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Dallas Season 7

Power, wealth, sex... and glorious extravagance. They all find a home in the sprawling saga of the Ewing clan in Dallas.

Revel in the saga that held the world in thrall for more than a decade. Led by the man everyone loves to hate, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the members of this family stop at nothing in their pursuit of power, wealth and revenge in a feud that started 40 years ago over an empire in oil and the love of a woman.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - The Road Back

    The Ewings face the reality of the Southfork fire. Bobby tries to keep Ray and J.R. calm but J.R. claims both Ray and Bobby are just as responsible for Mickey's condition as he is. Clayton tries to keep Miss Ellie in the dark about the fire at Southfork.

  2. 02 - The Long Goodbye

    Southfork, and the Ewing relationships, undergo rebuilding after the fire and other recent events. Away from the ranch, Mickey regains consciousness. Bobby asks Pam to come back and they agree to have dinner together, which upsets Katherine and Cliff. Clayton tells Bobby he must remain at Southfork until Ellie is well enough to return home. Mark will not wait much longer for Pam.

  3. 03 - The Letter

    J.R. and Katherine plot against Pam and Bobby. Sue Ellen is convinced that her and J.R.'s son, John Ross, needs help and she takes him to a psychologist who recommends a day camp where Peter Richards is a counselor. Cliff pushes Pam to form a partnership with him and Mark. Donna is concerned by Ray's obsessive guilt regarding Mickey.

  4. 04 - My Brother's Keeper

    Bobby and Pam end their marriage as J.R. and Katherine cheer from the sidelines. Sue Ellen finds she has an admirer at her son's day camp. J.R.'s plotting against his brother includes cutting him out of Ewing Oil. Pam finally realizes that Cliff is sincerely concerned about her, while turning a deaf ear to Afton's suspicions about Katherine's motives.

  5. 05 - The Quality of Mercy

    Unless their truce holds, Bobby learns that only a miracle could put him ahead of J.R. in their fight for Ewing Oil with the showdown only a few days away. Cliff recruits a spy in J.R.'s office and Pam moves into her mother's house which indicates that she will work with Cliff and Mark. Lucy admits that she has doubts about spending her life with a crippled Mickey and Sue Ellen tells her it is the tradition of the Ewing women to have bad luck with their men.

  6. 06 - Check and Mate

    The J.R. and Bobby Ewing contest for Ewing Oil officially concludes with startling and unexpected developments. J.R. and Bobby turn over their books for the final audit, which determines who will run the family company. When they gather to hear the results the course of the meeting bears significantly on the outcome. Sue Ellen invites Peter and John Ross' other camp counselors to Southfork for a party. With the help of Sly's spying, Cliff is able to outwit J.R. on an oil deal and Pam is afraid the Ewing-Barnes feud will start again.

  7. 07 - Ray's Trial

    With the fight for the family company finally resolved, the Ewings make futile attempts to repair the lacerations in their lives caused by the contest. Bobby is stunned to run into Jenna, his former girlfriend, working as a waitress and he stands Katherine up. J.R. has a confrontation with Holly and Sue Ellen notices that she is becoming uncomfortable around Peter. Ray is indicted by a grand jury for murder and Pam is upset to learn that Jenna is back in Bobby's life.

  8. 08 - The Oil Baron's Ball

    Emotions spill over at the Oil Baron's Ball as the Ewing and Barnes' parties confront each other. J.R. is delighted to see Bobby and Pam with other dates but shocked when Cliff is named Oil Man of the Year. Sue Ellen arranges for Peter to escort Lucy, who presents Jock Ewing Memorial scholarships and pays tribute to her grandfather. Katherine fuels a confrontation between Pam and Jenna during the evening and the truth behind Mickey's death is revealed when Lil takes the stand during the trial and Ray is found guilty.

  9. 09 - Morning After

    The Oil Baron's Ball ends with fists and food flying between J.R., Bobby, Cliff, Ray, and Mark. Cliff sets the Ewings on edge by defaming Jock's memory during his acceptance speech at the ball and with other sarcastic remarks to J.R. Afterwards, Pam treats Mark's battle scars at her home and Jenna binds Bobby's wounds at her condo. Lucy is curious about Sue Ellen's friendship with Peter, a relationship which takes a sardonic twist when Peter has to be coaxed into continuing his activities with John Ross because of his feelings for his mother.

  10. 10 - The Buck Stops Here

    The Charity Rodeo at Billy Bob's brings out the best of the Ewing clan's riding skills but uncovers the depth of their emotional crises. Pam realizes that she has alienated both Bobby and Mark but, after seeing Bobby with Jenna at the rodeo, makes up with mark in no uncertain terms. J.R. is outraged at the possibility that Sue Ellen is carrying on with Peter and at the office he sets a trap to find out who is double-crossing him by letting Cliff and Pam steal a lead on his prospective deals.

  11. 11 - To Catch a Sly

    J.R.'s determination to discover how Cliff is getting information about Ewing Oil's operations pays off when Sly falls into his trap. When J.R. confronts his secretary, she tells him how Cliff coerced her into working for him and he decides to use her to mislead Cliff. Meanwhile, Peter is upset when Lucy brings John Ross to camp instead of Sue Ellen. Katherine looks into Jenna's past to discredit her with Bobby.

  12. 12 - Barbecue Four

    Clayton Farlow and Miss Ellie have a surprise for the guests gathered at Southfork for the annual Ewing barbecue. Reactions vary after Clayton announces that he and Ellie are engaged, but J.R. is furious. Bobby tries to get Jenna to quit her job so that he can see more of her. J.R.'s plotting against Cliff Barnes gains momentum and Sly makes a deal with Cliff to support her and her brother.

  13. 13 - Past Imperfect

    J.R.'s resolve to prevent the marriage of his mother and Clayton Farlow becomes more determined when Miss Ellie receives an engagement ring during dinner at Southfork. J.R. denies to everyone that he will do anything to prevent the marriage but starts an investigation into Clayton's past. Bobby buys a boutique for Jenna which she rejects at first but finally agrees to accept only as a loan she must repay. Cliff takes the bait that J.R. dangles in front of him with Sly's help.

  14. 14 - Peter's Principles

    Sue Ellen has to fight her own emotions to try and convince Peter that he should not jeopardize his future because of her. She is concerned that Peter might try something desperate and goes to his apartment to see him. Miss Ellie cautions J.R. not to interfere with her plans to marry Clayton. Marilee Stone proposes a joint venture with Cliff, implying more than business, and, when Afton discovers them together, goes to Pam for support. Pam's concern prompts her to call Bobby and, much to Jenna's displeasure, they meet.

  15. 15 - Offshore Crude

    J.R.'s capacity for double-crossing comes close to running over as he sets up for a ride in risky offshore oil exploration. Cliff's need to perpetuate the Barnes-Ewing feud and his all consuming passion to out-do J.R. makes him reckless when Sly feeds him false information. Lucy invites Peter to Southfork and Sue Ellen is coerced into making a return visit to his apartment. Afton softens her attitude towards Cliff even as Marilee pushes him for an intimate relationship in return for a partnership in the offshore oil fields.

  16. 16 - Some Do... Some Don't

    Sue Ellen looks for a way out of her relationship with Peter. Peter talks Sue Ellen out of breaking off their affair but when she is mistaken for his mother her resolve becomes firmer. J.R. wants to have another child which Sue Ellen refuses to do. Ellie and Clayton talk about their upcoming marriage then have a serious misunderstanding. Bobby wants to buy another company against J.R.'s advice and Sly again sets up with Cliff. Bobby and Jenna reach an agreement even as Katherine works Bobby and J.R. works her.

  17. 17 - Eye of the Beholder

    Miss Ellie changes her mind about marrying Clayton and J.R. is delighted. Clayton broods over Ellie's decision about their wedding and then shows up at Southfork demanding an explanation but J.R. meets him with a gun. Bobby and Jenna's rekindled romance has a devastating effect on Pam when she discovers that her ex-husband has been spending nights away from Southfork. J.R. proceeds with his plans to trap Cliff into bidding on the offshore oil leases. Peter agrees to escort Lucy to a party and Sue Ellen has to hide her feelings from J.R. and the rest of the family.

  18. 18 - Twelve Mile Limit

    J.R. hides his chargrin at his mother and Clatyon's reconciliation by continuing to work on Cliff's greed for his own advantage. J.R. arranges to sell his geologist reports on offshore tracts to Cliff who reluctantly agrees to buy them after Marilee makes it a condition for joining him in the venture. Donna and Ray find Randolph unconscious from liquor and pills and accuse J.R. of driving him to suicide.

  19. 19 - Where Is Poppa?

    J.R. rushes to Sue Ellen's bedside after she is hit by a car and receives a shocking piece of news. Peter and Lucy also run to the hospital where an unconscious Sue Ellen was taken after a minor accident near Jenna's boutique. Marilee agrees to a partnership with Cliff as long as the other cartel members don't know about it. Bobby wants Clayton to beomce a greater part of the family by going into offshore drilling with him and J.R., who continues to harass Katherine.

  20. 20 - When the Bough Breaks

    Sue Ellen leaves the hospital unsure of who got her pregnant. J.R. and Peter are each convinced that he fathered the child Sue Ellen lost in the accident. Bobby, who is having his own dobuts about Charlie's parentage, realizes the subject is hanging between him and Jenna. J.R. makes Marilee have second thoughts about becoming Cliff's partner and Clayton bows out of the offshore venture with the Ewings.

  21. 21 - True Confessions

    Bobby confronts Jenna about Charlie's parentage and has difficulty accepting the fact that Jenna has led him on. Katherine sets up a confrontation between Naldo, Jenna, and Bobby but is not pleased with the results and Naldo's predictions. Ray and Donna discover the secret which J.R. is using to blackmail Randolph. Lucy asks Peter to model with her at Southfork and J.R. gets Marilee to agree to pulling out of her deal with Cliff after the offshore oil leases are awarded.

  22. 22 - And the Winner Is...

    Cliff bids high and J.R. bids low but each think he is the winner in the offshore drilling controversy. Randolph confesses to Ray and Donna that he gave J.R. information and all are at a loss to explain why he did not use the knowledge to win the leases. Ellie wants a small wedding, but Clayton is upset that his sister Jessica has been invited and Katherine realizes she may have outsmarted herself by getting Jenna out of Bobby's life.

  23. 23 - Fools Rush In

    J.R. gleefully operates behind the scenes to enmesh Cliff in an untenable financial situation he can use to his own advantage. Cliff learns he must raise $260 million to complete his offshore drilling obligations and, despite Afton's objections, goes to Vaughn Leland for the huge loan, unaware that J.R. and Leland are conspiring against him. Charlie goes to Bobby upset over his split with his mother and J.R. hires Peter to be John Ross' private counselor at the same time he is having his background investigated.

  24. 24 - The Unexpected

    Clayton's sister, Jessica, arrives at Southfork for her brother and Ellie's wedding loaded with gifts but lacking the customary good thoughts. J.R. is especially impressed by Jessica and her present to him -- her late husband's regimental sword. Pam makes the decision to marry Mark out of pity and a triumphant Katherine demands that J.R. give her the tapes he has been using to blackmail her. Bobby is unable to wish Pam luck and admits to Jenna how he is torn between his feelings for Pam and his need to hold onto her and Charlie.

  25. 25 - Strange Alliance

    J.R. and Jessica find an ally in each other as strange alliances are formed. Both J.R. and Jessica share the same sentiments about Ellie and Clayton's wedding plans. Lucy's determination to find out why Peter is not interested in her makes Sue Ellen apprehensive and Pam is frightened that her marriage to Mark will make her lose Bobby forever even as she tries to shield Mark from finding out the truth about his health. Bobby is finally able to wish Pam and Mark happiness but his own future is clouded as Jenna tells him she will not wait forever for him.

  26. 26 - Blow Up

    Pam tries to rush Mark into a quick marriage but he wants a big wedding and Miss Ellie insists on her own small nuptial event with Clayton at Southfork. J.R. and Jessica conspire to sabotage Ellie and Clayton's wedding and Jenna and Bobby agree to try a fresh start. Cliff's wells keep coming in dry and, needing collateral to borrow more money, he tries to turn to Mark for help but Pam won't let him. J.R. decides its time to put the screws on Peter after Sue Ellen has a nasty scene with a drunken Lucy.

  27. 27 - Turning Point

    J.R. badgers Jessica to uncover the secret in Clayton's past that he could use to stop his mother's wedding. Cliff has to sell assets to get cash for his drilling without knowing that J.R. is the buyer and is pulling the strings to frustrate Cliff's attempts at hitting oil. Peter is arrested when cocaine is found in his car by the police.

  28. 28 - Love Stories

    Bobby asks Jenna to marry him and she eagerly accepts, Clayton pushes to wed Miss Ellie before J.R. and Jessica can interfere, and Pam and Mark's future clouds over after she receives some tragic news. Jessica attacks Clayton for selling the Southern Cross and leaving Dusty without a heritage.

  29. 29 - Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie

    J.R.'s snooping into Clayton and Jessica's past makes him realize his mother may be in grave danger. The concern of the Ewings for Miss Ellie's safety increases after it is learned that she never arrived at a fashion show she was to attend with Jessica and Donna. Mark's death affects the Ewings in a variety of ways and Bobby and Jenna face Pam's need for Bobby's help. Katherine buys Cliff's share of Wentworth Took & Die so he can continue his offshore drilling and Pam discovers Katherine's duplicity in her relationship with Bobby.

  30. 30 - End Game

    J.R. becomes the focus of accumulated hatreds in Southfork. A desperates search ensues for both Miss Ellie and Jessica while the fate of Peter is left in Sue Ellen's hands.