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Dallas Season 8

Power, wealth, sex... and glorious extravagance. They all find a home in the sprawling saga of the Ewing clan in Dallas.

Revel in the saga that held the world in thrall for more than a decade. Led by the man everyone loves to hate, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the members of this family stop at nothing in their pursuit of power, wealth and revenge in a feud that started 40 years ago over an empire in oil and the love of a woman.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Killer at Large

    J.R. panics when he realizes that the bullets that brought down Bobby were meant for him. As Bobby's shooting occurred in J.R.'s office, it's apparent that his brother was the intended victim. J.R. realizes that the killer is still at large and pushes the police to investigate those who had reason to seek revenge against him.

  2. 02 - Battle Lines

    J.R. leaves no stone unturned to discover who is gunning for him. J.R.'s efforts to expose the would-be assassin are frustrated by the seemingly airtight alibis of all his enemies, until the gun used in the attack on Bobby is discovered in the home of a prime suspect and an arrest is made.

  3. 03 - If at First You Don't Succeed

    J.R. fears for his life when the investigation into Bobby's shooting takes an unexpected turn that leaves the police baffled as the assailant prepares to strike again.

  4. 04 - Jamie

    Southfork has a mystery guest. The would-be assassin is interrupted during a second deadly attempt at murder. However, the discovery may have come too late to save the victim. A mysterious stranger arrives at Southfork making a startling claim that astounds the family.

  5. 05 - Family

    Jamie gets acquainted with the Ewings and a skeptical J.R. demands she prove her identity, but Sue Ellen assures her that she is part of the family. Jamie produces her Alaska driver's license and an old photo of Jock and her father and bests J.R. when he tests her knowledge of the oil business. At the diner where she works, Lucy is rescued from some roughnecks by her co-worker's boyfriend. Cliff is tempted by an offer from Weststar to acquire Barnes-Wentworth with a powerful seat for him on its board.

  6. 06 - Shadow of a Doubt

    Pam delves deeper into the mystery of Mark's disappearance, J.R. manipulates Cliff Again, Lucy fights over a boy and Bobby and Jenna postpone their wedding. At Southfork, Sue Ellen comes to Jamie's defense and promises to protect her from J.R. Bobby and Jenna decide to wait for Miss Ellie to return before getting married and Bobby toys with the idea of striking out with his own oil business.

  7. 07 - Homecoming

    The return of Miss Ellie and Clayton engenders mixed reactions at Southfork as she acknowledges Jamie's resemblance to Jason and Cliff is delighted to learn from a conversation overheard by Mandy that he has J.R. worried. Pam speculates with Cliff that it seems Mark expected to return and although Cliff is skeptical, she contacts Dr. Kenderson for help.

  8. 08 - Oil Baron's Ball III

    J.R.'s manipulations are evident at the annual Oil Barons Ball as the Ewing and Barnes families face off with Pam the likely loser. Miss Ellie takes pains to make Clayton feel comfortable at Southfork but at the ball he is troubled when his wife is referred to as an Ewing. Cliff is concerned at Pam's emotional state because of her obsession over Mark and her knowledge of Bobby and Jenna's upcoming wedding.

  9. 09 - Shadows

    Miss Ellie takes drastic steps to make Clayton feel secure at Southfork over J.R.'s objections and Bobby's discomfort. Ellie feels that Clayton may be deliberately staying away from home and Donna suggest she remove Jock's portrait from the house. Pam faces the realization that she has lsot Bobby and renews her efforts to locate Mark's plane. Lucy brawls with Betty while on a date with Eddie and Jenna's ex-husband resurfaces in Dallas.

  10. 10 - Charlie

    Bobby and Jenna are frantic when Charlie disappears, Clayton still feels like an outsider at Southfork and Pam interprets new evidence as proof that Mark is alive. Charlie learns that Marchetta is her father and vanishes, while the police search for her. J.R. tries to date Mandy and Cliff encourages her to accept.

  11. 11 - Barbecue Five

    J.R. is delighted that no Barnes are in attendance at the Ewings' annual barbecue at Southfork but he receives a shock from Jamie which spoils his fun. At the barbecue, Jamie produces a document that J.R. immediately declares a fake but which Clayton predicts will cause the Ewings many headaches. Pam continues her search for Mark with renewed hope after a psychic predicts a man will re-enter her life.

  12. 12 - Do You Take This Woman?

    Bobby and Jenna's wedding day arrives but a mysterious phone call leaves the assembled guests without a bride and groom. Jamie declares she doesn't intend to use the document she possesses against the family, only to prove she is a Ewing. It's existence sends J.R. scurrying to try to prove it is a forgery and Cliff looking for proof of its validity. Marchetta comes to terms with Jenna over Charlie but Jenna learns once again that she cannot trust him.

  13. 13 - Deja Vu

    Bobby thinks Jenna intentionally ran out on him and with that the wedding is cancelled. Bobby is stunned to find Jenna with Marchetta. Pam's happiness at the turn of events is tempered by her search for Mark and new evidence sends her to the Caribbean. Cliff and Mandy search for Digger's records to try to substantiate Jamie's document about Ewing Oil.

  14. 14 - Odd Man Out

    Bobby is devastated with the news that Jenna married Marchetta and tries to forget her by drinking. Jenna tries to reach Bobby by phone but is prevented from doing so by her husband who forces her to go with him to Laredo, where she gets a shock. Pam is told that Mark was seen at a hospital in the Caribbean and referred to a facility in Jamaica. Jamie is impressed by J.R.'s concern for the family and reassures him, Bobby, and Sue Ellen that she won't us her document against them.

  15. 15 - Lockup in Laredo

    Jenna is arrested for murder, J.R.'s world seems to falling apart and Pam's search is proving fruitless. Jenna pleads not guilty to murdering Marchetta but is denied bail in Laredo and Bobby tries to trace Charlie. J.R. provokes Jamie, who threatens to use her document after he accuses her of lying about his infidelity, which Sue Ellen witnesses.

  16. 16 - Winds of War

    Jamie leaves Southfork and her hatred of J.R. teams her up with Cliff and alienates her from Sue Ellen. Clayton predicts that Jamie will now use her document to try to divide Ewing Oil and Donna and Ray find evidence to prove that the document may be valid. Cliff realizes that J.R. is feeding him false information through Mandy and intends to reverse the pipeline even though Mandy resents being used. Bobby learns that Jenna's fingerprints were on the gun that killed Marchetta but he is able to rescue Charlie.

  17. 17 - Bail Out

    Jenna is reunited with Charlie after she is released on bail and tells Bobby she won't marry him when the trial hangs over her head. Pam learns that J.R. has been misleading her with false rumors about Mark, which makes her suspicious of the reports that he was recently seen in Hong Kong. She also refuses to join Cliff and Jamie in their fight for a share of Ewing Oil because she doesn't want to hurt Bobby, whom she surprises by letting him know that she hopes for a reconciliation.

  18. 18 - Legacy of Hate

    J.R. realizes what a precarious position he has put his family in after he, Bobby, and Ellie are legally notified that Cliff and Jamie are suing for their share of Ewing Oil. Pam joins Cliff and Jamie in their suit in retaliation for J.R. having misled her about Mark.

  19. 19 - Sins of the Fathers

    Futher documentation is discovered verifying the document dividing Ewing Oil between the Barneses and the two factions of the Ewings. A workman from the original Ewing well reveals that Jock was concerned about Digger and protected him from a vicious Jason. J.R. remarks to a stunned Cliff that a trial would expose his father as a helpless drunk and Pam is advised to follow up the lead that Mark may be in Hong Kong.

  20. 20 - The Brothers Ewing

    The pending fight for Ewing Oil brings J.R., Bobby, and Ray closer together but J.R.'s schemes alienate Miss Ellie and Clayton. J.R. tells his brothers to prepare for a no holds barred battle with Cliff, while Donna worries about her husband's alliance with the devious J.R. Cliff is predicting a certain court victory but Pam and Jamie are afraid their father's reputations with be forever tarnished druing the proceedings. The rift between the brothers Ewing and Clayton worsens when he refuses to participate in an illegal scheme to hide a valuable piece of Ewing property.

  21. 21 - Shattered Dreams

    Jenna's trial gets moved to Dallas but she and Bobby are devastated when her defense suffers a serious setback. Jenna's case takes a serious turn after a witness who professed knowing the name of the real killer ends up dead. Ellie stands by Clayton in his opposition to the Ewing brothers' illegal schemes to protect the company and admits her husband and Southfork are what are important to her. Even though Pam admits her love of Bobby, she and Sue Ellen go to Hong Kong in search of Mark.

  22. 22 - Dead Ends

    Pam finally gets to see the patient she and Sue Ellen have traveled so far to find and J.R. and Cliff create an unpleasant incident. Pam faces up to what the results of her Hong Kong trip will mean to her life and J.R. continues to pursue Mandy and welcomes Sly back. Against Bobby's objections, the police treat Veronica's death as a drug overdose and Jenna's request for a postponement is denied.

  23. 23 - Trial and Error

    Jenna is frightened as her trial begins with a scathing opening statement by the prosecution and Bobby is called to testify against her. Bobby and Jenna are even more distressed after they learn that Veronica's sister is afraid to testify. Meanwhile, Pam and Sue Ellen start back to Dallas from Hong Kong and J.R. denies responsibility for their trip but admits he wants to keep Pam away from Bobby.

  24. 24 - The Verdict

    The jury decides Jenna's fate. The energy commission shuts down one of J.R.'s fields because of contamination and J.R. arranges a surprise for its chairman after promising to finance his campaign. Pam admits to Bobby that she has not found Mark and his comforting embrace is misunderstood by Jenna. J.R.'s attitude toward her has Sue Ellen puzzled and J.R. tells Mandy he may not be with his wife much longer.

  25. 25 - Sentences

    Charlie's welfare is uppermost in Jenna's mind as she is found guilty of murder and awaits sentencing. Bobby reassures Charlie that she can rely on him and makes a risky statement in the courtroom to ensure Jenna's peace of mind which upsets Pam, who thinks he has been lying to her. Pam reaffirms her support of Cliff and Jamie against the Ewings and admits that she must face the fact that Mark is dead. J.R. uses the tapes of Billings' indescretion to get him to close down Cliff's offshore Gold Canyon operation and Sue Ellen threatens J.R. with divorce.

  26. 26 - Terms of Estrangement

    J.R. and Bobby prepare to meet Cliff and Jamie in court. Pam stays in the fight against her ex-husband and his brother. New developments make Bobby hopeful that Jenna may have another chance but her bitterness makes her tell Bobby not to see her again. J.R. is contacted by a strange man who claims to have information vital to the fight for control of Ewing Oil.

  27. 27 - The Ewing Connection

    J.R., Bobby, and Ray are intrigued by the stranger who claims he can help them save Ewing Oil but Cliff is worried when he finds out that the man is Jamie's brother. After the stranger reveals his identity to the Ewing brothers they are surprised he's Jamie's brother but relieved to find he's a Ewing. Meanwhile, Donna believes she and Ray are headed for divorce and Lucy and her ex-husband meet. Sue Ellen allows an ailing John Ross to stay home from school while she attends her therapy group.

  28. 28 - Deeds and Misdeeds

    Cliff and Jamie are married, unaware that the Ewing brothers have new evidence in the fight for Ewing Oil. Jack Ewing's help for control of the family company at first seems of no value when it is learned that the documents he was to produce were destroyed in a fire. Then it is discovered that Amanda, Jock's first wife, has copies that will give the brothers the upper hand in their battle to retain control of Ewing Oil. The news that the hit man is in custody raises hopes that Jenna soon will be released and intensifies Bobby's conflicting emotions over her and Pam.

  29. 29 - Deliverance

    The fight for Ewing Oil goes to the courts with the Ewing brothers confident that Amanda's evidence will prove more powerful than the documents Cliff and Jamie possess. J.R. has deliberately goaded Cliff into proceeding with the lawsuit so the Barnes' can be publicly discredited. Bobby devises a plan to draw a confession from Marchetta's suspected killer and secure Jenna's release, which leaves him with mixed emotions after he and Pam declare their love. A newspaper item about one of the Ewings infuriates a reader who makes an ominous vow.

  30. 30 - Swan Song

    An unforseen and shocking occurrence leaves members of the Ewing family facing the greatest crisis of their lives. Bobby's agonizing emotional struggle over Pam and Jenna comes to an end when he decides between them. Sue Ellen's behavior fuels J.R.'s determination to have her institutionalized, a move Miss Ellie reluctantly supports. Cliff is surprised by Jamie's reaction when he deliberately gives her grounds for an annulment of their marriage.