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Childrens Hospital Season 1

Transitioning from the Internet to television, Childrens Hospital is a new comedy series created by Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) - and featuring an all-star cast - that lampoons the medical show genre by exploring the emotional struggles and sexual politics of a group of doctors with supercharged libidos. The dedication of these doctors to their personal lives is relentless - and is interrupted only by the occasional need to treat sick children.

No medical condition is too severe to distract these oblivious physicians from their primal need to flirt, gossip, make out, talk about sex, show their underwear and more, all in front of horrified children and their anxious parents. The new series is based upon the Webby Award-winning digital show that debuted on in 2008 and quickly became a Web hit with its twisted take on network medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy and House. Check into the hospital!

Episode guide

  1. 01 - A Hospital Isnt a Place

    In the series premiere, Cat breaks up with Glenn, and Lola fakes a brain tumor to dump Owen. Later, they "console" each other. Blake is a sad clown, and Owen's ex-partner tries to lure him back to be a cop. American forces raid the hills of Pakistan in search of bin Laden.
  2. 02 - Monkeys Thats What We Are

    The staff is sympathetic about Lola's fake brain tumor. Glenn is arrested for trying to give an infant breast implants. Briggs recalls Owen's last day as a cop. Blake's healing powers of laughter are lacking. Cat falls in love again. Still no bin Laden.

  3. 03 - A Very Special Episode

    Blake recalls childhood traumas that made him who he is. A competing clown doctor arrives to threaten Blake's position. A visiting doctor experiences the hospital in a whole new way in this very special episode introduced by executive producer David Wain.
  4. 04 - This Kids Getting a Vasectomy

    Cat's new love affair blossoms, provoking jealousy in Glenn. A visiting neurosurgeon offers to cure the Chief of her myriad ailments. Cat deflowers her now boyfriend while Blake challenges Schachter to a laughter-off.
  5. 05 - Nut Cutters

    Jealous Glenn gives Cat's new boyfriend an unscheduled operation. Osama bin Laden is captured! Blake operates on Lola's non-existent brain tumor while the Chief undergoes major surgery. Will they make it? Probably not. But maybe. OK, one of them dies.
  6. 06 - I See Her Face Everywhere

    As the new season begins, Cat Black is conflicted about her full-term pregnancy, because the father, Nicky (recurring guest star NICK KROLL - Dinner for Schmucks, Worst Week) is 6 years old and has advanced aging disease. The doctors remember Lola, who still seems to be dead, and Chief has more than professional feelings for the new administrator. Oh, and Glenn cures cancer.
  7. 07 - No One Can Replace Her

    Cat goes into labor, and Lola turns out not to be dead. Later, Blake returns to Childrens Hospital after his spin-off is canceled, and a sexy new doctor arrives and stirs up the "flames" of desire. Recurring guest star NICK KROLL appears as Nicky.
  8. 08 - I Am Not Afraid of Any Ghost

    Halloween descends on the hospital, which causes Owen to be particularly horny for the ghost of Lola. Chief's visit to the maternity ward results in more than she bargained for, when a ton of sexy girls in costumes arrive. MARION ROSS (Happy Days) guest stars. The episode also features a little boy dressed as Ernie Hudson's character in Ghostbusters.
  9. 09 - Frankfurters Allman Brothers Death Frankfurters

    A knife stuck in a boy's chest may not be what it seems. Glenn's cancer cure is threatened by a mysterious visitor and a mind-reading girl visits the coma room. Guest stars include JOHN CHO (Harold & Kumar films, Star Trek) as Park, WILL SASSO (upcoming $#*! My Dad Says, MADtv) as Tucker and KURTWOOD SMITH (upcoming Better with You, That '70s Show) as Ben Hayflick.
  10. 10 - Give a Painted Brother a Break

    Blake's estranged clown brother, Sir Tinkle Button, pays a surprise visit to Childrens Hospital. The episode also features Ride World's Daffy Giraffy™ as a suspected breaker of childrens' arms.
  11. 11 - The End of the Middle

    News Readers visits the set of Childrens Hospital as the cast and crew reflect on the show's history, recent cancellation and new questions about the dolphin's place in the ecosystem. Guest star KATE WALSH (Private Practice) appears as herself.
  12. 12 - Joke Overload

    When an elderly and soulful black man, Hubert McGraw (guest star ERNIE HUDSON - Ghostbusters), and a racist white boy (guest star MARK L. YOUNG - Sex Drive, Big Love) are impaled by the same flagpole, the staff learns a lesson about racial tolerance. In the meantime, Lola learns a different lesson from two Star Trek fans (guest star ADAM SCOTT - Party Down and GUEST STAR CLARK DUKE - Greek). Plus, JEFFREY ROSS, appearing as himself, pays a visit to the hospital and dispenses his signature insults with reckless abandon.
  13. 13 - Hot Enough for You

    When the power goes out on the hottest day of the year, sexual tensions boil over amongst the staff. Blake is taken advantage of while in the closet, and Nurse Dori (recurring guest star ZANDY HARTIG - Role Models, Wainy Days) finds a new and provocative way to fry an egg.

  14. 14 - The Coffee Machine Paid for Itself

    A hip, sexy rabbi (guest star and executive producer DAVID WAIN - Wainy Days) arrives and seduces Valerie, which angers Glenn. Sy faces a moral dilemma involving a coffee machine, and Lola is confused by a mysterious organ in a cooler.
  15. 15 - Show Me on Montana

    "Take Your Daughter to Work" day at the hospital ignites a series of conflicts involving a leering child molester (guest star STEVE AGEE - The Sarah Silverman Show), Chief's sexy daughter, Harmony (guest star LIZZY CAPLAN - Party Down), and an 11-year-old patient whose gender is to be determined.
  16. 16 - You Know No One Can Hear You Right

    The abortion debate is brought relief by a visit from a prominent senator, Senator Throman (guest star ED BEGLEY JR. - Pineapple Express, Gary Unmarried). Owen faces a tough decision, and must choose whether or not he can treat the 10-year-old boy who beats him daily. In a moment of clarity, Sy finally faces his alcoholism.
  17. 17 - The Sultans Finger - LIVE

    In the season finale - and a special "live" episode - a visiting sultan, Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz (guest star IQBAL THEBA - Glee), needs emergency surgery and the staff mobilizes to help. Later, Blake faces a crucial decision about his clown makeup, and Glenn cuts off his finger for Valerie. In a surprise ending, the shocking truth about one of the doctors is revealed, shattering everyone's perceptions. Guest star JON HAMM (Mad Men) appears as Derrick Childrens.