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Dallas Season 10

Power, wealth, sex... and glorious extravagance. They all find a home in the sprawling saga of the Ewing clan in Dallas.

Revel in the saga that held the world in thrall for more than a decade. Led by the man everyone loves to hate, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the members of this family stop at nothing in their pursuit of power, wealth and revenge in a feud that started 40 years ago over an empire in oil and the love of a woman.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Return to Camelot

    Bobby is alive and touches the lives of the Ewings, Farlows, Krebbs, and Barnes in the new season premiere. two hour season premiere

  2. 02 - Pari Per Sue

    Family disturbances again are rife at Southfork as Sue Ellen begins her campaign to even the score with her husband J.R. Ewing. Sue Ellen decides to embarrass J.R. by going into business as a manufacturer of erotic women's clothing. Cliff Barnes grows closer to Jack Ewing, trying to gain control of Jack's interest in Ewing Oil. Donna Krebbs bcomes more occupied with her Washington lobby work, adding to the rift in her relationship with Ray.

  3. 03 - Once and Future King

    Miss Ellie is shocked when her suspicions about Wes Parmelee seem to be valid. Irresistibly drawn to Paramelee's bunkhouse, Miss Ellie makes a shattering discovery and her apprehensions about the mysterious ranch hand turn to disbelief, dread, and fear. J.R. finds himself fighting on two fronts: Sue Ellen's campaign against him gathers momentum, causing him to lose his temper and patience as he must make his own plans to save the ailing oil industry.

  4. 04 - Enigma

    Deeply troubled, Miss Ellie orders the mysterious Wes Parmalee to leave Southfork, rejecting his disturbing claims. Furious with Sue Ellen for having him and Mandy followed, J.R. offers her a divorce but unwittingly, he and Mandy fall deeper into Sue Ellen's trap. J.R. and Bobby are shocked when their request for a mult-million dollar loan is rejected by the Cattlemen's Bank.

  5. 05 - Trompe L'Oeil

    The Southfork families are stunned as Miss Ellie reveals Wes Parmalee's claims. J.R. and Bobby are convinced that Parmalee's claims are false until he pays them a surprise visit at Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen's campaign to get even with J.R. and to put an end to his affair with Mandy proves more successful than she could have hoped. Bobby and J.R. start their business expansion plans and J.R.'s meeting with the mercenary B.D. Calhoun leaves him confident that oil prices with rise again.

  6. 06 - Territorial Imperative

    J.R. and Bobby start investigating Parmalee after they are warned that his claims might stand up in court, changing control of Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen's vendetta against her husband and his mistress turns into a big financial success as Dallas reacts to the sexy advertising for Valentine's Girl. Cliff wastes no time in meeting Jack's ex-wife with his eye on her possible five percent of Ewing Oil.

  7. 07 - The Second Time Around

    Bobby and Pam's wedding day bliss at Southfork is shattered when Ray Krebbs lashes out at their happiness. Depressed from an earlier argument with Donna, Ray enviously berates Bobby, which Pam overhears. J.R. uses the outburst to make a last ditch effort to get Jenna to the wedding. Wes Parmalee shows up and refuses to leave until Miss Ellie agrees to a later meeting and Jamie attends with Jack and is shocked when Cliff arrives with Jack's ex-wife on his arm.

  8. 08 - Bells Are Ringing

    Bobby and Pam are forced to face a difficult decision about their wedding in light of Ray's startling revelation. J.R. receives shocking news about Wes Parmalee's claims -- information that may have a profound effect on the control of Ewing Oil. April Stevens schemes with Cliff against Jack Ewing and J.R. makes the necessary payment to further his plan to raise the price of oil.

  9. 09 - Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball?

    Clayton fights both Jock's ghost and Wes Parmalee in his effort to keep Miss Ellie as his wife. Clayton questions Miss Ellie about whether she believes Parmalee's claims. With the annual Oil Baron's Ball approaching, J.R. makes an interesting proposal to April Stevens, while Sue Ellen strikes a deal of her own with a Hollywood producer in her ploy to get back at her husband. J.R. is confronted by Central Intelligence about his relationship with B.D. Calhoun and Pam struggles with the specter of Jenna coming between her and Bobby.

  10. 10 - Proof Positive

    Wes Parmalee makes a startling disclosure at the annual Oil Baron's Ball in front of Dallas' finest. After he is confronted by J.R., Bobby and Clayton, Parmalee reluctantly agrees to a lie detector test in order to prove he is the true owner of Ewing Oil. In an attempt to resolve the situation, Miss Ellie requests a secret meeting with Parmalee while Clayton arrives at his own disturbing resolution. April Stevens plots to cash in on her ex-marriage to Jack Ewing.

  11. 11 - Something Old, Something New

    Bobby leaves for South America in search of information to disprove Parmalee's claims, with evidence mounting that he really is Jock. The grim duty of retracing the route to Jock's accident faces Bobby in South America. J.R. pressures a confused Miss Ellie to declare Parmalee a fraud. Sue Ellen cashes in on her plot to get back at J.R. and Mandy learns who the benefactor behind her good fortune has been.

  12. 12 - Bar-B-Cued

    Bobby returns from South America with evidence regarding Wes Parmalee but it's an unexpected, and uninvited, guest at the annual Ewing barbecue who provides Miss Ellie with the shocking truth. J.R. and Clayton grow closer as a result of the Parmalee calamity. Donna has a brief but intriguing meeting with an important senator in her efforts for the oil lobby and J.R. and Cliff strike further sparks at the barbecue.

  13. 13 - The Fire Next Time

    An angry Clayton goes on a manhunt and Miss Ellie seeks the aid of her sons in calming her furious husband. J.R., confident that the Middle East situation is at rest, learns some frightening news concerning B.D. Calhoun. Donna returns to Dallas with a decision about her marriage to Ray. Jeremy Wendell approaches Cliff with a devious business proposition.

  14. 14 - So Shall Ye Reap

    Threatened by B.D. Calhoun's menacing presence, J.R. takes the necessary steps to rid himself of the mercenary. Pam's suspicious investigation into some of Cliff's business deals prompts him to reconsider Jeremy Wendell's proposition while April Stevens eyes a fortuitous opportunity when she "accidentally" runs into Wendell. Jenna attempts to sever more ties with Bobby while her pregnancy continues to put a strain on Bobby and Pam's marriage.

  15. 15 - Tick, Tock

    Sue Ellen is unsuspecting when B.D. Calhoun, whom she knows as Peter Duncan, makes contact with her in his vendetta against J.R. Calhoun "accidentally" bumps into Sue Ellen and Pam. Ray feels the frustration of losing his wife and their expected child. He and Clayton resume working together in the horse cutting business in an effort to forget their troubles. Pam's increasing overprotectiveness of Christopher worries Bobby. Jeremy Wendell pursues his plan to bring ruin to Ewing Oil.

  16. 16 - Night Visitor

    Ewing Oil makes a financial comeback as Bobby and J.R. secure important deals, but J.R. is too overcome with anxiety about B.D. Calhoun to savor the success. Bobby becomes suspicious when J.R. acts overly concerned about Southfork's security system. Cliff reluctantly goes through with Jermey Wendell's plan to undermine Ewing Oil and April Stevens continues her ploy to gain back her five percent of the company. Meanwhile, Donna is unexpectedly rushed to the hospital with excrutiating stomach pains and Sue Ellen has another inauspicious run-in with "Peter Duncan".

  17. 17 - Cat and Mouse

    Bobby finally learns the reason behind J.R.'s recent mysterious actions. B.D. Calhoun continues to terrorize J.R. with his dangerous game playing. Bobby and Pam fear that Sue Ellen has resumed her drinking when she fails to return home one evening but J.R. has good reason to believe that may not be the reason for her absence. A worried Ray travels to Washington D.C. to be with Donna while she is in the hospital and gets a surprise when Senator Dowling pays her a visit.

  18. 18 - High Noon for Calhoun

    Fearing for the safety of their families, J.R. and Bobby send Sue Ellen, Pam, John Ross, and Christopher to California to escape the menacing threat of Calhoun but J.R. is forced into a deadly showdown when the terrorist locates them. Back in Dallas, April experiences the loneliness of a con artist. Cliff throws himself into a precarious deal and is frantic when Pam is not there to back him up. Miss Ellie and Clayton enjoy a private weekend away from Southfork and Senator Dowling continues to entertain Donna.

  19. 19 - Olio

    J.R. pays an emotional price for his involvement with Calhoun but he may face a bigger danger with the law for consorting with a terrorist. Despite her growing relationship with Senator Dowling, Donna feels stifled in her efforts for the oil lobby. Bobby takes temporary charge of Ewing Oil but it's J.R. who's doing the dirty work -- through the coy femininity of April Stevens. Ray attempts to explain to Charlie why he has to stay away from her and her mother. Pam and Cliff lock horns over her loyalties and the families of Southfork receive numbing news from California.

  20. 20 - A Death in the Family

    Shocking news from California raises questions of who is the true proprietor of the elusive 10 percent of Ewing Oil. The quiet search for Jack Ewing is continued by J.R. and April Stevens. Sue Ellen shuts down her Los Angeles lingerie operation but finds a new "Valentine Girl" for Dallas. Christopher and John Ross play a potentially deadly game. Ray considers playing dirty in his divorce suit with Donna and Sue Ellen and J.R. renew their love for each other.

  21. 21 - Revenge of the Nerd

    An ecstatic Cliff Barnes unloads a stunning bombshell on the Ewing brothers. Furious at Cliff's disturbing disclosure, J.R. divides the Southfork house by accusing Pam of scheming with her brother to bring ruin to Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen offers an interesting solution to Pam's predicament. April Stevens desperately seeks comfort from the men in her life. Ray arrives at a painful resolution in his custody battle with Donna for their unborn child.

  22. 22 - The Ten Percent Solution

    J.R. deviously schemes to frame Cliff Barnes for Jamie's death. While secretly maneuvering to secure the infamous ten percent of Ewing Oil, J.R. also orchestrates a meeting between April and a friendly judge who may end up being helpful to his cause. Pam has lurking suspicions about Cliff's dealings with Jeremy Wendell, while Cliff desperately attempts to raise the money to pay back a Wendell loan. Donna brushes off the persistent Senator Dowling and an angry widow of a former Ewing employee plots revenge on the Southfork family.

  23. 23 - Some Good, Some Bad

    J.R. and Bobby get some aid in their never ending quest fo the ten percent of Ewing Oil from a surprise visitor. Bobby and Pam come to Cliff's defense for the alleged murder of Jamie and Pam later gets furious at her brother when she learns of his underhanded business dealing with Jeremy Wendell. Bobby, attempting to clear the air between himself and Ray, gets a shock when he visits his half-brother's house. J.R. asks a wary Sue Ellen to move back in with him.

  24. 24 - War and Peace

    An intensive court battle results in a decision which causes pandemonium in both Ewing and Barnes' camps. J.R. and Bobby undertake a vicious custody battle with Cliff for the elusive ten percent of Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen contemplates bringing Mandy Winger back to Valentine Lingerie. Donna goes into labor at a political fundraiser, while Pam continues to struggle with the thought of Jenna carrying Bobby's baby.

  25. 25 - Ruthless People

    Double crossed by J.R. and April Stevens, Jeremy Wendell vows revenge on Ewing Oil. A banner headline implicating J.R. in terrorist activities not only provides Wendell with ammunition, but outrages Miss Ellie and the rest of the Southfork family members. Mandy Winger returns to reprise her life as the Valentine Lingerie star but she has designs on recapturing an even more seductive role. Ray, in Washington for the birth of his child, reaches an understanding with both Donna and Senator Dowling.

  26. 26 - The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

    Tired of J.R.'s underhanded business tactics, Bobby, Ray, and Miss Ellie sell out, turning their shares of Ewing Oil over to J.R. News from Washington hurls the Southfork family members into angry turmoil. Sue Ellen cautiously hatches a plot to test J.R.'s professed loyalty. Pam finally confronts Jenna and a very wealthy April Stevens reciprocates for past feelings of humiliation.

  27. 27 - Two-Fifty

    Miss Ellie is distraught over the fate of both Clayton and Ewing Oil. J.R. desperately scrambles to defend himself and the company against the Justice Department charges, while Jeremy Wendell continues to coerce Mrs. Scottfield into cooperating with him agains the Ewings. Mandy Winger reveals the true reason for her return to Dallas and Senator Dowling promises Bobby he'll investigate the chances of saving Ewing Oil.

  28. 28 - Fall of the House of Ewing

    Bobby and Pam's dreams of a serene and happy future are shattered. The impending loss of Ewing Oil has a desperate J.R. fighting for his life while a smug Jeremy Wendell reveals his plot to him. Jenna and Ray discuss their future and Sue Ellen and Mandy confront one another over the man they both love.