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  • Dr. Guy Luthan did everything right but it turned out wrong. A patient under his care at New York’s Gramercy Hospital mysteriously died, and now Luthan wants to know why. However, when he looks for post-mortem details, he finds no body... and no records. 

    Hugh Grant plays Luthan in Extreme Measures, “one of the most effective paranoid suspense movies since The Fugitive” (Chicago Tribune). Gene Hackman and Sarah Jessica Parker co-star in this mystery thriller posing a medical ethics dilemma to keep you thinking long after it ends. Luthan’s determined to unravel the bizarre conspiracy into which he’s stumbled. But he’s not the only one willing to go to extremes.

  • Amid the deep greens and dappled sunlight of a cloud forest in Rwanda, a family of mountain gorillas is at leisure and play. Sitting with them is a woman who mimics their movements, pretends to chew leaves and gains the acceptance of the group's dominant silverback. That woman is Dian Fossey.

    The remarkable adventures of pioneering primatologist Fossey unfolds in this flm directed by Michael Apted and shot mainly in the Rwandan hab itat of the mountain gorillas. In a perfomance that wom the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Actress, Sigourney Weaver portrays Fossey: charmismatic, commanding and riven by a single-mindedness that would be both her strength... and prehaps lead to her tragic murder.