil. Vowing revenge on J.R., Bobby goes after the thing his brother loves best, Sue Ellen, seeking her own brand of retribution against her husband, heats up her relationship with Nicholas Pearce.

  19. 19 - The Best Laid Plans

    J.R. and Kimberly Cryder concoct a scandalous surprise for Sue Ellen. To Bobby's relief, Lisa Alden can't be found, apparently cancelling the trial. Clayton finds comfort from a supportive Laurel, while Miss Ellie walks into the shock of her life.

  20. 20 - Farlow's Follies

    Miss Ellie retreats into a drunken rage after she spies Clayton and Laurel together for a second time. Disillusioned and hurt, Ellie seeks comfort in silence, bewildering Clayton. J.R. and Kimberly's scheme to rid themselves of Sue Ellen backfires. April reveals a potentially dangerous confession to Bobby.

  21. 21 - Malice in Dallas

    The long awaited custody trial for Christopher comes to pass, pitting Lisa Alden against a determined Bobby. J.R. and Bobby square off against each other concerning J.R.'s involvement with Lisa. April puts Nicholas' and her life in jeopardy after her snooping reveals his true identity. Upset at the prospect of Clayton having an affair, Miss Ellie flees Southfork.

  22. 22 - Crime Story

    April's mischievous undertaking to uncover Nicholas' true identity lands her in hot water. April is forced to go into hiding when some thugs attempt to question her about Nicholas. J.R. influences Cliff to hang on to his Weststar shares, while in Washington D.C., attempting to reclaim the Ewing Oil name, Bobby's business relationship with Kay Lloyd turns pleasurable.

  23. 23 - To Have and to Hold

    A frightened April succumbs to the strong-arm pressure of thugs and reveals Nicholas' identity. J.R. prepares for the battle with Dr. Styles, but Kimberly fears for her father's failing health. Meanwhile, Cliff turns to pills in an effort to calm his frayed nerves and Ellie returns from her solo vacation to have it out with Clayton.

  24. 24 - Dead Reckoning

    Clayton erupts into a vengeful rage when David Shulton tells Ellie about Clayton's tryst with Laurel. To J.R.'s delight, Miss Ellie informs the family she has kicked Clayton out of the house. Bobby's budding romance with Kay continues to blossom and frustrated with J.R.'s insensitivity, Casey meets another of J.R.'s victims, Cliff Barnes.

  25. 25 - Never Say Never

    J.R. sets his sights on the beautiful and innocent Laurel Ellis. Clayton's arrest for murder provides J.R. with ammunition to lure Laurel into his stable of conquests. In their effort to win back Ewing Oil, Kay introduces Bobby to a powerful Senator. Meanwhile, Kimberly and Styles appeal to Cliff for help in their fight against J.R.

  26. 26 - Last of the Good Guys

    J.R. revels in his power when he uncovers evidence that could extricate Clayton from the charge of murdering David Shulton. Holding the key to Clayton's freedom, J.R. decides to use the information to his own advantage. Kimberly recruits an unlikely ally in her fight against J.R.

  27. 27 - Top Gun

    J.R. triumphantly prepares to assume control of Weststar Oil. Nicholas reveals his mysterious whereabouts to Sue Ellen and Laurel divulges J.R.'s sexual blackmail plot to a furious Clayton. Bobby experiences the ways and means of a powerful Washington bureaucrat, and Connie plays a practical joke on Ray.

  28. 28 - Pillow Talk

    In the aftermath of Sue Ellen's victory over J.R., he threatens that she'll never see their son again. Ellie reaches an important decision regarding Clayton's fate with Southfork. Bobby and Kay continue to build a meaningful relationship and Ray can't shake loose from an obsessive Connie. Meanwhile, Cliff offers his gasline to Wendell in an effort to rid himself of J.R.'s stranglehold.

  29. 29 - Things Ain't Goin' So Good at Southfork, Again

    Jenna returns to an ominously empty home. A lonely Lucy Ewing-Cooper returns to Southfork to learn that Miss Ellie has reached a decision that may change the ranch forever. Sue Ellen is turned back by a triumphant J.R. in her attempt to regain John Ross. Bobby rejoices at the good news from the Justice Department and J.R. masterminds a scheme of his own agains tthe infamous Jeremy Wendell.

  30. 30 - The Fat Lady Singeth

    J.R. declares all out war on his brother Bobby, wife Sue Ellen, and Nicholas Pearce. Cliff receives startling news about Pam and Lucy meets the calculating Casey Denault. Ray and Jenna reach a fateful decision regarding their future in the aftermath of Ray's dangerous liason with another woman.