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  • Winner of 1 Oscar 2014 Academy Award:

    Best Actress in a Leading Role – Cate Blanchett

    Winner of 1 BAFTA 2014 Film Award:

    Leading Actress – Cate Blanchett

    After everything in her life falls to pieces, including her marriage to wealthy businessman Hal (Alec Baldwin),  elegant New York socialite Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) moves into her sister Ginger’s (Sally Hawkins) modest apartment in San Francisco to try to pull herself  back together again.

    Jasmine arrives in San Francisco in a fragile mental state, her head reeling from the cocktail of anti-depressants she’s on. While still able to project her aristocratic bearing, Jasmine is emotionally precarious and lacks any practical ability to support herself. She disapproves of Ginger’s boyfriend Chili (Bobby Cannavale), who she considers another “loser” like Ginger’s ex-husband Augie (Andrew Dice Clay). Ginger, recognizing but not fully understanding her sister’s psychological instability, suggests that she pursue interior design, a career she correctly intuits that Jasmine won’t feel is beneath her. In the meantime, Jasmine begrudgingly accepts work as the receptionist in a dentist’s office, where she attracts the unwanted attentions of her boss, Dr. Flicker (Michael Stuhlbarg).

  • The Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force that first appeared in the pages of DC Comics' superhero title "Green Lantern," patrols the vast reaches of space in the DC universe.

    The Guardians of the Universe, a race of hyper-intelligent and noble beings, founded and continues to run the Green Lantern Corps from their planet, Oa. At the Corps' inception, the Guardians divided the universe into 3,600 "sectors", and chose two natives of each sector to serve as that sector's Green Lanterns. This means that the Corps currently has 7,200 members, each with a "power ring" that grants the wearer the ability to control the world around him or her, as long as the Lantern's will is strong enough.