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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls Season 2

This powerful drama depicts the trials and triumphs of prison inmates and officers in a notorious women's prison. It's a tense and sexually charged atmosphere, a hidden world where anything can happen. In this unusual community, warmth and humor are required in order to survive the system. In the second season, Nikki and Helen's relationship deepens as Helen resigns as wing governor and encourages Nikki to continue her education and appeal her sentence. Meanwhile, an abused, murderous inmate seduces the senior male officer -- but she has ulterior motives. And a group of prisonners runs an illicit phone sex operation.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Tug of Love

    G Wing is in turmoil. Wing Governor Helen Stewart hasn't returned from vacation, and Senior Officer Jim Fenner is in charge. Anticipating a permanent promotion to Wing Governor, Jim suggests to his wife, Marilyn, that they go out for a celebratory meal. But Marilyn is in no mood to celebrate, having received an anonymous letter informing her that her husband is having an affair with inmate Shell Dockley.

  2. 03 - Visiting Time

    With his marriage on the rocks, his career on the line and now the police on his doorstep to question him about Shell's allegations, Jim realizes that he could well find himself behind bars. Forever the schemer, however, Jim has already thought up a foolproof plan to get his job back -- and to get even with Shell.

  3. 05 - Mistaken Identity

    Life on G Wing is hectic with a batch of newcomers. The arrival of "Mad" Tessa Spall strikes fear into the Prison Officers because of her reputation for extreme violence -- especially toward officers. Karen Betts also has reason to dread Tessa, having crossed paths with her in the past. Also arriving is Barbara Hunt, a terrified and hysterical first-time prisoner -- but thanks to a classic prison screwup, Barbara is misidentified as the mad woman and sedated in another section of the prison block while the real Tessa herself is sent to G Wing.

  4. 07 - The Setup

    Helen returns to Larkhall in a new Home Office position, much to the delight of Nikki Wade and the dismay of Prison Officers Jim and Sylvia.