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Chips Season 1

“CHiPs” combines action, heroics and fun event-packed storylines ranging from freeway gridlock to wild roadway pursuits.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Pilot

    After tracking a gang of sports car thieves, Ponch and Jon earn commendations. Ponch also learns his probation period is over.

  2. 02 - Undertow

    Ponch accidentally breathes some nitrous oxide, leaving him ineffective. The CHP investigate reports of a tow truck driver robbing people whose cars break down. Jim Backus guest stars.

  3. 03 - Dog Gone

    Ponch and Jon rescue a dog that causes an accident.

  4. 04 - A Moving Violation

    Ponch and Jon track a stolen bus and deal with a mad driver who begins to dismantle his car after receiving a ticket for speeding. Rosie Grier guest stars.

  5. 05 - Career Day

    Ponch is asked to appear at his former high school's Career Day, and Jon helps him entertain the audience.

  6. 06 - Baby Food

    The CHP officers investigate a shipment of baby food that spilled from a truck and is contaminated with botulism.

  7. 07 - Taking its Toll

    The CHP investigate a series of thefts by bandits at a toll booth.

  8. 08 - Green Thumb Burglar

    Landscape larceny of the plants and shrubs along the Los Angeles freeways poses a $60,000 problem for the CHP and Jon and Ponch.

  9. 09 - Hustle

    The officers investigate some motorcycle-riding thieves, while Ponch convinces Jon to join a CHP bowling tournament.

  10. 10 - Highway Robbery

    When Alice the Elephant breaks out of her circus wagon during a freeway tie-up, Ponch and Jon have to think fast to keep both the pachyderm and nearby motorists under control. And a motorcyclist robbing people turns out to be Jon's former football teammate. Vito Scotti guest stars.

  11. 11 - Name Your Price

    Ponch tries to win fame and fortune on a game show called "Name Your Price," which guest stars Jack Knight.

  12. 12 - Aweigh We Go

    While assigned to duty at a weigh station, Ponch and Jon go after a hijacked truck.

  13. 13 - One Two Many

    Complaints come into headquarters about Jon when a fake CHP officer resembling him causes problems along the highway during traffic stops.

  14. 14 - Rustling

    The CHP investigate a group of cattle rustlers trying to cheat insurance companies.

  15. 15 - Surf's Up

    The idea of a respite from mid-town traffic hassles after a temporary transfer to Malibu Beach delights Jon and Ponch who long for a more tranquil setting.

  16. 16 - Vintage '54

    The thief of a vintage car, a sky diver who becomes snagged on a freeway overpass and an infant misplaced by her parents during a car swap plague the CHP.

  17. 17 - Hitch-Hiking Hitch

    Former pro-football player Ben Davidson guest stars as a muscular truck driver who has his own method for obtaining parking spaces, and a pair of hitch-hiking teenaged girls cause problems for Ponch and Jon.

  18. 18 - Cry Wolf

    A rash of calls send CHP officers, ambulances and fire trucks to the scenes of nonexistent accidents.

  19. 19 - Crash Diet

    Officers Jon and Ponch suffer wounded egos when a girl's volleyball team trounces them. A mysterious man throws dirt on the windshields of cars on the freeway; a driving instructor's terrified student encounters "the Freeway Thrower"; and a run-away trailer truck of explosives keep the officers busy.

  20. 20 - Rainy Day

    A compulsive gambler who loses in a poker game, a gun-loving motorist and a kindergarten teacher with an eye for Officer Poncherello create problems.

  21. 21 - Crack-Up

    Phyllis Diller guest stars as Wanda, a jovial hospital patient who prescribes laughter as the best panacea when Jon is seriously injured by a vindictive felon bent on "getting even" with police officers.

  22. 22 - Flashback

    The self-assured attitude of a conceited rookie with important political connections at the state capital evokes a range of emotions--from fury to guarded understanding for Jon and Ponch.