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Bad Girls - Season 1 18

Bad Girls

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Bad Girls Season 1

This powerful drama depicts the trials and triumphs of prison inmates and officers in a notorious women's prison. It's a tense and sexually charged atmosphere, a hidden world where anything can happen. In this unusual community, warmth and humor are required in order to survive the system. In the second season, Nikki and Helen's relationship deepens as Helen resigns as wing governor and encourages Nikki to continue her education and appeal her sentence. Meanwhile, an abused, murderous inmate seduces the senior male officer -- but she has ulterior motives. And a group of prisonners runs an illicit phone sex operation.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Them and Us

    As the inmates rehearse for a fashion show, one prisoner almost dies in her cell due to a miscarriage. Helen is forced into an alliance with difficult inmate, Nikki Wade. When a smelly convict returns, she upsets everyone with her nasty habits. And Principal Officer Jim Fenner plays dangerous games with Shell and Rachel.

  2. 02 - Drug Wars

    Struggling to cope with being separated from her son Spencer, who has Down's syndrome, recent G-Wing arrival Monica Lindsay does all she can to find him a place in a residential home. Meanwhile, fellow newcomer Zandra has an unpleasant run-in with a couple of old acquaintances, and Wing Governor Helen Stewart objects to a new policy of random drug tests, feeling that it degrades inmates.

  3. 03 - Love Rivals

    Longtime junkie Zandra is elated to learn that she can marry her newly detoxed boyfriend Robin while behind bars. Meanwhile, Nikki tells Shell about Rachel's relationship with Fenner, setting the scene for a violent showdown.

  4. 04 - The Victim

    Zandra's request for an abortion turns out to be a ruse that allows her to make a daring escape to seek refuge with her estranged boyfriend, Robin. As hard-bitten inmate Shell forces her to smuggle drugs into Larkhall, Rachel despairs -- and a piece of bad news from home proves to be the final straw.

  5. 05 - Tangled Web

    Helen begins her investigation into Rachel's suicide -- and the trail soon leads to Fenner. The tension between top dog Nikki and prison bully Shell boils over into a violent confrontation, while Prison Officers Dominic and Lorna are put under pressure by heroin addict Zandra.

  6. 06 - A Big Mistake

    Helen tames a notoriously difficult prisoner, unwittingly earning the admiration of Nikki. Meanwhile, Lorna risks everything by supplying a prisoner with drugs. Recent arrival Jessie Devlin, an alcoholic going through withdrawal, provides resident bully Shell with a fresh target to humiliate -- until Denny Blood intervenes on the newcomer's behalf.

  7. 07 - Playing With Fire

    Shell makes off with Zandra's stash of pills, having discovered Lorna's sideline in drug smuggling, but Shell only succeeds in making things a whole lot worse for herself. Meanwhile, Nikki's jealousy is heightened by the discovery that Helen and her boyfriend have set a wedding date.

  8. 08 - Falling Apart

    Monica thinks her fortunes have finally taken a turn for the better, but she's about to be dealt a devastating blow. Shell devises a cunning plan to put Lorna in her place. And Julie's birthday celebrations bring a few moments of merriment to G Wing, especially because of a coded message from her son.

  9. 09 - Pay Back Time

    Taken in by Shell's apparent religious conversion, Lorna agrees to do the troublemaker one last favor -- only to discover that the bottle of perfume she agrees to smuggle in is full of Class A drugs. The newspapers get wind of the substance abuse problem on G Wing, thanks to Crystal's complaint letter. And Monica despairs over the tragic death of her son, Spencer.

  10. 10 - Love Hurts

    Bereaved Monica prepares to end it all, determined to ensure that she won't be subjected to the ordeal of life on the outside without her son. Wealthy new inmate Yvonne Atkins causes a stir on G Wing by encouraging dozens of other prisoners to join her in a new pastime guaranteed to antagonize Officer Sylvia Hollamby. Meanwhile, Helen is tortured by a deep-rooted sense of unease as the day of her wedding to Sean approaches.