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Dallas Season 2

Power, wealth, sex... and glorious extravagance. They all find a home in the sprawling saga of the Ewing clan in Dallas.

Revel in the saga that held the world in thrall for more than a decade. Led by the man everyone loves to hate, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the members of this family stop at nothing in their pursuit of power, wealth and revenge in a feud that started 40 years ago over an empire in oil and the love of a woman.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Reunion part 1

    Bobby thinks he has hit the jackpot in Las Vegas when he runs into Gary, Lucy's father, and convinces him to return to the family ranch in Texas. Gary's return makes quite an impact on the family and Lucy has a surprise of her own when she unites her father with her mother whom she has been seeing secretly. J.R. sees Gary's return as another attempt by his brothers to dilute his power and he is determined to not let it happen.

  2. 02 - Reunion part 2

    J.R.'s attempts to make his long-lost brother Gary comfortable in his new surroundings is a ploy to pressure him into taking over one of the Ewing businesses. Val, Gary's former wife, believes it is just another method of chasing him away again. Pam's father, Digger, is recovering from another drunken binge and decides he will no longer acknowledge Pam as his daughter because she married a Ewing.

  3. 03 - Old Acquaintance

    Jenna Wade, a young woman Bobby once asked to marry, returns to his life asking for help for herself and her fatherless daughter, "Charlie." Fearing the child may be his, Bobby finds himself helping Jenna more than he cares to and Pam definitely sees Jenna and her daughter's presence as a threat to their marriage.

  4. 04 - Bypass

    Bobby and J.R. both feel guilty for their father's apparent heart attack when Jock becomes distressed over Bobby's threat to leave the Ewing Oil Company after continually arguing with J.R. Jock's condition mandates open heart surgery which causes Bobby to suspect J.R. of making business deals on the possibility of Jock not surviving the operation.

  5. 05 - Black Market Baby

    Afraid that Pam and Bobby will produce the first Ewing grandchild, Sue Ellen tries to adopt, but upon learning the waiting period could be years, she decides to buy a "black market" baby. Sue Ellen decides to keep her illegal adpotion a secret from J.R., knowing he would refuse to allow it. As she shops for baby items she runs into Pam and fears her secret will be exposed.

  6. 06 - Double Wedding

    Pam tries to keep a secret from Bobby -- that she was previously married -- but cannot when her ex-husband appears at J.R.'s office to declare he wants her back. J.R. is delighted to spread the word at the family dinner that Pamela is a bigamist but Pamela contends it was a momentary teen-age marriage that was annulled. With no papers to prove it was annulled the situation proves to be more than just embarrassing for Pam.

  7. 07 - Runaway

    Lucy runs away from home when Jock refuses to allow her to invite her mother to her birthday party. She accepts a ride from someone who turns out to be a psychotic thief and who thinks he has found a lovely partner for his crimes.

  8. 08 - Election

    Cliff Barnes' race for state senator places Pam in an awkward position when she decides to help her brother's candidacy against the man backed by the Ewing family. Pam's effort to help Cliff are suddenly reversed when she accidentally gives J.R. some information which could hurt Cliff and eliminate all trust that he might have in his sister.

  9. 09 - Survival

    A severe thunder storm forces the Ewing plane, with bobby and J.R. as its sole passengers, to crash into a swamp. The Ewing women try to keep the news from Jock due to his recent heart operation. While waiting to hear the fate of the two brothers, the four women slowly reveal different aspects of their personalities due to the pressure of the moment.

  10. 10 - Act of Love

    With J.R. out of town, Sue Ellen continues her romantic encounters with Cliff Barnes only to surprise everyone, including herself, with the news that she's pregnant. Besides Sue Ellen's news, Pam has now gotten a promotion in her job which involves flying to Paris at the same time Bobby is depending on her to play hostesss at a function he considers very important.

  11. 11 - Triangle

    Ray Krebbs falls in love with an ambitious country singer and proposes marriage but finds himself faced with stiff competition from J.R. J.R. is more subtle and cunning, believing he can use his wealth and power to win the lady's affections eliminating Ray from her life.

  12. 12 - Fallen Idol

    It's reunion time for Bobby when his former college idol, Taylor "Guzzler" Bennett, arrives in town and they decide to renew their friendship by becoming partners in the construction business. Guzzler's big plan is to build a shopping center on land that is a part of Southfork but Miss Ellie and J.R. have strong objections, each for different reasons.

  13. 13 - Kidnapped

    A trio of kidnappers plan to grab J.R. and hold him for ransom but accidentally capture Bobby instead. Cliff Barnes is selected by the kidnappers to deliver the 1.5 million dollars in ransom money but J.R. resents his rival's participation and proceeds with his own plans.

  14. 14 - Home Again

    Garrison Southworth, Ellie's brother whom she believed had died many years ago, appears at the ranch with a young woman. Jock and J.R. believe he's resurfaced to claim his inheritance, the Southfork Ranch. Ellie, who inherited the ranch by default, is determined to right that wrong by returning it to him but the majority of the family are against her decision, especially her husband.

  15. 15 - For Love or Money

    Sue Ellen, embarrassed once more with J.R.'s unfaithfulness, decides to leave him and seeks comfort from Cliff Barnes and understanding from her mother and younger sister who have recently moved to Dallas. J.R. refuses to let Sue Ellen leave without a fight and when he discovers that it's Cliff Barnes with whom she is involved, he tackles the situation with a vengeance.

  16. 16 - Julie's Return

    Jock, feeling useless with everyone treating him like and invalid, strikes up a friendship with Julie Grey who has returned to Dallas and makes a point to see him. J.R. decides that if he tells his mother, Miss Ellie, that will put a stop to the budding relationship but to everyone's surprise Jock continues to see Julie.

  17. 17 - The Red File part 1

    Julie Grey decides once and for all that J.R. is only using her and is determined to repay him by spilling his secrets to Cliff Barnes. Cliff goes to Julie's apartment, and when he finds her gone, he doesn't understand until a few hours later when J.R. helps frame him for her murder.

  18. 18 - The Red File part 2

    Pam believes J.R. framed her brother for the murder of Julie Grey and moves out of the house leaving Bobby confused. Bobby convinces Cliff as well as Pam that he really wants to help and accidentally uncovers some evidence which could free Cliff but at the same time he learns the truth about all the illegal activities in which J.R. is involved.

  19. 19 - Sue Ellen's Sister

    Kristin, Sue Ellen's sister, decides to see if Bobby is susceptible to her charms while he is separated from Pam and J.R., of course, does everything he can to encourage her. Meanwhile, Cliff Barnes has a chance to slow down a Ewing Oil deal and doesn't mind using Pam to accomplish his objective even if it means causing even more conflict between her and Bobby.

  20. 20 - Call Girl

    Pam acquires a new friend, Leanne, but is unaware of her shady past. When J.R. sees the two girls together he decides it's a great opportunity to ruin both Ben Maxwell's reputation, who is Cliff Barnes' backer, and Pam's at the same time. J.R. blackmails Leanne into getting Maxwell as well as Pam into a situation which would appear to be compromising to the hidden photographer J.R. has hired, believing that he can eliminate both problems together.

  21. 21 - Royal Marriage

    Lucy falls in love and delights everyone, especially J.R., with the news that she is marrying Kit Mainwaring III, the only son of another powerful oil-rich Texas family. J.R. views Lucy's upcoming marriage as a way to join the two families into an independent oil dynasty and when he learns there's trouble in paradise, he is determined not to let anything disturb his plans.

  22. 22 - The Outsiders

    Ray Krebbs meets Donna McCullum at a bar and they discover a mutual attraction to each other -- except Donna doesn't tell him that she is already married. Meanwhile, J.R. seeks another solution to stop Cliff Barnes' harassment of Ewing Oil by soliciting the support of a former powerful politician, Sam McCullum, not realizing that Ray has already gotten himself involved with McCullum's wife, Donna.

  23. 23 - John Ewing part 1

    Sue Ellen's drinking problem has developed to the point where Jock and Ellie feel they must say something to J.R., while Bobby tries to keep Lucy's pill addiction a secret from his parents. Despite the admonitions of both her doctor and her husband, Sue Ellen continues to risk the health of herself and that of her unborn baby but her real danger comes from Lucy.

  24. 24 - John Ewing part 2

    Sue Ellen is determined to get back at J.R. for committing her to a sanitarium and when he shows her pictures of Cliff Barnes with a new girlfriend it's more than she can take. Sue Ellen uses her own resources to obtain alcohol within the sanitarium which also leads to her escape and a brush with death.