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  • Batman isn’t going at it alone this time... The Caped Crusader teams up with heroes from across the DC Universe, delivering non-stop action and adventure. Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman and others fight crime alongside Batman, although their differing powers and personalities are often at odds with the Dark Knight’s style. 

    Batman travels beyond the Gotham City limits, facing situations both unfamiliar and exhilarating.  With formidable foes around every corner, Batman still relies on his stealth, resourcefulness and limitless supply of cool gadgets to uphold justice.

  • Batman and fellow DC Comics Super Heroes give evil a one-two punch in this second series of the fun, witty and suspenseful TV series! 

    This thrilling DVD features Batman teaming with Aquaman, Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, and Robin to fight the forces of evil. Villains from the ruthless Ra’s Al Ghul, the notorious Penguin and the time-travelling Per Degaton push Batman and his crime-fighting compatriots to their limits. Go along with Batman through 6 action packed episodes that reveal justice is truly blind… as a Batman!

  • The impassive foe Equinox joins Batman’s Rogues Gallery, but this villain is different than the evil  masterminds “Bats” usually puts away. This character is all about character, judging humanity and manipulating the world to maintain harmony between good and evil, using Batman to control the balance. 

    Always the hero with an edge, “Bats” enlists the help of Dr. Fate and together, they tip the scales of justice. Batman also teams with Kamandi for a showdown on future Earth, partners with OMAC to crush the power-hungry Shrapnel and endures mind games with Psycho-Pirate. He even takes to song to defeat the Music Meister in a tuneful battle to save the world.  Rejoice with Batman in these five action-packed episodes from the smart, hit TV series that will leave you humming!

  • When Bat-Mite pops in from the 5th Dimension to team up with his favourite DC Comics Super Hero – uninvited – Batman’s life becomes even battier. With a snap of his fingers, this pint-sized pest conjures up enemies, manipulates Batman’s physique and devises wild showdowns, forcing “Bats” to use all his cunning to outwit this zany zealot. Robin returns to battle beside Batman, but this time “Bats” is the uninvited one, as Robin settles a grudge match with Crazy Quilt. 

    Bounty hunter Jonah Hex invites Batman to War World – by way of capture – and Red Tornado invites “Bats” to the “birth” of his son Tornado Champion. Accept this invitation for more than an hour of action and adventure with Batman and friends from the exciting hit TV series!

  • Nothing will stop Batman from cracking a case...not even history! “Bats” swoops back to 19th-century London and partners with the original World’s Greatest Detective Sherlock Holmes to save an innocent man from death. But their victory destroys another man, creating a ghostly villain to join the Dark Knight’s Rogue Gallery. 

    Back in the future, Batman meets the mysterious Equinox, battles the immortal caveman Kru’ll and transits through space to save an alien planet from an oppressive general.   Meanwhile, fellow DC Super Hero Blue Beetle needs guidance on a teenage crush, Aquaman needs a hug and Booster Gold needs a life lesson – all reminding Batman why he prefers to work alone! Travel through space and time with Bats and friends in these four action packed episodes from the hit TV series!

  • Often outmatched in powers but never in wits, Batman and fellow DC Comics Super Heroes Green Arrow, Aquaman, Bronze Tiger and The Atom take down villains of all shapes and sizes in this enthralling collection, like the larger-than-life humanoid Despero and the microscopic toxin in Batman’s bloodstream that could be deadly. 

    Just when “Bats” thinks he has this universe under control, he discovers a parallel world where Batman is the villainous Owlman! It will take all his cunning and courage to defeat this evil counterpart, especially when Owlman travels to Gotham City and convinces our world that Batman has turned criminal. So many heroes, so little time to showcase all the thrills from the hip and funny new animated series that has fans flying high!