Batman: The Brave And The Bold - Vol 3 PG

Batman: The Brave And The Bold

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Batman: The Brave And The Bold Vol 3

Often outmatched in powers but never in wits, Batman and fellow DC Comics Super Heroes Green Arrow, Aquaman, Bronze Tiger and The Atom take down villains of all shapes and sizes in this enthralling collection, like the larger-than-life humanoid Despero and the microscopic toxin in Batman’s bloodstream that could be deadly. 

Just when “Bats” thinks he has this universe under control, he discovers a parallel world where Batman is the villainous Owlman! It will take all his cunning and courage to defeat this evil counterpart, especially when Owlman travels to Gotham City and convinces our world that Batman has turned criminal. So many heroes, so little time to showcase all the thrills from the hip and funny new animated series that has fans flying high!