Batman: The Brave And The Bold - Vol 6 PG

Batman: The Brave And The Bold

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Batman: The Brave And The Bold Vol 6

The impassive foe Equinox joins Batman’s Rogues Gallery, but this villain is different than the evil  masterminds “Bats” usually puts away. This character is all about character, judging humanity and manipulating the world to maintain harmony between good and evil, using Batman to control the balance. 

Always the hero with an edge, “Bats” enlists the help of Dr. Fate and together, they tip the scales of justice. Batman also teams with Kamandi for a showdown on future Earth, partners with OMAC to crush the power-hungry Shrapnel and endures mind games with Psycho-Pirate. He even takes to song to defeat the Music Meister in a tuneful battle to save the world.  Rejoice with Batman in these five action-packed episodes from the smart, hit TV series that will leave you humming!