Batman: The Brave And The Bold - Vol 4 PG

Batman: The Brave And The Bold

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Batman: The Brave And The Bold Vol 4

Nothing will stop Batman from cracking a case...not even history! “Bats” swoops back to 19th-century London and partners with the original World’s Greatest Detective Sherlock Holmes to save an innocent man from death. But their victory destroys another man, creating a ghostly villain to join the Dark Knight’s Rogue Gallery. 

Back in the future, Batman meets the mysterious Equinox, battles the immortal caveman Kru’ll and transits through space to save an alien planet from an oppressive general.   Meanwhile, fellow DC Super Hero Blue Beetle needs guidance on a teenage crush, Aquaman needs a hug and Booster Gold needs a life lesson – all reminding Batman why he prefers to work alone! Travel through space and time with Bats and friends in these four action packed episodes from the hit TV series!