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Big Love Season 2

The critically acclaimed hit series, Big Love, returns for it’s second break-out season. Bill Henrickson works hard and plays by the rules. All he wants in return is a happy, secure, normal life for his family. Is that too much to ask? Maybe so. For a polygamist like Bill, the American Dream comes with strings attached.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Damage Control

    Bill scrambles in the wake of the family’s exposure, Barb retreats into her own world, Roman puts the squeeze on Joey and Sarah has a suitor.

  2. 02 - The Writing on the Wall

    A billboard crisis leads Bill to rethink Home Plus’ ad strategy and the family forgets Nicki’s anniversary.

  3. 03 - Reunion

    Bill tries to leverage a council vote against Roman and Barb chastens Margene for her relationship with Ben, who considers a lifestyle change.

  4. 04 - Rock and a Hard Place

    Bill eyes a new polygamy-friendly business while Rhonda complicates Nicki’s involvement in Joey’s case.

  5. 05 - Vision Thing

    Bill meets a romantic prospect, as does Joey. Nicki frets over Wayne’s school lessons and Bill turns to Eddie for a loan.

  6. 06 - Dating Game

    Margene befriends Bill’s potential fourth wife while a dangerous polygamist family accuses Bill of poaching.

  7. 07 - Good Guys and Bad Guys

    Margene’s mother visits the Henricksons and Roman’s polygamist rivals force Bill to play a dangerous game.

  8. 08 - Kingdom Come

    Bill proposes a “seventh day off” schedule to his wives, and cons Roman into retaliating against the Greenes.

  9. 09 - Circle the Wagons

    Margene finds herself wielding a swing vote, Rhonda stays in the spotlight and Lois reaches out to Bill.

  10. 10 - The Happiest Girl

    Margene joins Bill at a convention, Nicki throws a party, Roman returns home and Rhonda resorts to blackmail.

  11. 11 - Take Me As I Am

    Bill attempts to barter with Alby, Barb reaches out to her mother and Pam makes Margene a proposition.

  12. 12 - Oh Pioneers

    The Henricksons are rocked by an unexpected guest on the eve of Pioneer Week.