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Babylon 5 Season 1

In 2260, Babylon 5's captain declares the station an independent state and forms a war council to battle the evil Shadows - and their allies on Earth.

Episode guide

  1. 01 - Midnight On The Firing Line

    Commander Sinclair is accused of trying to murder an alien ambassador during an important peace conference held on Babylon 5.

  2. 02 - Soul Hunter

    When Commander Sinclair (MICHAEL O'HARE) rescues a lost alien and brings him aboard Babylon 5, Ambassador Delenn (MIRA FURLAN) recognizes him as the Soul Hunter (MORGAN SHEPHERD) who collects the dying souls of aliens before they can go to their eternal rest.

  3. 03 - Born To The Purple

    Sinclair (MICHAEL O'HARE) helps save Londo's (PETER JURASIK) political career when an exotic dancer steals Londo's secret files in order to gain her freedom from her sadistic slave owner.

  4. 04 - Infection

    A scientist smuggles some mysterious artifacts aboard Babylon 5 that transform his assistant into an inhuman killing machine. Sinclair Garibaldi and Dr. Franklin must destroy the monster before it destroys the entire space station. David McCallum guest stars.

  5. 05 - The Parliament Of Dreams

    G'Kar is hunted by a hired political assassin. Sinclair and Catherine (Guest star Julia Nickson) reconcile their past differences and renew their romance.

  6. 06 - Mind War

    A genetically altered telepathic fugitive hides aboard Babylon 5 and seeks help escaping from his pursuers before he mutates into a destructive superbeing. Catherine (Guest star Julia Nickson) experiences an incredible encounter with an alien spacecraft. Walter Koenig ("Star Trek") guest stars.

  7. 07 - The War Prayer

    When a group of racial fanatics infiltrates Babylon 5 and attacks innocent aliens, Sinclair, Garibaldi, and Ivanova try to capture the racists. Danica McKellar ("The Wonder Years") guest stars.

  8. 08 - And The Sky Full Of Stars

    Sinclair (MICHAEL O'HARE) is abducted by two mysterious beings. They probe his subconscious memory to learn what happened ten years ago during a space battle when Sinclair lost his memory for 24 hours.

  9. 10 - Believers

    Dr. Franklin tries to save the life of a dying alien child when his parents refuse a life-saving operation that conflicts with their religious beliefs.

  10. 11 - Survivors

    Garibaldi is falsely accused of sabotaging a new construction site aboard Babylon 5.

  11. 12 - Signs And Portents

    Babylon 5's fighter pilots battle a fleet of space raiders who attempt to abduct a Centauri nobleman and a valuable historical relic. Garibaldi helps Sinclair learn more about his mysterious amnesia.

  12. 13 - By Any Means Necessary

    Sinclair's military career and the safety of Babylon 5 are threatened when the loading dock workers violently demand improvements in their wages and working conditions.

  13. 14 - The Quality Of Mercy

    Dr. Franklin helps a former physician, dying from a painful disease, in her experiments with an alien healing machine. Talia is traumatized after once again scanning the mind of a psychopathic killer. June Lockhart guest stars.

  14. 15 - Grail

    A spiritual crusader on an intergalactic quest for the Holy Grail visits Babylon 5 and is befriended by a petty thief. Together, they help Sinclair and Garibaldi combat a mind-eating creature that terrorizes the inhabitants. William Sanderson ("Deadwood") guest stars.

  15. 16 - Eyes

    Sinclair and the Babylon 5 crew become involved in a political struggle for control of a planet that contains a revolutionary super-technology.

  16. 17 - TKO

    Garibaldi (JERRY DOYLE) helps a disgraced prizefighter regain his honor as a professional athlete by coaching him to compete in a violent alien sporting event.

  17. 18 - A Voice In The Wilderness, Part I

    While investigating seismic activity on a supposedly uninhabited planet, Sinclair and Ivanova discover the remnants of a technically advanced ancient civilization, guarded by a dying alien who threatens to destroy Babylon 5.

  18. 19 - A Voice In The Wilderness, Part II

    Sinclair and the Babylon 5 crew become involved in a political struggle for control of a planet that contains a revolutionary super-technology.

  19. 20 - Babylon Squared

    When Babylon 4 mysteriously reappears after four years in a violent time warp, Sinclair and Garibaldi lead a rescue team to help evacuate the crew before the space station disappears again.

  20. 21 - Legacies

    the corpse of a great military hero they bring to Babylon 5 for a memorial display is stolen.

  21. 22 - Chrysalis

    Londo becomes obligated to a powerful mercenary agent. Sinclair and Catherine (Guest star Julia Nickson) announce their wedding date. Garibaldi is critically wounded while trying to prevent the assassination of the Earth Alliance President. Ambassador Delen begins a bizarre transformation.