A to Z Season 1

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A to Z - Keyart
A to Z
Dating and destiny intertwine in this whimsical, new single-camera comedy series starring Ben Feldman (Mad Men) and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) that takes a comprehensive look at a relationship - the highs and lows - from A TO Z. Andrew, a smart and sarcastic guy's guy who secretly believes in "the One," knows with certainty that skeptic lawyer Zelda has entered his life for a reason. Believing their initial meeting is more than just coincidence, Andrew intensely searches for and presents Zelda with evidence suggesting they are meant to be. Albeit a little overwhelmed, Zelda is a realist, and facts and evidence are the only things she values -- so she gives him a shot. Let's just hope Andrew doesn't bowl her over with grand gestures, because those are definitely out of her comfort zone.

Set in the modern world, where casual is now the norm and the misuse of an emoticon can be a deal breaker, A TO Z explores every aspect of Andrew and Zelda's relationship, buoyed by an ensemble cast including Andrew's goofball wingman Stu; Zelda's serial-dating roommate and law partner Stephie; and Big Bird, the enterprising owner of the dating website where Andrew and Stu work, who is intent on convincing people that love only works with an app. From executive producers Rashida Jones, Will McCormack and Ben Queen, and narrated by Katey Sagal, this optimistic series focuses on the real ... from A TO Z
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