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Cold Case Season 5

Smart, driven Detective Lilly Rush of the Philadelphia homicide squad works on "cold cases" - crimes that have never been solved - by reopening dormant murders that occurred years or even decades ago. This experienced detective is intrigued by interrogating witnesses to old crimes whose lives and circumstances have since changed, making use of today's new science and finding fresh clues to cases once thought unsolvable.

At the same time, she is prepared for certain consequences, namely that her work will open old wounds and may lead suspects to commit new crimes. Nevertheless, Rush makes it her business to ensure that no victim is ever forgotten.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Thrill Kill

    When Rush hits a dead end, she seeks advice from her respected mentor, Lieutenant John Stillman (series star JOHN FINN), and Detective Will Jeffries (series star THOM BARRY), who has been around long enough to serve as her link to the past.  Also on the team are Detective Nick Vera (series star JEREMY RATCHFORD), a tough cop who's considered the go-to guy for getting a confession; Detective Scotty Valens (series star DANNY PINO), Rush's confident and strong-willed partner; and Detective Kat Miller (series star TRACIE THOMS), a streetwise young narcotics investigator.
  2. 02 - That Woman

    After a tank top is discovered in the wheel well of an abandoned van, Rush and the team reopen the 1998 case of a 15-year-old girl who was fatally beaten and found partially clothed.  She had had a reputation in high school for being promiscuous.  MACKENZIE PHILLIPS ("One Day at a Time", "American Graffiti") guest stars as Sheila Swett, the victim's mother.
  3. 03 - Running Around

    After a case languishes in the Jane Doe category for a year, a girl asks for the team's help finding her older sister, a teenage Amish girl who disappeared weeks after leaving home to go to Philadelphia and experience the outside world as part of Rumspringa, an Amish right of passage.  Rush and the others reopen the year-old case, which reveals that the girl was murdered, and searches for the killer.
  4. 04 - Devil Music

    The team reopens a 1953 murder case after new evidence suggests that the victim was killed in a different place from where his body was found.  The talented 19-year-old aspiring rock 'n' roll star was actually killed in his uncle's shop, some distance away from the alley behind a blues club where he was previously thought to have died.
  5. 05 - Thick as Thieves

    The team members investigate the murder case of an unidentified "Jane Doe" who just succumbed to the complications from a gunshot wound that put her in a coma in 1989.  They discover that she was a grifter with a male partner and many vengeful victims.
  6. 06 - Wunderkind

    The team reopens the 1992 case of a 14-year-old inner-city math whiz who was shot after his 16-year-old half-brother exploited the genius' knack for counting cards and cracking safes to benefit a local gang.  Rapper ZANE "LIL' ZANE" COPELAND ("Dr. Dolittle 2") guest stars as Jester.
  7. 07 - Worlds End

    In the landmark 100th episode of "Cold Case", the remains of a housewife are discovered in a well.  She had made headlines for vanishing on the night of Orson Welles' 1938 radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds"   While the team members work on solving the woman's murder, they learn that her family was trying to outrun the "aliens".  Guest star BELLAMY YOUNG ("Private Practice") appears as Audrey Metz, guest star RALPH WAITE (two-time Emmy Award nominee, "The Waltons", "Roots", "Carnivàle") appears as Felton Metz, guest star LEN LESSER ("Seinfeld") appears as Elmer Gibbins, and recurring guest star SONJA SOHN ("The Wire") appears as Nick's former girlfriend.
  8. 08 - It Takes a Village

    Rush and the team hunt for a serial killer after a newly missing boy's body is discovered in a rented storage unit, and the remains of three boys who vanished between 1999 and 2003 are subsequently found in separate units issued to the same name.  Guest star and Tony Award winner Cleavant Derricks (Broadway's "Dreamgirls", "Sliders") appears as storage unit employee Lloyd; guest star Ja'net DuBois ("Good Times") appears as a victim's grandmother, Edna Johnson; and guest star Montae Russell appears as another victim's father, Charles Hollister.
  9. 09 - Boy Crazy

    In 1963, a teenage girl caused a stir by dressing and behaving like a boy.  She was then found dead and, ever since, has been considered a suicide victim.  However, after hearing from an alleged witness, the team wonders if the girl was actually murdered.  Meanwhile, everyone braces for the outcome of the Internal Affairs investigation of Valens.  MICHAEL CONSTANTINE ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") guest stars as Archie Randall, the victim's father.  DAVID SELBY ("Tell Me You Love Me") guest stars as Dom Barron, a former classmate of the deceased.
  10. 10 - Justice

    When the word "rapist" is found written on the gravestone of a popular male college student who was fatally shot 25 years ago, the team uncovers the fact that the college staff and police had ignored female students who had accused him of date rape before his death.  Now, those coeds are suspects in his murder.  Emmy Award nominee MICHELE GREENE ("L.A. Law") guest stars as rape victim Tessie Bartram.  DEIRDRE LOVEJOY ("The Wire") guest stars as another victim, Regie Kunze.  JUSTIN HARTLEY ("Smallville") guest stars as Mike Delaney.
  11. 11 - Family 8108

    The team, attempting to solve the 1945 murder of a man, investigates whether the man's release from a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II - and moving his family from California to Philadelphia shortly after his release - had anything to do with it. Lilly also attempts to get Stillman to withdraw his retirement papers.
  12. 12 - Sabotage

    The team searches for a serial bomber whose latest pipe bomb maimed the wrong target and whose three previous bombings - in 1999, 2001 and 2003 - collectively blinded a man and killed two others. TIMOTHY OMUNDSON ("Jericho", "Judging Amy") guest stars as the missed target of the latest bombing.
  13. 13 - Spiders

    The team reopens the 1998 case of a murdered teenage girl after her father is arrested for savagely beating the teen's stepsister, who is just 3 years old. The father is, at first, the team's primary suspect for the decade-old murder, but they soon uncover that the victim had run off with a neo-Nazi ex-con shortly before her slaying.
  14. 14 - Andy In C Minor

    After new evidence - a substantial splatter of the blood of a popular deaf boy who went missing in 2006 - is discovered in a storage room at the high school for the deaf the teen attended, the team attempts to find the boy's body and killer. SHOSHANNAH STERN ("Jericho") guest stars as an obsessed ex-girlfriend of the victim.
  15. 15 - The Road

    Lilly and Valens head to West Virginia to retrieve a primary suspect for the 2007 presumed homicide of a young woman abducted from the parking lot outside her engagement party.
  16. 16 - Bad Reputation

    When newfound evidence confirming the 1977 murder of an ex-con is discovered in the freezer of a drug dealer, the team sets out to find the man's killer. Recurring guest star BOBBY CANNAVALE ("Will & Grace") appears as a narcotics cop. JOHN PYPER FERGUSON ("Brothers & Sisters") guest stars as the ex-con and GORDON CLAPP ("NYPD Blue") guest stars as the cop who wanted to put him back in jail.
  17. 17 - Slipping

    Lilly and her team set out to find a 1962 suicide victim's killer after the woman's granddaughter provides evidence that the suicide note was not written in her grandmother's handwriting. Guest stars FRANCES FISHER ("Titanic"), EMILY ROSE ("Brothers and Sisters", "Jericho") and RONNY COX ("Stargate SG-1", "The Agency") appear as, respectively, the alleged suicide victim and her present-day daughter and widower.
  18. 18 - Ghost of My Child

    The team investigates when a former drug addict insists she saw her son in a park three years after he allegedly died in an apartment fire. Recurring guest star BOBBY CANNAVALE ("Will & Grace", "Third Watch") appears as narcotics cop Eddie Saccardo.