Batman: The Brave And The Bold - Vol 5 PG

Batman: The Brave And The Bold

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Batman: The Brave And The Bold Vol 5

When Bat-Mite pops in from the 5th Dimension to team up with his favourite DC Comics Super Hero – uninvited – Batman’s life becomes even battier. With a snap of his fingers, this pint-sized pest conjures up enemies, manipulates Batman’s physique and devises wild showdowns, forcing “Bats” to use all his cunning to outwit this zany zealot. Robin returns to battle beside Batman, but this time “Bats” is the uninvited one, as Robin settles a grudge match with Crazy Quilt. 

Bounty hunter Jonah Hex invites Batman to War World – by way of capture – and Red Tornado invites “Bats” to the “birth” of his son Tornado Champion. Accept this invitation for more than an hour of action and adventure with Batman and friends from the exciting hit TV series!