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Ben 10 Vol 10 - Divided We Stand

Adventure so massive it can’t be contained in a single episode! In The Secret of the Omnitrix,  when Ben accidentally sets the Omnitrix to detonate, a typical day turns into a race across the galaxy to locate Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix.  

Can Azmuth make repairs before the Omnitrix wipes out the entire solar system?! In Perfect Day, Ben finds out he has been placed in a dream world by Enoch and the Forever Knights who are after the Omnitrix. Finally, Ben finds a new alien, Ditto, that can create multiples of itself. It appears to be all fun as the arguments amongst the Dittos drive Gwen crazy — can the Dittos agree and fight together to defeat Dr. Animo’s army of replicant Stinkflies (Divided We Stand)?