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  • Log on, tap in and kick back for cyber-edged action and suspense. Your password for excitement is Swordfish.Use a computer, go to prison. The terms of Stanley Jobson’s (Hugh Jackman – X-Men) parole are clear. Yet a $10 million payday awaits the superhacker if he takes on a job masterminded by a charismatic covert agent – the daring electronic theft of a government slush fund codenamed Swordfish. 

    John Travolta plays the suave spy Gabriel Shear, who, with the help of his sizzling partner Ginger (Halle Berry - X-Men), lures Stanley into their clandestine world where cyber-crime is the 21st century breaking and entering. Vinnie Jones (Snatch) pulls the punches and Don Cheadle (Traffic) is the FBI agent determined to bring them down. The Director of Gone in Sixty Seconds and the Producer of The Matrix combine to deliver this electrifying thrill ride.

  • Academy Award® winners Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington headline and Alan J. Pakula (Presumed Innocent, All the President’s Men) directs this first-rate thriller based on the John Grisham bestseller. 

    Two Supreme Court justices have been murdered and a lone law student (Roberts) turns her suspicions about the deaths into a speculative brief that sends shock waves into the highest levels of government. She and a determined investigative reporter (Washington) want to tell the world what they have uncovered – if they can live long enough to tell it. The race is on and these two aren’t just runners they are moving targets.

  • In the middle of the 20th century, America pondered its future – and looked to the skies.  Based on Tom Wolfe’s book, The Right Stuff is the tale of how that future began, a thrilling epic of intrepid test pilot Chuck Yeager and the seven pioneering astronauts of the Project Mercury space program. 

    Philip Kaufman scripts and directs, pushing the envelope with a filmmaking bravado that matches this soaring story of training and heroism… and of sudden fame for which there is no training. Ed Harris, Barbara Hershey, Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid and Fred Ward are among the perfect cast of this winner of 4 Academy Awards® that remains the stuff of must-see entertainment. Let’s light this candle, flyboys!