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  • Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood stars in and directs the fourth and last film to feature Dirty Harry Callahan, which features Dirty Harry's now-famous line "Go Ahead, Make my Day."

    The San Francisco police department sends homicide detective Harry Callahan (Eastwood) to a small Northern California town. But even in a seemingly idyllic town, Dirty Harry uncovers a string of rapes and murders and, one by one, brings the perpetrators to justice.

  • Clint Eastwood stars in and directs this sweet comedy about the cowboy impresario of a seedy Wild West show and the stranded Park Avenue heiress he rescues.

    The Wild West has been tamed, leaving no place for a group of romantic roustabouts except their small traveling show... A desperate heiress, who has been left stranded by her con-artist husband, will do anything for a ride to the next town, even allow a blindfolded Bronco Billy throw knives at her for a scant audience. So begins a tumultuous relationship and roller coaster adventure.