Adventures Of Superman - Season 3 & 4 PG

Adventures Of Superman
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Adventures Of Superman Season 3 & 4

Bullits bounce off him.  Criminal masterminds can’t outfox him.  Even the destructive gizmos dreamed up by mad scientists can’t blast him into atoms. Superman has the strength and courage to defeat all foes. And now for the first time in the classic TV series Adventures of Superman, the man of steel’s exciting flights, fights and super heroics are presented in colour.  

George Reeves returns as Superman (aka Clark Kent) in 26 episodes comprising Seasons 3 and 4 of the pro gram that ran six seasons total. his time his exploits take him to a stuffy European monarchy, a remote desert isle and even a cave in the year 50,000 B.C. Among the villains he faces are invisible thieves, kryptonite-toting thugs and, yes, even scurvy-dog pirates. Arrrr, this is mighty adventure!